Chapter 41 - A Hot Topic

Chapter 41 of 50 chapters

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A lot of people looked at Mu Sheng complicatedly as she headed out of the campus.

“My friend said he saw Mu Sheng at Professor Li’s lecture earlier.”

“Really? Professor Li’s classes are simply too advanced. no one can understand his lessons. I heard Mu Sheng was a minor celebrity. Even if she wanted to pretend to be a straight-A student, she has to be more realistic, right?”

Since everyone was gossiping in a soft voice, Mu Sheng failed to hear what they were saying. She was preoccupied thinking that Physics in this era resembled what she had learned in her time.

In her opinion, the lecture she had just taken was rather elementary and very easy for her. She wondered if it would be the same for all the other courses in the university.

Meanwhile, Professor Li patiently explained the last question to Zhao Hui twice, but Zhao Hui could not comprehend it at all.

Professor Li chuckled as he comforted Zhao Hui, “It’s okay. It was already quite an achievement that you could grasp the first part of the lecture. Barely four or five students in the entire faculty were able to grasp those earlier questions. Don’t feel bad about not getting the last question right. Not even Xiao Ziyu managed to solve the last question.”

“Thanks, Professor Li.” Zhao Hui felt lousy that she could not understand the last question, but the moment she heard Xiao Ziyu was unable to solve it as well, she felt a lot better. She hesitated before she asked, “I heard that you are hiring assistants for your recent research team. I know I might not be good enough, but I really hope I can be given a chance to learn from you.”

Professor Li was a member of the National Physics Research Institute. If she could be part of his research team, it would certainly improve her chances to get into the institute.

Professor Li waved his hand. “I’ll announce it when the position is open, so don’t worry about it for now.”

Although Zhao Hui had good grades, she was still a student and inexperienced, so Professor Li needed to observe her a little bit more.

“Okay. Thanks, Professor Li.” Zhao Hui bade farewell to him. “See you. I’m off to the lab.”

“Uh huh. Go ahead.” Professor Li waved with a kind look on his face. “Revise the material for the next lecture after you go back.”

Shortly after Mu Sheng had left the campus, she quietly became a hot search on Weibo once more.

Although a lot of people talked about Mu Sheng on the school forum the last time she was here, it did not spread elsewhere. Thanks to her appearance on “Every Day Is an Inspiration” and the excellent skiing she did, she became a massive hit recently. Every tiny bit of news about her garnered a lot of interest.

This time, there were a lot of hits for a picture of her sitting in the classroom. She was simply too beautiful.

There were luxuriant trees outside the window as the morning light cast a soft glow on Mu Sheng’s flawless profile. She held her pen as she wrote diligently.

She reminded them of the cool, elegant, and untouchable campus beauty of their dreams back in the day when they were in school.

[That looks like my wife. Stop doing your homework and come home early. I have made dinner for you.]

[Wake up, my friend. Why are you dreaming in broad daylight? I must say she looks incredible. Even though I started out as an anti-fan, I was sold and converted after seeing her skiing skills and stunning face.]

[I’m speechless… Is her face so important that you are capable of overlooking her lack of ethics? Don’t you remember her giving Yingying water containing glue two months ago? So what if she looks good?]