Chapter 42 - A Threat

Chapter 42 of 50 chapters

The moment Ruan Yingying’s fan brought this up, everyone promptly recalled the incident that occurred two months ago and felt mad.

Sunny was out performing one day. During the break, Ruan Yingying took a bottle of mineral water from her assistant and took a sip. The performance had to be terminated right away so that she could be sent to the hospital as the water contained glue.

After repeated investigation, the fans concluded Mu Sheng had passed the water to Ruan Yingying’s assistant.

Ruan Yingying’s fans promptly condemned Mu Sheng and made a huge deal of the matter.

Ruan Yingying stepped up to calm the fans after she was discharged from the hospital. She held a conference to verify Mu Sheng’s innocence. However, the fans simply thought she was doing this for the good of the band and gained a wave of sympathetic followers in the process.

After hearing what Ruan Yingying’s fans said, everyone quickly lost interest in Mu Sheng’s beauty. There was no lack of celebrities in the entertainment industry, so they would rather support someone like Ruan Yingying who was upright and had good looks.


At Talent Scout Entertainment, Yang Tao nodded satisfactorily as he looked at his computer. He was watching the videos Gu Qiao sent.

Although Gu Qiao was too indecent for his liking, she could be trusted with work.

Gu Qiao had taken a video dressed in the same skiing gear as Mu Sheng and did a few backflips at the same location.

Yang Tao initially wanted Gu Qiao to ski exactly like Mu Sheng, but she scoffed and said, “Even if I die, I won’t be able to ski like her.” Hence, Yang Tao compromised and asked for her to do four backflips.

Gu Qiao’s profile resembled Mu Sheng’s a lot, and she was about the same height since she was Mu Sheng’s stunt double. After putting on the ski gear, cap, and goggles, no one could tell the difference.

Yang Tao’s subordinate took a furtive glance. “Are you sure we should do this? Mu Sheng is no mute, so the moment she speaks up, everyone will know the truth, right?”

“Don’t you think I would know better?” sneered Yang Tao. Even if Mu Sheng wanted to speak up, he would never give her the opportunity. Also, he was holding something over her.

Mu Sheng received a call from Yang Tao shortly after she entered the living room in the villa.

“Hello?” Since Mu Sheng knew Yang Tao was up to no good, she sounded cold.

“Sheng, I have something to discuss with you.” Yang Tao wanted to see if Mu Sheng was willing to do this the easy way.

“Go on.”

“You stole the limelight from Yingying during the entertainment program. We have come up with her promotional strategy and the company wants you to help clarify that you used a stunt double to do the skiing. Is that okay with you? We will make up for it by giving you more resources in the future. I promise.”

“Are you dreaming?” Mu Sheng rejected Yang Tao right away.

“Sheng, let’s not be too hasty.” Even though Mu Sheng rejected the offer as expected, Yang Tao remained calm as he said slowly, “Have you forgotten what I have over you? If you don’t do as I say, I might just accidentally publish it online. It is going to end up looking bad for you.”

A threat? Mu Sheng scoured the memory belonging to the original owner of the body and recalled Yang Tao pulling a fast one on her when she first joined Talent Scout Entertainment.

In her opinion, it was a highly flawed performance, but the original owner of the body believed it and had to submit to Yang Tao’s coercion.

“Whatever. I hope you will spread it all through the internet. I would be more than happy if you did,” said Mu Sheng before she hung up the phone altogether.

However, it was about time that she cleaned up the mess the original owner of this body left behind.

Mu Sheng went upstairs and knocked on Li Hanchen’s door.