Chapter 43 - Mu Sheng’s Incredible Skills

Chapter 43 of 50 chapters

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The door opened after Mu Sheng knocked three times. Li Hanchen’s deep eyes landed on Mu Sheng. “Yes?”

“Can I borrow your computer?” Since Li An’s room was locked and he had gone to school, Mu Sheng could only ask Li Hanchen.

“Come in.” Li Hanchen stepped back and gave way to Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng walked into the room and noticed Li Hanchen had finally installed heating in here.

Li Hanchen closed the door before he said into the phone, “Talk tonight. Go take care of the things that I just told you about first.”

Across the ocean, Shen Lin wanted to cry when he heard the phone beeping after Li Hanchen hung up on him.


Had he ever considered the time difference here? It might be nighttime over at home, but it was 4:00 – 5:00 am for Shen Lin! Could Li Hanchen show some consideration for his trusted aide? He needed to sleep too!

“Sure enough, women affect how decisive men are…” Shen Lin sighed for a long time before he finally came to this conclusion.

Even the God of Hell was no exception and had utter disregard for work the moment Li Hanchen found a woman.

Shen Lin’s subordinate went speechless. “Mr. Shen, you should watch your tongue. If Mr. Li learned about what you have just said, he will send you to Continent F to mine again.”

“Shut up.” Shen Lin rolled his eyes at his subordinate. “When have I ever gotten sent to mine? I simply went over there to experience life! Do you understand?”

His subordinate smirked in his heart.


Since the room was pretty warm, Mu Sheng took off her jacket. She was wearing a white knit sweater inside. However, it could not compete with her fairness.

Li Hanchen dragged the icons on the laptop into a hidden folder. Even though he was not in the habit of letting anyone touch his laptop, he passed it to Mu Sheng. “Here you go.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Mu Sheng took his computer and sat down on the couch before she got to work.

Li Hanchen sat on the couch nearby.

He was unable to see the laptop screen from this angle. All he could see was Mu Sheng moving her fingers rapidly on the laptop. Her long slender fingers typed on the keyboard incredibly deftly and looked remarkably graceful.

Mu Sheng was always a serious worker. She typed with her lips pursed. She had a sharp exquisite nose, and her eyelashes moved slightly with a light in her eyes. Confidence radiated from her eyes. Before Li Hanchen knew it, he had been looking at Mu Sheng for a long time.

He veered his eyes before he picked up the newspaper and started to read it.

The sound of Mu Sheng typing on the keyboard went on for some time before the lines of code started to run down the screen.

After searching at high speed, Mu Sheng’s typing speed gradually slowed down as she glanced at the code swiftly.

After searching through a few pages of data, she finally clicked enter.

A small row of words appeared on the monitor: Importing data.

Mu Sheng raised her brow slightly when the words “Data Imported” finally appeared on her monitor. All the code on the monitor disappeared with a few clicks of her fingers, and the laptop reverted to its original state.

However, a new video file now appeared on the desktop.

After Mu Sheng transferred the file to her flash drive, she closed everything on the desktop before handing it to Li Hanchen. “Thanks, I’m all done.”

“You’re welcome.” Li Hanchen’s eyes landed on Mu Sheng’s fair hands briefly as he took the laptop back.