Chapter 44 - Mu Sheng’s Smile

Chapter 44 of 50 chapters

Mu Sheng picked up her jacket and got ready to leave Li Hanchen’s room after she was done.

“When will you be performing acupuncture today?” Li Hanchen raised his head slightly and looked at Mu Sheng with his deep eyes. They were so deep that it felt as though she could get accidentally sucked into them anytime.

“The intensity of the acupuncture treatment needs to increase, but we won’t have to do it as often. Just twice a day will do, so there’s no need to do any treatment today,” said Mu Sheng before she left the room.

Even though the door was closed, Mu Sheng’s faint scent continued floating in the air. Li Hanchen lowered his eyes before he turned on the computer.

He casually clicked a few buttons before a video of what she did pop up on the computer.

A look of shock flashed in Li Hanchen’s eyes when he saw the code running across his laptop.

He had a team of highly skilled hackers working for him and they could crack the code anytime, but he merely took a glance before turning off the laptop. He had no intention of trying to find out what Mu Sheng was looking for.

He only wanted to find out what Mu Sheng wanted to do. However, he was caught by surprise by what he saw.

Mu Sheng was like a complete mystery. It felt as though there was something new about her every time he looked.

Mu Sheng curled up in her room for a long time as the night gradually fell.

She finally headed downstairs.

The scent of food could be smelled in the living room, whetting Mu Sheng’s appetite.

Li An had already come home from school and was revising sadly. Li Hanchen was sitting nearby, so Li An did not dare to skive.

“The soup is ready.” Auntie Lin brought the clay pot to the table and opened its lid. The pork rib soup had been cooking for over four hours, and its fragrance instantly spread throughout the room.

There was a faint sweet scent of corn amid the pork rib soup’s aroma. Li An wanted to drink it so badly that he nearly slobbered.

Li Hanchen raised his head to glance at Li An, and Li An promptly stopped drooling and started to revise with a serious look on his face.

“Holding a paper umbrella,

“Walking solitarily in this alley in the rain,

“I would really like to encounter a young lady with corn and pork ribs.”

Li An finally realized he had recited the text wrongly when he detected Li Hanchen’s death stares. He howled apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

Li Hanchen was about to scold Li An when he saw Mu Sheng walking over.

She seemed tickled by Li An’s mistake when she heard him reciting about a young lady with pork ribs and even her eyes looked smiley.

It was the first time Li Hanchen saw Mu Sheng laugh. She usually kept a cool and distant expression on her face. Li Hanchen did not expect her smile to be so breathtaking.

Her eyes were usually cold, so when she suddenly smiled, it felt as though there was light radiating from it and looked simply heart-stopping.

Li Hanchen narrowed his deep eyes slightly. He looked like a predator who had locked in on its prey as an intimidating aura emanated from him, leaving Li An petrified.

Li An shrank his head back for a long time. Just as he thought he was going to get it from Li Hanchen, he noticed that his older brother was not looking at him at all when he snuck a glance.

Li An secretly patted his chest in relief at his stroke of luck when his older brother did not continue to scold him.

Li Hanchen quickly composed the thoughts running through his head and veered his eyes. No one could tell what he was thinking at all. He glanced at Li An as Li An pretended to study, before he tapped on the table. “Enough. Go have dinner.”

“Yay! Pork rib soup, here I come!” Li An jumped off the couch with exhilaration.

“You will copy this ten times after dinner as punishment,” added Li Hanchen.

Li An’s smile promptly froze before he looked at Li Hanchen dejectedly. “Couldn’t you have waited till after I was done with dinner?”

How could he enjoy his pork rib soup now?