Chapter 48 - A Slap on the Talent Agent’s Face

Chapter 48 of 50 chapters

News about Mu Sheng using a stunt double promptly caused a huge furor online.

Since Qin Kai was Li Hanchen’s right-hand man, he had a lot of intel on his hand. Ever since he came back from the ski resort, Qin Kai had told his subordinates to gather information about Mu Sheng, so he caught wind of the stunt double scandal as well.

Qin Kai did not leave right away after reporting to Li Hanchen about work. Li Hanchen raised his head and glanced at Qin Kai. “Is there anything else?”

“Mr. Li, I have some news about Young Madam,” said Qin Kai cautiously.

Li Hanchen’s hands froze. “Yes?”

“Rumors about Young Madam hiring a stunt double to film the skiing has been spreading around online. Shall I do something about it?”

Li Hanchen tapped his pen on the paper a couple of times and caused a blob of ink to appear on it. “It’s fine.”

Considering Mu Sheng’s personality, she would not like it if he interfered. Also, Mu Sheng was not the type to sit around and allow someone to step all over her without any retaliation. She must be up to something. If he recklessly got involved, he might end up getting in her way.

“Yes, Mr. Li. Then I will get back to work.” Qin Kai always executed Li Hanchen’s orders without question.

“Uh huh.”

The office reverted to silence.


At Talent Scout Entertainment, Yang Tao beamed in joy when he saw everyone taking Ruan Yingying’s side.

This move was perfect. Not only did he manage to salvage Ruan Yingying’s reputation, but he also destroyed Mu Sheng’s image.

Now all he had to do was to pick the right time to make Ruan Yingying go solo.

Yang Tao notified the social media accounts and PR company before making the next move.

The social media accounts started to make personal comments about the band to test what the fans felt about this.

[Mu Sheng was too much. What is Talent Scout Entertainment going to do about her? What’s going to happen to Sunny?]

[I have a feeling Sunny is going to get disbanded.]

The moment Ruan Yingying’s fans saw such comments, everyone chimed in and agreed.

Ruan Yingying was the bandleader, so she was the most popular band member. Now that she was cast in Director Yang’s latest project, she was on the verge of breaking into the film industry. Her fans would never take it lying down if she was dragged down by the band, so they naturally supported Sunny’s disbandment.

After Ruan Yingying’s fans took the lead, more paid social media account holders started to contribute to online chatter and start topics about kicking Mu Sheng out of Sunny and blaming her for its disbandment.

In an instant, everyone hated Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng suddenly made a Weibo post after staying quiet for a long time.

Inside the video, her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was neither wearing a ski cap nor goggles. She skied on a professional ski track as though she was walking on flat land. Her movements were so smooth and elegant that it was simply pleasing to the eye.

[Huh? Is Mu Sheng here to clarify the truth? Can any expert confirm if the video is legit?]

[I am 100% sure this clip was not doctored.]

[Oh god! Is Mu Sheng genuinely a good skier? Why did Talent Scout Entertainment confirm she was a liar? That was simply absurd.]

At the talent agency, Yang Tao was relaxing as he drank coffee when he caught sight of the video. He accidentally swallowed a mouthful of hot coffee and jumped in agony.

“Doesn’t the agency have control of Mu Sheng’s account? Who gave her the rights to access it? Where is the IT guy? Get the video deleted this instant! Contact Weibo and tell them to delete the video immediately at all cost.”

The IT staff for the agency and social media account were both stunned.

What was going on? Regardless of what they tried, they kept receiving an error notification. It was impossible for them to control Mu Sheng’s account. It was simply mind-boggling.

At the national ski team training center, Mu Sheng came out after changing and saw Qin Lei and the national ski team at the entrance. The instant they saw her, their eyes lit up.

“Hi, Miss Mu.”


“You were awesome!”

Everyone was undoubtedly shocked by Mu Sheng’s earlier performance.

Mu Sheng raised her brow slightly. Everyone automatically halted in their steps owing to her powerful aura.

“Miss Mu, I am sure you have passed the test. Allow me to congratulate you in advance for joining a national team.” Qin Lei walked over and looked at Mu Sheng with admiration. This young woman was the national ski team’s future.

“Thanks. I have something to do, so I need to make a move.” Mu Sheng nodded to Qin Lei politely.

“Sure thing. See you around.” Qin Lei knew Mu Sheng was a busy person, so he did not try to keep her.

As Mu Sheng’s slim silhouette gradually disappeared from this ski resort, the ski team surrounded Qin Lei. They were simply amazed by Mu Sheng. “Instructor Qin, who was that? Her skiing was incredible.”

“Uh huh. Also, she is gorgeous.”

Qin Lei gave them each a kick. “Are you only interested in her good looks? Get back to practice. None of you can even compare to her. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Everyone quietly hugged their legs. They might be on the ski team, but they had to work hard to get where they were. How could they be on the same level as someone who was a natural talent?


After leaving the ski center, Mu Sheng pressed her cap down and entered an internet café. She then sat in the corner.

Code appeared on Mu Sheng’s screen amid the sound of video gaming.

At the same time, Talent Scout Entertainment’s marketing team was dumbstruck.

No matter what they did, it was impossible to reduce the number of viewers for Mu Sheng’s video, so the video kept spreading throughout the internet.

Mu Sheng’s skiing video clearly contradicted Talent Scout Entertainment’s announcement, so it was gathering steam online. Things were quickly going out of control, and there was complete silence in the marketing department.

If this went on, not only would they be incapable of making Ruan Yingying a star, but the company would also end up in hot water.

Even the leaders caught wind of the matter and everyone called to ask. After Yang Tao made assurances to sort things out and calmed his superiors, he turned to look at his subordinates angrily. “Why are you even taking a paycheck? Hurry up and fix this!”

An employee hesitated as he stepped forward. “We have to fight fire with fire. The only thing we can do now is to put a bigger scandal online to distract the public.”

Yang Tao was reminded how familiar Mu Sheng was with scandals. He possessed a video of Mu Sheng taking drugs. If he posted the video online, no one would believe the ramblings of a drug addict.

Yang Tao went to his office to retrieve a video file named Mu Sheng from a hidden folder and sent it to the marketing department. “Just lie low for now and let Mu Sheng have the day. Tomorrow at 8:00 am, post this video online.”

After Mu Sheng finished entering the last line of code, she turned off the computer and strode out of the internet café. A limited-edition sports car pulled up beside her shortly after she left the café.