Chapter 50 - Let’s Go Home

Chapter 50 of 50 chapters

Mu Sheng walked down the streets leisurely. It was sunset, so there was a gentle pink hue in the sky.

After working and studying hard all day, everyone was finally able to have a break. All kinds of stall vendors had turned up with their carts in the snack street.

The fragrant scent of fried chicken, fries, baked potatoes, stir-fried noodles, sugar cakes, and all manner of snacks wafted in the air as people gathered around the stalls.

It was the first time Mu Sheng ever saw something like this as well as her first time seeing a snack street.

In her past life, she was sent to work for the government when she was five years old. Ever since she was sent away, she spent her time researching. Her impression of society was stuck at five years old while her brain kept developing at an amazing speed.

She could keenly remember the day she left and it was just like today. It happened on a winter day in the evening when the sky had a pink hue.

Back then, she was an ordinary kid and adored sweets and snacks. Her mother was holding her hand and buying candied hawthorn for her out in the street. Even though she paid for some, Mu Sheng did not get to eat them.

Ever since that fateful day, Mu Sheng lost the chance to eat candied hawthorn for the rest of her life.

Mu Sheng pursed her lips as she entered the snack street.

As the night fell, the twilight sky disappeared and was replaced by stars as they gradually appeared in the sky. Li Hanchen drove to the GPS location Mu Sheng had provided him.

At this hour, the snack street was particularly crowded. The moment Li Hanchen got out of the car, his good looks garnered a lot of attention. He glanced around but was unable to find Mu Sheng, so he lowered his head to check the GPS location on his phone. According to his phone, Mu Sheng was only 100 meters away from him.

Li Hanchen followed the map some distance before he spotted Mu Sheng at a street corner and instinctively halted in his steps.

Mu Sheng squatted on the steps with two sticks of candied hawthorn in her hands while a five or six-year-old little girl stood beside her.

Mu Sheng handed one stick to the little girl and she thanked her shyly. Dimples appeared on the little girl’s chubby face when she smiled.

“You’re welcome.” Although Mu Sheng’s eyes were concealed under her cap, Li Hanchen inexplicably felt she must be smiling.

“Duoduo, let’s go home. Say goodbye to the nice lady.” The little girl’s mother came walking over.

“Bye-bye. It’s time for me to go home.” The little girl waved at Mu Sheng sweetly before holding her mother’s hand and skipping off with her as they chatted.

“Bye.” Mu Sheng waved at the little girl.

Mu Sheng seemed to be wrapped in thought as she watched them leave from behind. Her face was concealed by the cap and she gave off an inexplicably lonely aura when the dim streetlight fell on her.

Snow was starting to float in the air and they fluttered down and landed on Mu Sheng, but she failed to notice it.

Li Hanchen frowned slightly as he walked towards Mu Sheng and stood in front of her. “Come on. Let’s go home.”

Mu Sheng raised her head to see Li Hanchen dressed in a black suit with a jacket draped over his shoulders. His cool powerful aura was as cold as the dark winter night.

Mu Sheng was moved when he told her to go home. The loneliness and sadness she felt from thinking about her past life surprisingly abated a little when she heard him.

“Uh huh.” Mu Sheng nodded as she stood up with the candied hawthorn in hand.

She did not realize how long she had been squatting there. The moment she suddenly stood up, her legs went soft and she promptly fell from steps.

Li Hanchen strode forward and caught her in his embrace.