Chapter 107 - Just You Wait

Chapter 107 of 150 chapters

Chapter 107 - Just You Wait

Mengyao was just about to ask Lin Yi to get the car when she paused. “Seriously? What’s with these people?”

Lin Yi saw it as well- Mengyao’s Audi S5 was surrounded by a couple of other sportscars, albeit not too fancy ones like a Geely and a Rohens. The best out of the cars was an Audi TT, though it was still on a level lower compared to the S5.

A couple of young people dressed fashionably started walking towards the three, whistling as they came.

“These cars belong to you?” Lin Yi asked, guessing that they were the owners- they wouldn’t have come out so coincidentally otherwise.

“Yo. Is the car yours?” One of the youths said as he looked at the Audi S5.

“Move your cars.” Lin Yi ordered solemnly, ignoring the question.

“What’re you getting so cocky for?” One of the girls said as she pushed away the youth. “S5, yeah? What’s the big deal, it’s not like I can’t afford it. Just wanted to chat with you a bit, since you have the newest version and all.”

“The car’s mine! Who’re you people, will you move away? Or should I call the police?” Mengyao said with a frown, not finding this little miss very likeable at all. She’d always call the police whenever situations like these happened in the past.

“Hoh… The car isn’t yours?” The miss said as she looked at the keys in Lin Yi’s hand. “Driver? Hm, doesn’t seem like it. Did that miss over there buy you for the night?”

“Scram!!’ Mengyao was at her limit- what was with this woman, she was so vulgar! Couldn’t she see Lin Yi was her bodyguard? “Lin Yi, get rid of them for me!”

“Ugh…” Lin Yi only smiled bitterly as he turned to the miss. “Well, you heard her- the Miss is telling you to scram.”

“Your Miss, huh?” The woman said, pausing a bit. “I see, you’re her bodyguard, aren’t you!”

“......” Lin Yi didn’t bother explaining at that point, opting to nod his head instead.

“Pfft. Boring. You’re pretty good looking, so I just assumed you were a young master or something.” The miss then turned to look at Chu Mengyao. “So the car’s yours? Wanna race a lap?”

“What’s wrong with you, ‘race a lap’? Are you stupid? Why would I race with you?” Mengyao said. “Are you moving your cars or not? Maybe I should get the police to do that for you?”

“Che, why don’t you do that then?” The miss snorted. “It’s not like there are any signs saying we can’t park here anyway, so what if the cops come?”

“Lin Yi, deal with this!” Mengyao couldn’t take this woman anymore, deciding to issue a command to Lin Yi as she pointed at him.

“Me?” Lin Yi asked, pointing at himself. Well, the Miss’ gave her orders I guess… I’m a Shield Guy and all- good a time as any. Lin Yi then stepped forward. “Are you guys moving your cars or not?”

Lin Yi would really prefer not to have to get violent when dealing with rich kids like these- most of these young masters and young misses weren’t really bad people at heart, after all. They only lacked a proper upbringing, resulting in their rebellious personalities when they grew up.

There was a fundamental difference between people like that and the gangsters of society. These were thrill-seeking kids; gangsters committed crimes and got into trouble in order to survive.

“No, we’re not. What’re you gonna do about it?” The miss said as she put a hand on her hip.

“Which one of these is yours?” Lin Yi smiled as he spoke faintly.

“This one, so?” The miss pointed at the Audi TT that was directly blocking the S5.

Lin Yi looked at the TT, smiling faintly- the girl was evidently the leader of the group. Her family had to be quite a bit more powerful than the others’ families were.

Sports cars like Geelys or Rohens’ weren’t cheap,but any family with a comfortable enough net worth would be able to afford cars like that- it wasn’t anything too amazing. Audi TTs with the lowest specs didn’t go over five hundred thousand rmb, but just the brand was enough to set the girl apart from her lackeys.

The licence plate on the Audi TT was ATT000, as well- that explained what gave the girl her confidence. He wasn’t about to back down, however: her parents wouldn’t bother involving themselves in her antics if Lin Yi made sure not to cross the line and keep it minimal.

Lin Yi could tell that her family wanted her to lay low a bit, just by looking at the car she was driving. That licence plate also suggested that someone else from the family bought it for her as a present, or that it was from some other friend who’d wanted to get on the girl’s good side.

Lin Yi made his way to the Audi TT and placed a single hand on it, silencing the group instantly as they watched him, unsure of what he was planning.

“I say, this idiot isn’t thinking of pushing the car, is he?” One of the youths spoke up, as if understanding Lin Yi’s intention. “Are you crazy? The car’s like one tonne, and the handbrake’s up! You think you can push that?”

Lin Yi didn’t pay the guy any heed. He sent a quick push into the car, and the Audi screeched away, leaving lines of tire marks on the floor.

“Fuck, seriously?” The youth couldn’t believe it. “Seriously??”

“My car……” The miss was both shocked and sad- her tires were all scratched up! Lin Yi, however, hadn’t done anything over the top, and she didn’t have much of an excuse to go on if she wanted to look for trouble. The whole thing started because she blocked her car in front of Mengyao’s, in the first place. With that thought, the girl turned to the youth from earlier, as if asking for help.

“Are you fucking crazy? That’s Feng Sis’ car you fucked with there!!” It wasn’t the first time the youth’s stood up for a lady- situations like these called for a man’s presence; it wasn’t something a lady should be dealing with.

Feng Sis? Lin Yi was taken aback by the name- did he really chance upon that legendary character? He took a closer look at the girl’s face, but realized it wasn’t Feng Sis’ face. Probably just happened to have the same name…… (Think Feng Sis is a celeb in China)

Lin Yi didn’t pay any attention to the youth jumping out. He pulled him to the side as he pushed the Rohens blocking the S5’s side, much to everyone’s surprise.

Pushing the Audi TT away was a feat, but it wasn’t an impossibility- anyone with enough strength was able to achieve the same effect. Pushing a car away from the side, however… That was a much harder feat just by taking into account the amount of resistance that push would be producing.

“You……” The youth was just getting into the mood to fight when Lin Yi pushed the car away- seeing that display of strength stopped him, freezing his words. It was a busy food street, too… Not a very ideal location for group fights.

“I’ll remember you- just you wait! I’ll get you back as long as you’re in Songshan!” The miss said furiously with a glare at Lin Yi. The guy had humiliated her today, and she wasn’t about to forget that anytime soon.

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