Chapter 108 - Investigate Him

Chapter 108 of 150 chapters

Chapter 108 - Investigate Him

Lin Yi only got in Mengyao’s Audi, completely disregarding what the miss was saying. He stepped on the pedal, and shot the car out of the small opening he’d just made from pushing the cars- the speed and precision involved stunned everyone present!

The opening was barely enough for a car to pass by! Barely! As in less than two centimeters each for both sides!

This sort of gap was extremely unmanageable for a normal driver- one small mistake and the car would’ve had a scratch on it. This Lin Yi guy, however, didn’t spend one moment’s hesitation before driving the car out, with clearly no effort at all! It was as if he’d never considered that he’d even scratch the other cars in the first place!

A true master- this man was an absolute master behind the wheel! Feng Xiaoxiao (Feng Laugh Laugh…) was completely stunned: she’d thought the guy was just some good looking dude with some strength to spare, someone who’d attracted the attention of another house’s young miss… But she’d never expected him to be this absurdly strong at driving, too!!

Xiaoxiao frowned- she’d never hired a bodyguard before, but she more or less understood how the business worked. To get yourself a guy like Lin Yi, a guy with that kind of strength and unparalleled driving, with good looks and style to top it off… Even if you did manage to find someone of those qualities, it’d be a very large sum of money involved.

The two misses behind Lin Yi also started piquing her interest- Feng Xiaoxiao decided that she’d have them investigated later. She promptly memorized the licence plate on the Audi.

Lin Yi moved the car out without so much as glancing at Xiaoxiao and her group. He got out the car immediately before going to the back through the other door.

Mengyao finally felt that Lin Yi wasn’t that irritating after all- she was feeling real proud and good right now, especially with how speechless the opposing party was! She’d usually have to call the police to have the matter settled if Lin Yi weren’t here, but he’d just pushed the cars away in two moves and got the car out immediately afterward!

She eyed Xiaoxiao a little smugly as she got in the car. She slammed her foot onto the pedal, and disappeared in a trail of smoke.

Feng Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, was furious- she didn’t even have any ill intentions in the first place, all she really wanted to do was to race the car’s owner after seeing the new Audi S5 parked out here! She’d never expected to have to deal with a guy like that!

The car didn’t belong to Lin Yi, but rather to the Miss behind him… But that guy had pissed her off way more than Mengyao had! He was a complete lackey! He was good looking, stylish as he pushed the cars out of the way, and extremely masterful with cars- but he was a lackey! He was a lackey, so what was he getting all smug for?

Xiaoxiao couldn’t believe she’d just let someone’s lackey step all over her!! What was up with that!?

Hmph, you’d better not let me see you again- I’ll show you who Feng Xiaoxiao really is!

“Feng Sis… What do we do?” The youth said, very troubled as well. Anyone who drove an Audi S5 had to be quite something, and they weren’t reckless enough to charge after people like that without some prior research. Their families did business- they weren’t too powerful in the bigger picture, but they had more or less some involvement with the upper echelon of Songshan. They knew how powerful the bigger fish were.

They were people who understood the gravity of consequences- their dads had power, but they’d be fucked if they messed with the wrong people on the wrong social ladder. They weren’t about to just piss off someone who drove an Audi S5 when they hadn’t a clue what kind of a character he or she was.

The youth would’ve beat Lin Yi up with his men long ago if Lin Yi was just a random dude. He’d do anything to get Xiaoxiao’s favor, but as the saying went- you had to see who the dog’s owner was before you beat the dog. The girl was obviously no small fry, and the youth made sure to not act on impulse, lest he drag his dad into some serious trouble.

“What do we-? We leave!” Xiaoxiao hmphed, clearly very pissed off. “Whole thing’s pointless.”

“Feng Sis, maybe I can investigate that guy a little?” The youth wasn’t stupid- the girl was no easy target, but Lin Yi was just a lackey- it’d be fine as long as they messed with Lin Yi without Mengyao around.

Even if something did go wrong, even if the enemy had serious background backing them up- they’d still never go to war for just one of their workers! Their families weren’t too powerful, but Xiaoxiao’s was a different case!

“Do it then. Look into the Audi S5, as well- AS5555, not a bad plate.” Xiaoxiao hmphed.

“Understood, Feng Sis. I’ll get my men on it this instant!” The youth said with a nod. He pulled his phone out and dialed someone up- he was on the phone for a while before his face changed. “What’s that, Lan Bro? That car’s confidential? But how… it’s a citizen’s plate… From the military? Okay, got it…”

The youth turned to Feng Xiaoxiao as he hung his phone up. “Feng Sis, the car’s confidential……”

Xiaoxiao had heard the conversation, and wasn’t looking too good herself. Her dad’s car was confidential as well, and it wasn’t rare for the people involved with the government to have their cars made confidential- not just anyone could look into their details.

But that comment about the military put a frown on Xiaoxiao’s face- a military licence plate? It took more than just some local influence to be able to get a licence plate from the military, let alone a low-key military plate like this.

But that didn’t matter- their target was the lackey, not the girl! Xiaoxiao wasn’t scared of anyone from the military, not when she had her father backing her up. There was her grandfather, as well……

Xiaoxiao smiled at the thought. She turned to the youth. “Then let’s leave the car alone for now- go find out who that bodyguard is, and which company he belongs to……”

“No problem, Feng Sis.” The youth was feeling trouble upon hearing that the Audi had a confidential military plate- his own family, for one, wasn’t powerful enough to be messing with people of that caliber at all. Xiaoxiao telling him to focus on the bodyguard instead of the girl, however, put his mind at ease. “I did manage to take a picture of him earlier, I’ll get my men to look into it right now.”

“Oh? Did you? You took a picture of him?” Xiaoxiao asked, stunned and delighted at the same time. “Send it to me through Bluetooth……”