Chapter 110 - Family

Chapter 110 of 150 chapters

Chapter 110 - Family

“You can replenish your energy when you sleep?” Lin Yi asked, evidently blown away by the fact.

“You’re complicating things way too much, kid... Of course sleeping replenishes energy, what’d you think normal people sleep for? You think they just lie down on their bellies caz they’re bored? We sleep to replenish our bodies with energy, and it’s the same for you too… You’ve trained in the Art of Dragon Mastery, but your body is still a human body, there haven’t been any mutations or anything……” Yazi said, clearly pitying Lin Yi a little. “You shouldn’t always complicate things… It’s actually a really simple concept, even kids understand it……”

“Ah…… I see…” Lin Yi said, a little embarrassed- the old man was right: he was complicating things.

“Well, that’s that.” Elder Jiao nodded. “Go get yourself some sleep, you look like you haven’t slept in a long time…… Man… poor kid……”

Lin Yi slept peacefully that night- it was the best sleep he’d had since he came out of that cave all those years ago… He’d forgotten that sleeping replenished energy as well. Lin Yi was completely refreshed by the time he woke up. He stretched lazily before making his way to the bathroom.

He put on the casual clothes he’d bought yesterday, and walked out into the living room. Mengyao and Yushu weren’t there, probably still fast asleep in their room. General Wei Wu was guarding the staircase, too. Lin Yi wondered what a girl’s bedroom looked like, but decided that it’d be better if he got to see it through conventional means rather than through peeking.

Lin Yi pushed open the door to the villa, and stepped into the courtyard. It was always quiet during a weekend morning, there were barely any cars on the villa streets at all.

“Ah…” Lin Yi spotted Li Fu’s Bentley pulling up on the driveway.

“Mister Lin, you’re outside?” Li Fu nodded with a smile as he greeted Lin Yi.

“Uncle Fu. You’re early.” Lin Yi said as he looked at the time. “Yao Yao and Shu aren’t up yet, right?” (Lin Yi calls them Yao Yao and Shu here, idk why- might be a mistake on the author’s part, but oh well)

“Nah, I’m not early at all- the girls should be packing their stuff right about now, too. Mister Lin, won’t you be changing into more formal attire today?” Li Fu asked after taking a look at the casual clothes Lin Yi had on.

“Me? What for?” Lin Yi asked, unsure of what was going on.

“Didn’t you know, Mister Lin? Mister Chu always hosts a banquet every weekend. It was always me, Miss Chu, and Miss Shu who attended, but the chairman’s said specifically that we have Mister Lin over as well.” Li Fu explained.

“Banquet?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting the Chus to have a tradition like this, but he wasn’t about to reject the invitation. “Alright, but I don’t have any formal clothes… I just got this yesterday, the only other sets I have are school uniforms…”

Uncle Fu only laughed a bit. “Haha, that’s fine too, it’s a family banquet anyway. Why don’t you get in the car first, Mister Lin? I’ll go get the girls…”

“Oh… okay…” Lin Yi nodded before getting into the front seat.

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes as he watched Li Fu enter the villa- this mission was the most relaxing one he’d been on, but also the weirdest one by far!!

Old Lin gave him this mission out of nowhere, claiming that he’d be set for life if he did it well…… But he hadn’t the slightest clue what the hell the mission even was!!

Was it his mission to play with the Miss every day? To be her bodyguard, her nanny, her study companion, her shield?? It didn’t sound like an easy mission, but still… Was it really a job that an S class assassin and special operative should be doing?

And Lin Yi wasn’t dumb enough to think that he’d be set for life just by doing some bodyguard detail and shielding the Miss from a couple of delinquents- what kind of an international joke would that be? It simply couldn’t be the case, unless Chu Pengzhan had something wrong in his head.

From what Lin Yi had seen, the chairman was an intelligent guy! There wasn’t anything wrong with the guy’s head at all, and this was what perplexed Lin Yi the most!

Lin Yi would really have suspected some sort of plot against him if Old Lin hadn’t given him an absolute guarantee- the guy was a weird old man, but he’d never do anything that’d hurt Lin Yi…… This was also why Lin Yi was carrying out the mission at ease without those suspicions. Otherwise, it didn’t matter how beautiful the Miss was, or how likeable Shu was, and it didn’t matter how interesting that commoner beauty at school was, as well- He’d never put his life and exposure at stake as he played around over here!

It wasn’t long before Li Fu came walking out the villa with the two girls behind him. Both Mengyao and Yushu were wearing clothes a bit more dazzling and youthful than what they’d put on yesterday. Their makeup made them look more ladylike, too.

Li Fu opened the doors for Mengyao and Yushu to get in before returning to the driver’s seat himself.

Mengyao was a bit surprised at seeing Lin Yi at the front seat- she didn’t expect her father to have invited Lin Yi to the banquet as well.

Chu Mengyao was actually a pretty smart girl, though Lin Yi did make her act rashly by pissing her off so often. Li Fu wouldn’t do something like inviting Lin Yi of his own accord; he had to have done it under the chairman’s instructions.

Lin Yi didn’t look as irritating as he did when she had first met him, and it wasn’t a bad fit for him to act as her follower, but was her father really that unworried about a man living long-term in her villa with her?

Li Fu started the car, got out of the villa district, and drove his way to the city center.

“Mister Chu’s family banquets are hosted at the International Pengzhan Hotel, also under Pengzhan Industries.” Li Fu explained, taking into account that it was Lin Yi’s first time at one of the chairman’s banquets.

“What kind of people will be there? Are there any rules I should know about?” Lin Yi was used to events like this, but it didn’t hurt to ask- he was attending his employer’s banquet, after all.

“Well, it’s always been me, Miss Chu, and Miss Shu.” Li Fu continued. “As for rules… It’s a family banquet, for the purpose of relaxing- not too many rules to worry over.”

“Just don’t eat too much, and make sure you eat more elegantly.” Mengyao added, remembering how large Lin Yi’s appetite was.

“Haha…” Li Fu smiled, naturally aware of a bit of friction between Lin Yi and Mengyao. “Mister Chu doesn’t like to waste, so it’d actually be nice for Mister Lin to eat as much as he could.”

“Uncle Fu!” Mengyao was a little upset at what Li Fu had said, trying to sound sweet as she spoke. “Why’re you taking his side!”

Mengyao only wanted to poke at Lin Yi a little, of course she knew what her father liked, but she wasn’t expecting Li Fu to counter her taunt just like that! She couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

“Miss Chu, I can’t just lie about Mister Chu’s habits behind his back… I was just telling the truth.” Li Fu said with a laugh.

Mengyao only pouted, but decided not to throw out any retorts. Mengyao didn’t know what she was doing, always getting pissed at Lin Yi- shouldn’t she have known by now that the guy was the best at annoying her? Why was she playing into his hands and doing this to herself?