Chapter 114 - Son-In-Law

Chapter 114 of 150 chapters

Chapter 114 - Son-In-Law

So daddy thinks Lin Yi’s a good choice… Mengyao supposed that Lin Yi did look pretty handsome, now that she looked at him properly… After all, it didn’t really matter whether the partner was rich or not when taking into account the type of family Mengyao was born into- she’d rather have someone who would commit himself to her than have one of the young masters she saw so often. She wanted someone who could protect her, and love her.

Lin Yi was obviously capable of protecting her, but the problem was that they didn’t really know each other yet- it was still a employer-employee relationship. Lin Yi putting his life on the line for her, with that in mind, became just that more valuable an aspect- how far would Lin Yi be willing to go for her as her boyfriend if he’d do something like that for just his employer..?

Mengyao started blushing at the thought- she’d never been in a relationship before, and her heart started to warm up in shy excitement… She never thought much of it before, but questions and thoughts began flooding into her mind after Yushu brought it up……

But Lin Yi’s worst quality seemed to be how flirty with girls he was- why was he all over the place? Was she simply not attractive enough to him? Why would he get so intimate with Song Lingshan on just the first day like that? And that girl with the figure yesterday, too……

Could it actually be because of… how innocent her body looked? Mengyao couldn’t help but feel depressed at the thought. She glanced quietly at Yushu- her body was much curvier than hers was, was that why Lin Yi treated her so much nicer..? That must be it, the damned pervert’s found an interest in Shu’s bigger boobs……

Mengyao was even thinking angrily to herself of the kinds of things she’d do to Lin Yi if he dared sit beside her, maybe pretend to step on him when Uncle Fu hit the brakes to show Lin Yi what the consequences for crossing her were……

But the guy walked all the way to the other door after one look at her, sitting with Yushu instead!! It only served to agitate Mengyao even further.

What the hell did he think he was doing, he was a shield her dad hired! He should be sitting next to her, not Yushu!! What the hell!!

Mengyao frowned unhappily as she considered yelling ‘Lin Yi, sit over here…’ when she decided otherwise- her dad and Uncle Fu were both present…

The car had been moving for a while when Chu Pengzhan pulled his phone out, looking a little solemn as he dialed in a number. “Director Chen? I’m Chu Pengzhan…”

“Mister Chu, how are you!” The director of Songshan’s police said, his tone extremely friendly upon hearing it was Chu Pengzhan on the phone…… Chu Pengzhan was a man in a very high position- he was the biggest local entrepreneur, and a well known philanthropist, as well. The most important thing was his close relationship with House Chen from the military……. Director Chen, naturally, understood the gravity of that fact- he was a distant relative of the Chen family, after all.

“Director Chen, I’m just calling to ask about the bank robbery case- any news on the criminals who kidnapped my daughter?” Pengzhan asked, evidently quite furious to be making a phone call like that right in front of Yushu and Mengyao. The enemy was simply too much, turning their sights on him after just kidnapping Mengyao……

“Ah…… Nothing as of yet…” Director Chen said helplessly. “The suspect’s a slippery one- the plates were fake. We don’t have any valuable leads yet……”

“I understand. Please give me a call when you learn anything.” Pengzhan said, quite friendly as well- the director was a distant relative of Yushu’s family, after all. Although, he wasn’t sure if Yushu even knew about this relative at all……

“Sure thing. I’ll have my men work harder on the case!” Director Chen hung the phone up, directly dialing in the number to Song Lingshan’s office. “Song? I’m Chen Dafei, come to my office for a bit.”

“Alright……” Song Lingshan said. The director didn’t seem very happy, and Lingshan dropped what she was working on, issuing a couple of commands to her subordinates before rushing to the director’s office.

She knocked on the door, only entering after the director told her to come in. “Director.”

“Ah, Song.” Chen Dafei pushed his specs up as he put down the file in his hand. “Sit, let’s talk about the bank robbery case. Any updates?”

“The criminal police has established a 313 specialist team- currently trying to get a portrait of the suspect drawn. No news yet, I’m afraid……” Song Lingshan reported carefully.

The case was under her direct supervision- Huaijun had been assigned to a different case by the provincial office. He’d most likely get promoted to vice-director after that, and so everything involving the criminal police had been dropped on her shoulders as a result.

It was only then did Lingshan fully understand the stress that came with leadership over a task force- Huaijun would always make the important decisions, carry out operations as he led his men himself… There were a multitude of factors that Lingshan only understood the difficulty of after being assigned leader herself.

The Songs were no weaklings, however, and Lingshan wasn’t planning on giving up halfway. She had to grit her teeth through the hardships- there was no way she could face her family if she failed; she’d get looked down on for sure if she did……

“Put your back into it, I don’t need to remind you how important the case is. It involves Chu Pengzhan’s daughter, and we need this solved as soon as possible!” Dafei said. “Here, give me a time- when do you think you’ll have the case solved?”

“Um……” Song Lingshan’s face darkened at the words. It was always Huaijun answering that type of question- she had no guarantee when she’d break the case, but there was no getting out of it. “Director, I guarantee that half a month… No, ten days is all I need!”

Song Lingshan saw Dafei’s eyebrow twitch a little upon hearing ‘half a month’, and decided instantly to change her answer right then.

“Hm… Ten days, then. I await good news, Song!” Dafei nodded, satisfied.

Lingshan had her eyebrows locked as she made her way back to her office, trying to remember what Huaijun would do in her situation, how he’d approach the problem…… She only rubbed her forehead helplessly after her futile brainstorming- nothing came up!

Every case had different circumstances, and she couldn’t just pull a random Huaijun method with just any case…… Lingshan was feeling troubled when the phone on the desk rang. She picked the phone up. “Hello, this is Song Lingshan of the criminal police.”

“Captain Song, this is Lou Liqiang of the outer city police… We’ve received a report of two corpses in an abandoned warehouse. Two males. We’ve identified one of them as Lu Jieyan of the 313 bank robbery case, also known as Baldy. We haven’t identified the other corpse yet, but chances are he was one of Baldy’s followers…”