Chapter 116 - A Troubled Song Lingshan

Chapter 116 of 150 chapters

Chapter 116 - A Troubled Song Lingshan

“Wh-wha-? Huh??” Mengyao almost tripped! Boyfriend? Moving in together? Was Shu trying to piss her off to death?!! Mengyao only put on a straight face as she turned to Yushu, thinking of changing the subject. “Shu… You’re a lady you know… You should stop using words like piss or poop… it’s quite vulgar, isn’t it? Don’t say stuff like that anymore……”

“Okay, I won’t say anything.” Yushu nodded.

“Good……” Mengyao sighed.

“Well, I’ll tell Pingy about you and Shield Guy tomorrow then, if you’re fine with it……” Yushu continued.

“......” Mengyao really wanted to beat the girl up- didn’t they just agree not to say anything? The girl was clearly still hellbent on announcing to Zhong Pinliang her relationship with Lin Yi!!

“Shu, the time’s not ripe yet you know… Lin Yi just transferred in, and we’ve made it clear that we don’t know him at all- doesn’t it sound a little forced if you… tell them about us? Everything works with a lot of proper steps involved, and it’s the same with this. So, don’t say anything yet!” Mengyao said.

“Oh. It’s your call, Yao Yao.” Yushu said with a nod. “Well, it doesn’t really matter to me anyway, you’re the first wife and I’m the second… You’re the one choosing the guy……”

“Shu!” Mengyao wanted to hammer Yushu to death. “Why’re you always bringing that up? You’re not stupid, you know you can’t just marry the guy I marry!!”

“Don’t be too sure.” Yushu said, leaning forward and embracing Mengyao. “That’s just how I’m gonna do it if I don’t wanna be apart from you……”

“...You’re really… What should I do with you, Shu.” Mengyao shook her head, a little speechless. She held Yushu’s hand, and the two of them walked up the stairs together. Mengyao made sure to give the general an order as they went up. “General Wei Wu, good performance so far! Keep guarding that spot, don’t let that man come up!”

“Woof, woof……” The general responded, troubled. That man wasn’t someone he could just stop if he actually tried to go up……

Song Lingshan was quite troubled indeed- Pin Jieyan’s death meant a dead end! He had more distinct features, like his bald head, and it was a lot easier to search for him in comparison to his common-looking lakeys……

From what the autopsy had reported, the man had died unprepared and vulnerable- it was instant death with one bullet. The other corpse had died in the same manner as well.

They’d made a thorough search of the surrounding area, but these were the only two corpses they had. It meant that the remaining members of the group were still alive.

This was actually good news- Ling Shan would’ve grown even more troubled if the entire group had perished. It wasn’t that big of a problem with just two deaths: it was either an inner conflict or a superior tying up loose ends.

They’d found out about the other corpse’s identity online, as well: Ma Liu, a twenty-nine-year-old unemployed male, from the Shelf County Cattle Village area, a thug known for his laziness in the village.

He’d said he was leaving the village for work, and had disappeared since then……

Evidently, Ma Liu only met Pin Jieyan after leaving the village, and there wasn’t much to go on with only that clue……

Lingshan hesitated a while longer before deciding to give Huaijun a call. She needed his advice- she’d claimed that she’d have the case solved in ten days already, and while the director wouldn’t go as far as to fire her, it’d look really bad for the Song family as well as herself… Her father would have to lower his head in shame in front of the other relatives……

“Yang Bro, it’s me……” Lingshan greeted, uneasy. After all, the call was informing Huaijun of her inability even after following in Huaijun’s footsteps for so long… It was quite embarrassing for her……

Huaijun would always act as commander while Lingshan stayed in the vanguard, completely obliterating even the most violent of criminals with her experience as special ops coach backing her up. High-stakes missions were always Lingshan’s specialty, and this was something the department had recognized! A female captain wouldn’t have sat well with people otherwise, after all.

“What’s up, Song?” Huaijun was just about to go for a checkup at the Eastern doctor’s before going to the provincial office for a meeting later. His sickness had acted up again that day, and while it was because of Lin Yi agitating him, his body did deteriorate with each passing day. Huaijun noticed at least that much.

“Cap’n… The 313 bank robbery case… We still don’t have any leads- the two suspects we located were dead, and the whereabouts of the other remaining group members are unknown as well……” Lingshan said carefully.

“Ah……” Huaijun, naturally, understood Lingshan’s position- the girl didn’t set out for detective work, after all, and she hadn’t been properly trained before. “Well, I’ve heard about this already, so let me tell you what my thoughts are: I think that the ‘cutting loose ends’ scenario isn’t too likely. If that were the case, we’d have more than just two corpses.”

“Yeah……. But what if the two were killed off by the others, because they weren’t part of the inner circle?” Lingshan asked softly.

“It wouldn’t add up- why would they bring two guys they don’t trust with them, for what purpose? It has to be either a team of inside people, or a team of non-insiders……” Huaijun said with a smile. “So, an inner conflict is the most plausible scenario. It could be a dispute with the distribution of the money they’d robbed on Pin Jieyan and Ma Liu’s part, resulting in their teammates killing them off.”

“Ah, that makes sense…… That should be it.” Linghan nodded in agreement.

“Now, if that were the case, all we need to do is increase the search radius. Unless they don’t care about the money, they’ll find a hard time moving around. We’ve got our men in the traffic police searching for us too, and the chances of them leaving Songshan’s very low, as well. Do another search where you found the corpses, you might find some new clues……” Huaijun continued.

“Alright, got it.” Lingshan said, suddenly feeling enlightened.

“Haha, Song, I heard about you having some fun with Lin Yi?” Huaijun sighed, deciding to ask her about it after all. The news of Song Lingshan’s forwardness had been spread around the police department already, about her servicing her boyfriend at the hospital……

Huaijun didn’t quite believe Lin Yi becoming a couple with Lingshan- Lin Yi wasn’t the type to make commitments like that just anywhere, and there hadn’t been any bad rumors regarding Lingshan ever since she’d entered the department…… She’d even rejected a man as outstanding as Chen Yutian, after all……

But every girl found herself attracted to someone eventually, as the saying went. As fine a man Chen Yutian was, he was still quite lacking when compared to someone like Lin Yi. Even a girl as exceptional as Yi was head over heels for Lin Yi, let alone Song Lingshan…...

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