Chapter 119 - Regret and More Regret

Chapter 119 of 150 chapters

Chapter 119 - Regret and More Regret

“Around twenty?” Xuemin’s frown grew at the words- a man with that level of medical skill at that age? Could he be from a hidden miracle doctor’s family..?

Xuemin enjoyed great renown throughout the world, reaching where he was with his high skill in acupuncture and moxibustion… But he understood well that there were many other master doctors not as willing to reveal their identities to the public…

There was one such doctor he’d met when he was young- his own acupuncture was taught by the person… His learnings were but a scrape from the person’s medical prowess, but even that was enough to stretch his name throughout the world……

It was why Xuemin wasn’t too surprised at the man’s age- it wasn’t too unbelievable- after all, that man he’d met was quite young as well.

But Xuemin wasn’t so ridiculous as to think that that person did training in some forbidden art, turning himself young again…… Tianyi said around twenty, and the person Xuemin met had to be at least thirty… It didn’t sound very likely that it was the same person.

“Professor Guan, I’ve met the young man as well. I’m certain he was no older than twenty- he had a mature air about him, but that was a very young face he had. He had to be young.” Elder Liu added.

“If that’s the case, then I must say I’ve no idea who this master is. The youngest Eastern medicine masseur in Songshan I know of is more than fifty years old……” Xuemin said, not continuing his sentence. There was no way the old man could’ve mistaken a fifty year old man for a twenty year old person, after all.

“I see…” Tianyi said, disappointed. “I suppose it’s a pity then.”

“Did you happen to ask for a contact number?” Tianyi had given up, but Xuemin found himself taking an interest in this master masseur. There weren’t many doctors at that level, and Xuemin wanted to get to know this master, as well, as the Dean of Eastern Doctors and all. He was sure that his own acupuncture would see significant improvement if he had discussions with this man.

Massaging and acupuncture shared a fundamental similarity, after all- both healed through acupuncture points.

“Well…… he didn’t, but we did leave him ours……” Liu Tianyi said, a little embarrassed. He hadn’t thought too much about it, but it was apparent from Xuemin’s reaction that the young man was a very extraordinary person. “My father invited him to contact us if he ever visited Yanjing……”

Xuemin only smiled, a slight taste of indifference tracing across his lips. A regular doctor would’ve taken the chance to associate himself with a man like Elder Liu; a medicinal master, and a hidden one at that, however, wouldn’t care much for something like that.

The young man could very well amaze the world with just that massaging alone, if he were to truly seek fame and glory. The fact that Xuemin hadn’t even heard of the man only meant that the master was completely uninterested in any of that……

It was absolutely unheard of for a youthful man like that! Xuemin remembered his own desires for fame and glory back when he’d receive some tutelage from that master- he couldn’t help but feel guilty and ashamed at the thought!

This young man was the prime example of a master- a true example indeed! It was only natural that a man of that calibre wouldn’t be initiating contact with Elder Liu!

Tianyi didn’t notice anything, but Elder Liu did… He may have been old, but his senses weren’t dulled yet- his acute observations gave him insight to that faint smile of Xuemin’s- he might’ve very well missed a chance of curing his sickness..!!

He remembered that faint expression the man had that day- he seemed to have kept quiet about whether or not he could cure him……

Elder Liu couldn’t help but regret his lack of passion that day……. The man had clearly helped him so that his friend could leave the predicament- he must’ve formed a grudge against Elder Liu and his family because of the whole incident, as well.

“If he does contact you, please- Elder Liu- you must inform me!!” Xuemin requested- it was the only thing he could do at that point. The winds of fate might indeed blow that man his way, if he were lucky.

Tianyi, on the other hand, was absolutely taken aback- Guan Xuemin had said ‘please’!! The tone and mannerism he was currently displaying…… It was a first since he’d entered the villa with his family!

House Liu was powerful, but they hadn’t much to offer to Guan Xuemin- quite the contrary, it was the multitude of powerful families who needed Guan Xuemin! It was precisely because of this that the Liu House maintained a reasonable level of humility in front of Guan Xuemin, and also why Tianyi even went as far as to slap his wife- Guan Xuemin was simply not someone you could say something as absurd as that to! The other families would be laughing at them if word got out, amused that the Lius would be as ridiculous as to piss a miracle doctor off……

Yet this very miracle doctor went as far as to say ‘please’ for a nameless doctor!!! Any idiot would’ve been able to comprehend the gravity of the situation, at that point. Tianyi couldn’t believe it- he’d wasted the opportunity!!

“Of course! We’ll make sure to inform you, rest assured!” Tianyi was bursting with regret, but he wasn’t a man that had such little control over his emotions. He maintained his composure as he spoke.

“Well, you guys find a place to live first- we start the first session tomorrow.” Xuemin said with a nod, standing up once more.

“Alright then, Professor Guan. We’ll take our leave.” Tianyi said as he helped his father up, making their way downstairs with Huiru, who had a hand on her cheek.

Guan Xuemin then turned to Huaijun, not intending on escorting the Lius out. “You weren’t in a rush, I hope?”

“Not at all. Grandpa Guan, those three……” Huaijun hadn’t seen the family before- they probably weren’t from Songshan. They did mention Yanjing, as well…….

“Ah, the Lius of Yanjing. A big family. The patient was the grandfather of the Liu house, Liu Zhenhu, eighty this year. His body’s seen better days, however…..” Xuemin explained directly- the two were quite close, after all.

“Yanjing’s Liu House- no wonder they were able to get the principal to find them a house with one call.” Huaijun said with a smile.

“Well, let’s do the usual for you…… Acupuncture isn’t going to do much in your case, but it’s better than nothing. Hold on a bit longer, I’m attending an Eastern medicine symposium next week at Yanjing- I’ll mention your case to the others and see if we find anything new.” Xuemin said.

“Haha… It’s good enough already that I’m still holding on. I can’t go back to the battlefield, but it’s pretty nice doing honest work in the police force for a change.” Huaijun said optimistically.

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