Chapter 141 - A Little Bit Maybe

Chapter 141 of 150 chapters

Chapter 141 - A Little Bit Maybe

Would the members of House Liu feel regret, if they’d learned that, a few minutes sooner, and they would’ve been able to meet the person they’d been looking for so direly? Regret was something one had to deal with in life… The Liu family, at the moment, was still unaware of the close brush they’d just had with the miracle doctor……

Lin Yi, on the other hand, had an additional purpose other than thanks in mind when he’d acquainted himself with Guan Xuemin. He hadn’t thought much of the story about Miracle Doctor Kang the first time he’d heard about it, but the family feud Xiaobo told him gave Lin Yi an idea…

Medicine recipes sold insanely well, and Lin Yi had quite a couple of those with him! He hadn’t too much time for stuff like that, however, and he needed an appropriate business partner for the whole thing to work out.

The ideal partner would obviously be Chu Pengzhan- Pengzhan Industries was known throughout the country, after all. The insider problem still remained unsolved, however, and Lin Yi didn’t want to be cooperating with a company during a time like that. Risking the recipe’s exposure was disadvantageous to everybody.

The next candidate would then be Guan Xuemin, a renowned figure in the medical world with fame on par with even Miracle Doctor Kang’s. The miracle doctor only got his name from the success of Golden Creation alone- none of the other products Doctor Kang’s company made saw much success, with all of them being common Eastern medicine without much uniqueness to them; Golden Creation was the only one that attributed to the doctor’s widespread fame.

Guan Xuemin, on the other hand, was an Eastern medicine specialist, with a name built on solid foundations. ‘Miracle Doctor Guan’ would most definitely be on par with the name of ‘Miracle Doctor Kang’, needless to say.

If he were to publish this recipe himself, on the other hand…… People wouldn’t be as willing to approve of him, that was for sure. There would even be quite the number of skeptics, suspecting Lin Yi of his origins. ‘Miracle Doctor Lin’? People would definitely be wondering if he were copying Miracle Doctor Kang.

After all, Guan Xuemin was already regarded as a miracle doctor.

It was why Lin Yi decided to interact with Xuemin a little today- it turned out that the guy was a trustworthy and just man. A couple more meetings and Lin Yi planned on working with him, giving the man a couple of his more basic recipes to advertise first, see how that’d work out.

A man couldn’t just rely on a woman for living expenses, certainly? It was Chu Pengzhan’s money, but it didn’t look very proper for him to be playing house with Chu Mengyao every day…

(fun fact, a guy’s ‘eating soft rice’ in Chinese when the woman’s the breadwinner)

Naturally, Lin Yi was still just beginning to observe the doctor. From what he’d seen so far, he ascertained that Xuemin was a good man, with genuine obsession in regards to Eastern medicine instead of fame or wealth. Letting him sell the recipes might just work out perfectly, but there was still Xuemins’ sons and daughters to consider… Lin Yi decided that he’d forget about the partnership if they weren’t good people.

Tang Yin was troubled, very troubled indeed!!

It was all Lin Yi’s fault that she’d forgotten all about the sauce recipe- now she had to go look for him in his class, of all things! As unwilling as she was, however, she’d made the promise to her mother- she had little choice but to make her way to class five before the afternoon classes started.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were leaving the classroom for a walk when they met Tang Yin face-to-face. Mengyao knew the girl- she was a school beauty much like Yushu and her, albeit a more popular one who’d been dubbed as the commoner beauty.

Mengyao, however, never cared much for that sort of thing. She’d be better off less popular- she wouldn’t have to deal with boys she didn’t like bothering her, after all.

Tang Yin was quite surprised to be meeting the two big school beauties here- she didn’t know a lot of people from class five, save for Lin Yi and the tyrannical Zhong Pinliang she’d heard about… She decided to ask Mengyao and Yushu for a favor now that she’d bumped into them.

“Hey, excuse me… Can I ask you for something?” Tang Yin was a school beauty with Mengyao, but that was just something other people thought of- she never considered herself to be on the same level with princess Mengyao, and couldn’t help but feel pressured. The girl was like a goddess, a royal beauty… Tang Yin was but a child of a poor home, albeit a pretty looking child……

“Oh, what’s up?” Mengyao liked Tang Yin- they were both pretty girls, after all, and it was nice to look at pretty people. Mengyao was beautiful enough as it is, so getting jealous over someone else being pretty was just stupid.

“Can you help me call someone from your class out…… I’m looking for…… Lin...Yi…” Tang Yin bit her lip as she shyly forced the name out. She was a girl taking the initiative to go looking for a boy in another class, after all… It was no surprise that she’d be embarrassed.

“Lin Yi?” Mengyao blinked uncomfortably as she looked at the ‘shy’ looking Tang Yin. What was her relationship with Lin Yi? Did the guy get his hands on the commoner beauty as well, in the span of just a couple of days?!

Song Lingshan, business district lady, and now Tang Yin?

The shyness Tang Yin was showing, in actuality, was not the type of ‘shy’ Mengyao had misunderstood it to be. It was more of a ‘rageful shy’...

Tang Yin nodded immediately at Mengyao’s question.

“Don’t know him!!” Mengyao didn’t know what was up with her today, but she turned her head away and left after blurting the three words out at Tang Yin.

“Ah..?” Tang Yin blinked curiously at Mengyao’s retreating figure- what was going on? Weren’t they cool just a while ago, what was she getting pissed off for?

Yushu only shrugged at Tang Yin, putting on a helpless expression before turning to catch up to Mengyao. “Yao Yao, what’s wrong? Are you getting jealous or something?”

“Jealous? No way!” Mengyao said with a curl of her lips. Jealous? That was a simple impossibility, a joke, a big, fat, joke! Ha ha. But her heart was hurting all the same, as if something rightfully hers were being eyed by someone else…

“Hehe, Yao Yao… Are you starting to like Shield Bro?” Yushu whispered.

“I’m not!” Mengyao retorted decisively.

“A little bit maybe? A tiny bit?” Yushu continued.

“No. Shu, will you please stop?” Mengyao said as she started to panic. “I’ll ignore you if you continue.”

“Hehe, alright, I’ll shut up. Don’t ignore me……” Yushu said, putting a hand over her mouth as she glanced sneakily at Mengyao...