Chapter 142 - Came For Nothing Again

Chapter 142 of 150 chapters

Chapter 142 - Came For Nothing Again

Tang Yin stood in front of class five, confused- she didn’t know why Chu Mengyao’s personality flipped all of a sudden, but thought that it might’ve been Lin Yi at work again… Could the asshole have teased or bothered her before, resulting in Mengyao leaving angrily at the mere mention of the asshole’s name?

But the asshole was quite a daredevil, it seemed, laying his hands on even Chu Mengyao! That had to be a first- no one had ever dared to lay his hands on Mengyao, as far as she knew!

Class was starting soon, and Tang Yin decided to return to her classroom first, thinking that she’d come by after that. The three school beauties together attracted quite a bit of attention, too, and Tang Yin didn’t want people suspecting her of anything…

Mengyao and Yushu looked at the view outside from the end of the hallway before making their way back to class at the ring of the bell. Tang Yin was no longer there.

“Tang Yin’s gone, Yao Yao.” Yushu commented.

“I see that…… Shu, why’d you think she was looking for Lin Yi?” Mengyao had been trying to figure out the girl’s attention the whole time she enjoyed the scenery.

“Probably wanted to borrow some money, I guess.” Yushu bullshitted. How was she supposed to know?

“Borrow money?” Mengyao’s eyes widened at the reply- Tang Yin was asking Lin Yi for money?

“I dunno.” Yushu grinned.

“You-!” Mengyao flicked at Yushu’s forehead. “Whatever, let’s just stop thinking about it. Let’s go.”

“Maybe I’ll help ask her when she comes by later?” Yushu blinked. “Or maybe I can go to her class to ask?”

“You may not!” Mengyao said with a glare. “Are you doing this on purpose, Shu?”

“Hehe……” Yushu smiled wordlessly.

Second period ended, and Tang Yin gathered her courage to face class five’s door once more. She didn’t dare to ask anyone anymore- it’d be a waste of breath if everyone in the class hated Lin Yi for his tyrannical young master ways.

With that in mind, Tang Yin stood outside class five’s door and peeked her head in sneakily. A lot of people inside turned to stare at her, and she pulled her head back shyly.

There were already people paying attention to Tang Yin during her first visit- she was the commoner beauty, after all, much more approachable and down-to-earth than the two beauties in class five.

People wondered what Tang Yin was doing in front of class five, but it started getting suspicious with her second appearance.

Yushu raised her head just in time to catch Tang Yin pulling her head away from the door. Was she looking for Lin Yi again? Yushu glanced at Mengyao, who was focused on her book… She got up from her chair, and tiptoed outside the classroom.

“Hey!” Yushu said, waving her hand in front of the girl’s frightened and lowered face.

“Ah-!” Tang Yin jumped with a startle as she raised her head- it was Chen Yushu. “W-what’s up?”

“Tang Yin, right? I’m Chen Yushu.” Yushu introduced, even though the girl knew her name already. “You’re looking for Lin Yi again, right?”

“I……” Tang Yin didn’t know why Yushu was asking that- did this girl have negative feelings towards Lin Yi? She decided to just go with a nod. “Yeah……”

“Oh. Lin Yi’s not here. He hasn’t been here since morning.” Yushu said. “What do you need? I’ll help pass the message for you. It’s the student committee's responsibility and duty to help a fellow student out.”

“He’s… not here?” Tang Yin blinked curiously at Yushu. She couldn’t be lying to her, could she? She’d just took the bus with him earlier that morning, and the guy even took advantage of her… Was it all an illusion?

“Yep.” Yushu nodded. “You can go look yourself if you don’t believe me. He sits at the last spot in the second row- there’s no one there right now.”

“Oh……” Tang Yin didn’t doubt Yushu’s words, now that she put it that way, especially when she said she was part of the student committee. Tang Yin was part of the student committee as well, and she felt quite a bit closer to Yushu because of that.

“Right? So… anything else?” Yushu didn’t care if Lin Yi was there, and she wasn’t actually trying to help a fellow student out… The main concern here was why Tang Yin was even looking for Lin Yi.

“I…… It’s nothing…… I’ll come by later when he gets here……” Tang Yin said after some hesitation. It was a bit tricky to talk about the whole thing with the recipe, and Tang Yin decided that she’d ask Lin Yi in person herself.

“Oh.” Yushu said, a little disappointed. “Then I guess you can come again in the afternoon……”

“Yeah, thanks……” Tang Yin said, a little disappointed as well. So Lin Yi wasn’t there the whole time- he wasn’t even at school! What was that guy doing, didn’t he arrive by bus with her?

Yushu returned to the classroom only to see Mengyao glaring sharply at her, her book on the table. Yushu felt like gulping. “Yao Yao, what’re you looking at me for?”

“What did you do, Shu?” Mengyao had noticed that Yushu was gone not long after she left, and followed the gazes of her classmates only to find that the girl actually ran out the classroom to talk to Tang Yin! She only got pissed off at the scene- what happened to not going, why was Yushu doing this? Lin Yi might very well assume she cared for him if he found out…

Yet even Mengyao was curious as to what Yushu had found out. Sneaky little Yushu would probably mess with her instead of giving a proper answer, however, and Mengyao decided that she’d pretend to be pissed off… As expected, the girl took the bait.

“I just asked her why she was looking for Shield Bro……” Yushu pouted. “But she didn’t tell me, so I just let her know that Shield Bro isn’t here, and told her to come back in the afternoon.”

“Oh……” Mengyao nodded. “That Lin Yi, what’s he up to anyway, leaving with just a note on the table! What’s with that attitude, he’s skipping work isn’t he! My dad’s wasting his money!”

“Yao Yao, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you say that it’d be best if he stayed away from you? What’s with this change of mind, hm?” Yushu prodded playfully.

“Ah… Uhm…… It’s dad’s hard earned money, you know? I can’t just waste the salary he’s giving to Lin Yi, now can I?” Mengyao said as she threw the poorly patched up excuse out on the table, one even she herself wouldn’t believe. To have her admit that she didn’t hate Lin Yi that much anymore, however… It simply couldn’t be done!

“Is that so. Then I’ll tell Shield Bro to be a bit more professional later.” Yushu nodded, as if believing what Mengyao had just thrown at her.

“......” Mengyao didn’t know what to say- Yushu believed that? She glanced quietly at Yushu, who was making preparations for the next class. Mengyao didn’t understand, but she noticed a faint trace of worry and sadness on the girl’s face...

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