Chapter 20 - The Dean's Little Weakness

Chapter 20 of 150 chapters

Chapter 20 - The Dean's Little Weakness

It was something Lin Yi had been thinking about since yesterday,

It’d be more logical for the chairman to hire a professional, qualified trainer if it really was for study purposes.

Besides, grades didn’t matter for someone like Mengyao, especially considering who her father was.

No college would reject her if she applied. She had Chu Pengzhan backing her up, after all.

“So you’ve noticed?”

Li Fu wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to ask him about this so soon.

“Then it’s true?”

Lin Yi frowned, curious.

“To be frank, even I don’t understand what Mister Chu has in mind.” Li Fu sighed. “I’m his most trusted man, but the chairman has things he doesn’t just explicitly say to me.”

Li Fu simply rolled his eyes at Li Fu’s useless explanation.

“But the chairman wanted me to tell you this: Take care of the Miss, and don’t think too much.” Li Fu started repeating the chairman’s words. “Try to give her some love- the kid never received much of it.”

Lin Yi was speechless. What the hell’s wrong with these people?

Giver her some love?! How was he supposed to give her some love???

Before actually meeting Mengyao, Lin Yi wasn’t too happy with his situation. The way the chairman spoke made it look like he was planning a marriage or something, as if there the girl had problems that prevented her from finding a mate.

But it turned out that Mengyao was a young beauty! Things weren’t bad at all, with that factor in mind.

The problem here was that the Miss hated him! She wasn’t going to fall for him anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Lin Yi nodded in response before getting off the car. There wasn’t much more he could say to Li Fu.

“Did you find out who that farmer guy is?”

Zhong Pinliang’s butt was still swollen from Lin Yi’s kick yesterday.

Pinliang couldn’t sleep on his back the whole night thanks to the farmer. He had to do it with his butt raised at the ceiling!

“We didn’t! Zhang Naipao and I looked around quite a couple of sites, but we never saw the guy.”

Gao Xiaofu shook his head. “Liang Bro, maybe he didn’t register for work yet?”

“Look, I don’t care how you do it. I need this guy found! Fuck, there’s no way I’m letting that farmer get away!” Zhong Pinliang’s rage was still unquelled.

“Yes!” Gao Xiaofu responded instantly.

Lin Yi’s mood was pleasant as he strolled into the school, bag on his back.

This was the school life he was looking for, the legendary land of first loves and first kisses!

His bag was a single strap bag, the standard black one that the school gave out. It wasn’t very stylish, unlike the customized ones Mengyao, Yushu, and the rest of the students had. Only the poorer students like Lin Yi wore the uniform to school. They were also the only ones who wear the standard backpack the school provided.

How good were Lin Yi’s eyes? Good enough for him to spot Zhong Pinliang the moment he passed through the school gates.

Wasn’t that the guy bugging Mengyao yesterday? Lin Yi decided to ignore them, since they didn’t do anything to him yet. He simply walked past them in a straight line, as if they didn’t concern him at all.

“Liang Bro, doesn’t that guy look familiar?” Naipao was looking at Lin Yi’s back as he passed by.

“We're talking about something serious here. Who cares if he looks familiar?” Pinliang frowned, impatient.

“I think he looks familiar too. Hmm… He’s” Gao Xiaofu started scratching at the back of his head.

“Like what? Can you fucking spit it out already?” Zhong Pinliang was on the verge of yelling. What were these two idiots doing?

“Like that farmer who kicked you yesterday!”

Naipao started yelling as well. “Yeah! That’s the one! I remember him now!”

“For real?” Pinliang was filled with raging energy instantly. “Well what the hell are you doing then? After him!”

“Let’s go!”

Xiaofu and Naipao exclaimed as they started running in the direction Lin Yi went.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was making his way to the office with his file. Chu Pengzhan had everything prepared already, so all he needed to do was register.

Lin Yi knocked on the office doors, but no one answered.

Perhaps he came to school a little too early. Lin Yi looked at his watch, and realized that it was only a quarter after seven. There were forty-five minutes left before school officially started.

At that note, Lin Yi leaned against the office doors and waited for the dean to arrive.

“Ahh… Ahh…”

A series of moans reached Lin Yi’s ears. His ears became far more sensitive than normal ever since learning the Art of Dragon Mastery. It wasn’t the best, but he could pick up plenty of things that normal ears wouldn’t be able to catch.

Lin Yi frowned. The moans were coming from inside the office.

Wasn’t the room empty? Lin Yi suddenly smiled, as if realizing something.

Forty-five minutes later, the doors opened.

A sexy looking woman in her thirties peeked her head out of the office carefully. She jumped when she saw Lin Yi leaning against the door. “W-what are you doing here?”

Lin Yi wanted to laugh. It’s fine if you wanna have an affair and all, but aren’t you making it too obvious?

“I’m here for the dean.”

Lin Yi spoke calmly. He didn’t want to expose her.

“Oh. The dean’s right inside.” The woman was trying her best to match Lin Yi’s calmness as she spoke. “You may enter.”

Lin Yi nodded. He entered the room to see a middle aged man sitting at his office desk. His head was balding, and his face was solemn, like some sort of seasoned scholar. Lin Yi was only amused.

“W-what do you need?”

Wang Zhifeng was startled. He didn’t expect a student to come looking for him the instant his lover left the room.

“I’m Lin Yi, here for registration.”

Lin Yi took his file out and put it on the dean’s table.

“Oh, I know. Lin Yi, is it.”

Wang Zhifeng nodded upon hearing the name. This was a student the chairman arranged himself, how could he forget? He picked the file up and turned to his computer.

It didn’t take long before he finished the preparations. He completed the registration with a seal chop before standing up. “I’ll walk you to your class.”

“Thanks for the trouble, Mr. Wang!”

Lin Yi spoke politely. He understood how strong the dean’s influence within the school was. He’d have to avoid getting on this guy’s bad side if he wanted a comfortable life here.

“Heh heh, it’s nothing.”

Wang Zhifeng made sure not to put on any airs, as well. The student was someone the chairman sent in, after all. He decided to test Lin Yi a little as they walked out the office together. “You just got here?”

“I’ve been here a while.”

Lin Yi didn’t feel the need to lie. There were security cameras around, and he didn’t want any unnecessary trouble should the dean decide to check the tapes.

“Then you…”

Wang Zhifeng hesitated, unsure of how he should approach the topic. Great, now someone caught him doing the girl because of how impatient he was.

“Don’t worry, Mr Wang. I didn’t see anything.” Lin Yi smiled playfully.