Chapter 30 - Killing Violence With Violence

Chapter 30 of 150 chapters

Chapter 30 - Killing Violence With Violence

“Yao Yao, look! Shield Guy’s going to the rooftop with Zhong Pinliang! You wanna go look?” Chen Yushu said as she turned to Mengyao, unable to hold the excitement in any longer.

“Not going.” Mengyao rejected as she continued memorizing the day’s English vocab, the washroom scene flashing in her mind once more upon hearing Lin Yi’s name.

“Come onnn, let’s go!” Yushu pushed, unyielding. “There’s nothing to do now anyway!”

“Just go yourself! Why should I go see what that guy’s doing?” Meng Yao snapped. “Why are you always so fixated over him, are you in love with that farmer?!”

“No!!! Don’t be ridiculous!” Yushu’s face reddened as she retorted. “Who’d fall in love with him? I just wanna see them fight!”

“Then go yourself- I’m not , that’s for sure.” Mengyao said, resolved.

“Come onnnnn Yao Yao!! He’s your study companion you know! What if he gets beat up beyond repair, you’d lose face you know!”

“Oh my god, Shu! How are you so annoying???” Mengyao wasn’t in the mood for studying anymore, thanks to Yushu. “Jeez, fine! I’ll go with you, okay?”

“Hehe, let’s go!” Delighted, Yushu pulled Mengyao’s hand and ran up to the rooftop. “Hope we haven’t missed anything yet!”

Zhong Pinliang and his group, on the other hand, were popping their knuckles as they surrounded Lin Yi and Xiaobo, grinning evilly. Zhong Pinliang was much the thug as he stuffed a cigarette in his mouth. Xiaofu lit it up with a clack as his boss faced off with Lin Yi.

Pinliang inhaled a deep mouthful of smoke, and shot it all out on Lin Yi’s face. “You little fucker, let’s see how tough you are now! Why don’t you pull your water gun out again, huh? Come pee on me again, why don’t you!”

“If you’re after me because of that thing yesterday, then fine, I’ll admit that it was my fault.” Lin Yi replied dully. “But what happened today has nothing to do with me.”

“Hoh?? Willing to bow down now, I see.” Zhong Pinliang was enjoying every moment of his opponent’s surrender, but it wasn’t enough. “Too fucking bad! Also, what happened today has nothing to do with you? You’re insane!!! Just drop the damned act already, dude!!”

“You were the one standing behind me- there were plenty of urinals, you just had to line up behind me!” Lin Yi responded seriously.

“I’ve had enough of your shit- I won’t let you go even if you apologize, anyway, so fine. Get him, Xiaofu.” Zhong Pinliang ordered with a wave of his hand.

“Heh. Coming right up!” Xiaofu grinned as he picked up a stool leg, walking over to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was genuinely a little apologetic for kicking Zhong Pinliang for nothing yesterday, but it seemed that talking was useless for a brute like him. He had to kill violence with violence.

“You little shit, seriously, you could’ve pissed off anyone else- you just had to choose Liang Bro!!” Xiaofu said as he swung the stool leg at Lin Yi.

Zhong Pinliang, on the other hand, was smoking gleefully, his mood pleasant. That’s what you get for crossing me.

He’d already pictured in his mind Lin Yi’s blood spattering all over the floor, and was licking his lips excitedly at the thought.

A smack sounded after Xiaofu’s swing, but Pinliang saw no blood spattering. Upon a closer look he realized that Lin Yi had caught the stool leg in his hand.

Xiaofu frowned, attempting to pull the stool leg out from Lin Yi’s grip, panicking when it didn’t budge at all.

“Xiaofu, what the hell are you doing?” Pinliang scolded, unaware of Xiaofu’s troubles.

“Liang Bro! He’s kinda strong!” Xiaofu replied.

“Naipao, help him out!” Zhong Pinliang was displeased once more. So the little shit had a few tricks; most students were already overwhelmed with fear just by arriving at this rooftop.

“Lin Yi, look out!” Xiaobo yelled as he saw Naipao charge at the preoccupied Lin Yi, broomstick in hand.

Lin Yi expected a student’s fight to be a little gentler than this, but here they were pulling out stool legs and broomsticks- these were serious weapons they’re dealing with…

Worried that Lin Yi would get overwhelmed, Xiaobo decided to charge at Naipao, who was bursting with rage at how the silent kid in class dared go up against him. He decided to switch targets and take care of Xiaobo first.

Lin Yi had a good idea of how strong Xiaobo was- the way he approached the enemy showed that the guy had no experience in fighting whatsoever- Him coming up with him was only due to sheer friendship.

Xiaobo’s heart was pounding as he engaged himself in his first fight, unsure of what to do, while Naipao only stared at the idiot as he swung his fists about with closed eyes. The guy was gonna get himself killed.

With a grin, Naipao swept the broomstick in Xiaobo’s direction, and Lin Yi decided that it was time to end things. He didn’t want Xiaobo to get destroyed for his sake, after all.

At that thought, Lin Yi pushed his arm forward, sending Xiaofu reeling. He then followed it with a kick, and Xiaofu found himself writhing in pain on the floor an instant later, holding his burning stomach instead of the leg stool.

The barbeque he had for lunch churned, and he wanted to puke.

Xiaobo opened his eyes as he felt a wind blow past him, only to see a descending broomstick aimed at his head. It’s over, he thought- it’s all over!

Xiaobo remembered his mother back home, his father in the factory, and his sister at work… How was he supposed to pay for the medical fees…

A smack sounded, and Xiaobo’s world spun.

“Gaah-!” A scream woke him up, and Xiaobo patted the top of his head, finding it unharmed- Zhang Naipao was rolling around on the floor, his forehead covered in blood!

Lin Yi understood his own strength, and he knew to avoid hitting the temple and the back of the head. The forehead was a stronger part of the skull- a stool leg wouldn’t do too much damage to it other than drawing some blood, or causing a slight concussion.

Naturally, he held back- Naipao’s brain would have spilled out elsewise.