Chapter 31 - An Unforgettable Lesson

Chapter 31 of 150 chapters

Chapter 31 - An Unforgettable Lesson

Lin Yi had already finished with Zhang Naipao and Gao Xiaofu by the time Yushu and Mengyao arrived. Yushu couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment at the two boys groaning on the floor- she missed the scene!

“Yao Yao, Lin Yi’s pretty strong isn’t he!”

“So what? That has nothing to do with me!” Mengyao was a little stunned, as well. It could be said that Lin Yi sneaked up on Zhong Pinliang yesterday, and that he used dirty tricks back in the washroom… but it was without a doubt that this victory now was won through pure ability.

Mengyao hadn’t spoken to Kang Xiaobo before, but she understood his character well- he was the cowardly type that avoided battles, and it was safe to assume that the guy was of no contribution to the fight whatsoever. Lin Yi had fought alone.

Mengyao turned her glance towards Naipao and Xiaofu, noticing that both had their hands focused on only one part of their bodies. Evidently, it took Lin Yi only one move to beat each of them to the ground.

“See? he’s a good shield!” Yushu said with a smile. “People will hear about what happened, and Lin Yi will get famous soon, too, so you won’t have to worry about anyone bothering you anymore!”

Mengyao only responded with a ‘hmph’, acting as if she couldn’t care less.

Lin Yi moved to Xiaobo, patting his shoulder with a smile. “You okay?”

“Yeah!” Xiaobo said, recovering from the shock- he didn’t expect Lin Yi to put Zhong Pinliang’s two generals down with just two moves. “You’re good!”

“Zhong Pinliang… I didn’t want to do this, but you kept pushing me, so…” Lin Yi said innocently as he walked towards the lone enemy.

Zhong Pinliang, however, kept his cool. Lin Yi was good, but he saw the whole exchange- it was but a lucky move, and all he really did was just kick Xiaofu when he wasn’t paying attention, pulling the stool leg from his hand and attacking an unaware Naipao with it.

To Pinliang, it was more luck than skill that gave Lin Yi the victory. With a subtle gesture, he reached down and pulled out a dagger, feeling safer as he armed himself.

“Cut the crap, Lin Yi. I won’t be able to go on in this school if I don’t off you now!!!” Zhong Pinliang stabbed at Lin Yi as soon as he stopped talking, not hesitating at all.

Lin Yi was startled at the extreme method Pinliang decided to employ- the kid had no concern for any consequences at all! It didn’t matter how powerful his family was, there was no way he’d just get away with a murder case as if it was nothing.

Lin Yi couldn’t believe it- anyone else probably wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack, and they’d get fatally injured. Lin Yi wasn’t about to let Zhong Pinliang off easily due to this fact alone- he decided to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

With that, Lin Yi reached out and grabbed Pinliang’s wrist as the dagger came down at him.

The guy had lost his mind at that point, blindly squirming about as he tried to edge the blade into Lin Yi, screaming all the while at the top of his lungs. “LIN YI!!! I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!!!”

Yushu, on the other hand, covered her mouth with a hand as Zhong Pinliang stabbed at Lin Yi. She knew what the guy was capable of, and she didn’t know if Lin Yi would be able to dodge the attack. She wanted to tell Zhong Pinliang to stop, but it was clearly too late……

Yet the two spectators breathed out in relief when Lin Yi managed to grab Zhong Pinliang by the wrist, unscathed.

Lin Yi increased the strength in his grip, and Pinliang’s arm trembled as if crushed down by iron pliers. The knife fell out of his limp hand, and hit the ground with a sharp clack.

Pinliang’s surprised face was then hoisted up by Lin Yi, who held him by the hair. With a violent swing, Lin Yi threw his body off the rooftop……

“A-ahh…………!!!” Pinliang’s voice trembled as he fell down, cold sweat covering the entirety of his body as his brain comprehended the situation: he was about to die.

I don’t want to die.

Yet his body didn’t continue falling, and Pinliang realized that his bottom half was still within the rooftop’s confines. He exhaled a hasty breath, smeared completely by his sweat.

Lin Yi then lifted both Pinliang’s legs up, slowly moving it off the rooftop as well. Zhong Pinliang didn’t care anymore as his body jolted with fear- he broke down and started to cry and scream. “Lin Yi, I’m sorry……. Don’t throw me down… I’m sorry… Really…….”

Lin Yi was silent as he worked on getting Zhong Pinliang’s legs out.

“L-Lin Bro.. Lin Yi Bro! P-please, I’m begging you, forgive me, please, I won’t do it again, I won’t d-d-do it again……!” Zhong Pinliang’s voice was barely coherent as the entirety of his body trembled in shock.

“I admit that I was wrong, when I kicked you yesterday.” Lin Yi said dully.

“N-no, nono, Lin Bro, you weren’t wrong, y-you did a fine job kicking me, you can kick me more if you want, it was my fault f-f-for getting in your way……………” Zhong Pinliang had calmed down a little as he stuttered, trying his best to please Lin Yi.

“Didn’t I say it was my fault? I’m not trying to bully anyone here.” Lin Yi said coldly as he let go of Zhong Pinliang’s right leg……..

“Haaaah……………….” Pinliang was just starting to calm himself down when Lin Yi let go of his fucking leg!!! His life flashed before his eyes as he screamed, staring down at the abyss as he fell…….

He stopped screaming, realizing that he was still suspended in mid-air. A yellow warmth grew, spreading throughout his shivering thighs……..

“Okay, okay, it was your fault for kicking me, but it’s fine, I forgive you, it’s fine, it’s fine……..” Zhong Pinliang made sure to tread with care this time around- he didn’t want to say anything that would displease Lin Yi.

“Hope you remember what you’ve said today, then.” Lin Yi pulled Zhong Pinliang back with a powerful tug, and plopped him on the rooftop floor.

Zhong Pinliang slapped against the ground, staring blankly at the sky as he lay on his sweat-soaked back.

It was an extremely simple task for Lin Yi to kill off Zhong Pinliang, but he was in a school, not a North African war zone- he couldn’t just kill someone. At least not publicly.

“Let’s go.” Lin Yi smiled as he turned to Xiaobo.

“What the fuck… Lin Yi… You’ve tamed the Zhong Pinliang…!” Xiaobo’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Lin Yi with a newfound admiration and respect. “I’ve decided. I, Kang Xiaobo, will follow you from now on!! Boss!!”

“Don’t be so hasty next time, fighting isn’t something you should be proud of. It’s one thing to have courage, but don’t just blindly charge around.” Lin Yi laughed.

“Understood.” Xiaobo said, seemingly a little embarrassed. “Boss, there are girls over there staring at you…”