Chapter 42 - Twice A Day

Chapter 42 of 150 chapters

Chapter 42 - Twice A Day

“Don’t think I’ll back down just ‘cause you’re swinging your boobs around! I’d rather go look at p*rn when I get back!!” Lin Yi’s mouth twitched, unwilling to succumb to Lingshan’s boobs or her finger. “Firstly, you were pressing on my wound! Would I be moaning if you hadn’t been attacking my freaking wound!? Secondly! What’s this about being unable to face your family and friends again? What about me then? Use your brain a little! So the law treats everyone equally only when women aren’t involved, I see? Tell me, how am I supposed to meet my family and friends?”

Lingshan froze, not expecting the rhetoric from Lin Yi. After all, she was just about to say that girls and boys were different, when Lin Yi pulled the whole ‘law treats everyone equally’ out.

She was a police officer; she’d be stepping on her own foot if she argued against Lin Yi’s statement.

Speechless and flustered, it was all Lingshan could do to point her finger at Lin Yi, taking a long while before calming herself with a deep breath. What was with her today? Was she still the same calm and collected Song Lingshan?

She’d never get angry at almost anything, and always kept a clear head. How many times had she lost her cool already, on just this one day?

It was that Lin Yi’s fault, always poking her right where she didn’t want it!!

Lingshan had calmed down at this point, and she decided to look at things objectively. Lin Yi was right- she was the one who pressed on his wound seeking revenge. He wouldn’t have moaned if she hadn’t done that, and no one would have misunderstood anything at all if she hadn’t moved her hand about near Lin Yi’s crotch.

It could be said that she was responsible for all her problems today, in all honesty. Lin Yi shouldn’t be blamed at all. It displeased her very much so, but she lowered her head regardless. “I apologize for my outburst. Can I have your statement now?”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi replied, not expecting the sudden change in attitude.

“Your name?” Lingshan had already reverted back to the cool headed police officer; nothing like the flustered girl from before.

“Lin Yi.” Lin Yi answered, very cooperative. He didn’t want to make things hard for the girl- his barrage of words were really mainly for avenging his pressed-on wound, and iIt was naturally true that girls took harder hits from misunderstandings like that, far more than guys did. Like his little episode with Chen Yushu this morning, for example- it hadn’t affected his daily life at all, and Yushu wasn’t treating him with disgust or anything of the sort.

“Age?” Lingshan continued.

“Eighteen. Barely a grown-up.” Lin Yi smiled.

Lingshan’s face reddened instantly- it seemed as if Lin Yi was implying something, as if it were legal for her to ‘help him out’ just now, since he was no longer underage…… Wha-! That’s it! I can’t take this anymore!! She wasn’t going to get anything done at this rate.

It appeared that she hadn’t managed to sort herself out yet. She’d made sure to consult Huaijun Bro for some advice when he got back- she’d never seen the guy lose control over his emotions and facial expressions before, always maintaining an air of solemnity. Lingshan respected that to the highest degree.

“Describe what happened!” Lingshan exhaled as she continued the questioning.

It was finished soon after, and Lingshan hurriedly left the room under the suspicious, evasive, and disdainful gazes of the three people outside- she could physically feel her face warming up as she avoided Li Fu, Mengyao, and Yushu’s eyes.

“Mister Lin, are you okay now?” Li Fu was startled and a little doubtful- it was a gunshot, after all! Shouldn’t the kid be bedridden for at least a couple of days?

“Yeah.” Lin Yi answered.

“Twice a day, hm?” Yushu whispered, grinning as she passed by Lin Yi’s side.

“Hah?” Lin Yi paused, understanding Yushu’s meaning an instant after. Twice a day my ass, they’re both misunderstandings!!

Mengyao, on the other hand, stayed silent as she gave Lin Yi a cold look. With that, she left the room as well, pulling Yushu along with her.

“That’s just how Yao Yao is… I hope you don’t mind, Mister Lin.” Li Fu waited until the girls left before speaking. He put a hand on Lin Yi’s shoulder. “You’ve saved Yao Yao today, we are truly grateful. I’ll make sure this reaches the chairman’s ears when he returns!”

“That won’t be necessary.” Lin Yi smiled courteously. “I’d be undeserving of my salary if I didn’t do this much.”

“Hahaha!” Li Fu laughed joyfully. “Well, we’re grateful no matter what.”

“Also, Uncle Fu, it’s more complicated than just a simple bank robbery. According to that Baldy, there’s a Cihua Bro who planned the whole thing. The robbery was just a cover for kidnapping Chu Mengyao!” Lin Yi said. “I don’t know who the mastermind behind this Cihua guy is, but I think you guys should still look into the matter yourselves- it won’t be enough with just the police involved.”

“Yes, I understand. I’ll make sure to relay this information to the chairman, as well.” Li Fu said with a nod, suspicious himself. The kidnappers did choose to move right after Chu Pengzhan left- there might’ve been some sort of connection there.

Lin Yi didn’t say anything else- it was the Chu house’s business, after all.

He was walking to the Bentley when he saw Song Lingshan’s police car pass by in the parking lot. He smiled at her, receiving a death glare in return. The officer only sped the car up, hoping to rid herself of Lin Yi’s face as soon as possible.

Lin Yi got in the car with Li Fu only to find Yushu and Mengyao already seated at the back. The two seemed to be talking about something before Lin Yi got on, immediately quieting down as soon as he entered. The atmosphere wasn’t very light or joyful.

The two had been discussing about what to do with Lin Yi right after getting in the car. Mengyao was unyielding in having Lin Yi fired, whereas Yushu thought Lin Yi’s presence to be a nice addition to the house. They’d have breakfast every morning now, too.

The statement had angered Mengyao- was food the only thing on Yushu’s mind? There were plenty of top tier chefs serving them, what good was a farmer in comparison to that?

The two girls, as a result, went silent before Lin Yi even entered the car- his presence only intensified it.

Li Fu didn’t bother parking in front of Yushu’s villa; he assumed that the two were going to be living together for some time anyway.

Li Fu left after dropping the three off- he still had to have dinner prepared for the kids. Naturally, Lin Yi was a kid to him as well.

“Stop!” Mengyao called as Lin Yi stepped into the villa.

“What is it?” Lin Yi asked, his head turning back to Mengyao. He could tease Song Lingshan, but Mengyao was off limits- she was his employer, after all. There was a certain amount of respect he was obliged to provide, and he was tasked with the responsibility of studying with her, living with her, and, as Uncle Chu put it, making her happy. As such, Lin Yi always made sure to maintain a positive attitude when dealing with Mengyao.