Chapter 46 - Pretty Close With the Dean

Chapter 46 of 150 chapters

Chapter 46 - Pretty Close With the Dean

“This is too good!” Yushu commented as she stuffed herself with noodles.

Whatever, I ate his stuff yesterday too, so what’s the difference? With that, Mengyao strolled into the kitchen as well.

Lin Yi smiled, enjoying every bit of Mengyao’s hesitation; the girl was quite interesting.

“Mengyao, breakfast is ready!” Lin Yi smiled, hoping to encourage her.

“Thanks……” Mengyao’s soft voice stunned both Yushu and Lin Yi- was this still the same Chu Mengyao?

Mengyao seated herself on the table and picked the chopsticks up. She felt like tearing up a little as she stared at the delicious looking noodles freshly prepared for her- was she wrong to have treated Lin Yi like shit all this time? To be honest… He’s a pretty nice guy, isn’t he… Yes, a passing nanny indeed.

The clock struck seven, and Li Fu arrived on time with his Bentley parked right outside the villa. Mengyao, Yushu, and Lin Yi made their way to the car with Mengyao surprisingly silent, not complaining about Lin Yi at all. She appeared to have accepted Lin Yi a little- there wasn’t as much hostility anymore.

“Mister Lin, your doctor said that you’d have to pay the hospital a routine visit today.” Li Fu said. “I’ll drop Miss Chu and Miss Chen off at school before getting you to the hospital- I’ll drive you to school later.”

“Okay then.” Lin Yi agreed after some thought. The wound on his leg wasn’t actually much to be worried over, but he complied regardless- he didn’t want people seeing him as some sort of monster.

“Miss, could you mention this to your homeroom teacher?” Li Fu said gently.

“I…” Mengyao didn’t know what to do. She didn’t really hate Lin Yi anymore, but there was no way she could just help explain Lin Yi’s absence! Everyone would know that he lived with her if she did that!

Li Fu simply assumed that things haven’t been sorted out between the two, judging by Mengyao’s response. With that, he turned to Yushu instead. “Miss Chen, perhaps you could help Lin Yi ask for a leave?”

“I’m okay with that, but Yao Yao doesn’t want anyone knowing Lin Yi lives with her!” Yushu spoke with an innocent face, but no one missed her emphasis on the words ‘lives with her’.

“Ah……” Li Fu patted at his forehead, finally catching on to Mengyao’s concern. It was true, the Miss was a girl, after all. It wasn’t something she could just announce like that.

Mengyao glared at Yushu. Thinking about it was one thing, but it was embarrassing to actually say it aloud!

Yushu stuck her tongue out in response, but shut up regardless. She had said what needed to be said, anyway.

“It’s fine, I’m pretty close with the dean, and I have his number too. I’ll just ask him to mention my leave to the homeroom teacher.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Mengyao and Yushu only looked at Lin Yi, perplexed. ‘Pretty close with the dean’? Also, wasn’t it only Lin Yi’s first day of school yesterday? Thinking about it from another perspective, however, there was no reason for Lin Yi to lie- it’d only be more embarrassing if he was found out, after all.

Li Fu was startled, as well. He couldn’t help but wonder how Lin Yi acquainted himself with the dean.

Lin Yi didn’t miss the suspicious gazes of the two girls. “Uncle Fu, could you lend me your phone?”

“Ah, of course.” Li Fu said, handing over his phone to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi pulled out the card the dean gave him- it had his number on it. Some of the blood from yesterday had gotten on it, it seemed. He typed the number into the phone, and the dean picked up a couple of rings later.

“Hello, Mr. Wang?”

“Yes, who is this?” Wang Zhifeng was currently in the middle of a session with his lover, and his ringing phone took him by surprise- his displeasure showed through his tone.

“I’m Lin Yi! Mr. Wang, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Lin Yi said with a chuckle.

“Ah… Not at all!” Zhifeng replied, his tone completely different from before. “Lin Yi, is it? Class is just about to start, but what do you need?”

“Haha, well, I have a favor to ask, if it’s not too much trouble!” Lin Yi laughed, not intending to expose the dean’s lie. The guy was obviously panicking when he interrupted him.

“What is it? I’ll hear you out.” Wang Zhifeng sighed. So the kid really did find out about yesterday, he was asking for a favor already!

“Well, there’s something I have to do this morning, so I might be a little late to class… Could you please tell my homeroom teacher that I’ll get there around ten?” Lin Yi said.

“I see, I see. That’s no problem.” The dean let out a breath of relief, glad at how small the favor was- it was just a simple phone call away.

“Thank you very much, sir! Well, I don’t want to be interrupting anymore, so carry on... Goodbye, Mr. Wang.” Lin Yi hinted.

This kid-! Wang Zhifeng put his phone down helplessly before getting back to his lover…

“Lin Yi, you actually know the dean? And you sound really close with him, too!” Yushu exclaimed, her mouth wide open as she looked at Lin YI in shock.

“Met him yesterday- we got along well.” Naturally, Lin Yi wasn’t about to just spill the beans about the dean. He decided to brush it over with an unclear explanation.

“Wow,” Yushu continued. “I guess I’ll ask for your help the next time I need a leave.”

Lin Yi only smiled bitterly as he glanced at Li Fu from the corner of his eye- the guy didn’t react at all, most likely already used to the girls’ class skipping antics. “Sure.”

Li Fu, on the other hand, was reevaluating the young man before him. Lin Yi didn’t look like anything special, but it turned out that he was extremely sociable, in addition to his bravery and wit! ...And very good with girls, it seemed, even getting his hands on the police beauty Song Lingshan……

Li Fu started getting a headache at that thought. Were these two princesses going to fall prey to him, as well? It seemed like it was time have a talk with the chairman about Lin Yi soon.

Li Fu dropped the girls off at school before driving up to Songshan’s First People’s Hospital.

He spotted a mobile shop some distance away, and decided to stop by. “Mister Lin, you should get a phone as well- to keep in contact.”

Lin Yi nodded in agreement- he couldn’t just keep borrowing Li Fu’s phone, after all.

Li Fu parked the car nearby, and headed into the store with Lin Yi.