Chapter 51 - Basketball Murder Case (Part Two)

Chapter 51 of 150 chapters

Chapter 51 - Basketball Murder Case (Part Two)

“What? Lin Yi?! Here? Where?!” Pinliang lifted his head, hastily looking at where Naipao’s finger was pointed and searching for Lin Yi’s fucking face. It was indeed Lin Yi- and he was strolling peacefully to the school gates!

“Fuck! This fucking shit’s pretty relaxed, isn’t he!!” Naipao spat, very displeased at Lin Yi’s strolling face- the fucker almost gave him a concussion yesterday, and there was still a huge bump on his head!

“Liang Bro, should we go?” Xiaofu asked subconsciously.

“Go? For what? You think you can take him all of a sudden now, huh?” Zhong Pinliang snapped a glare at Xiaofu, annoyed. Think you’re a tough guy... Didn’t you just get one-shotted yesterday?

Xiaofu blinked in realization- they’d only be asking Lin Yi to fuck them up again. He decided to settle with a glare, and not approach him.

The three were looking at Lin Yi when he stopped- Zuo Ruoming had ordered him to retrieve his ball for him; things were looking interesting.

“Nice, Lin Yi’s gonna get fucked!” Xiaofu spat joyfully.

Zuo Ruoming was a merciless man, backed by a gangster brother; Lin Yi wouldn’t come out unscathed if he clashed with someone of Ruoming’s level- Pinliang didn’t even need to do anything at this point.

“Knowing Lin Yi, there’s no way he’ll just listen to Ruoming command him.” Naipao commented happily. “Zuo Ruoming’s quite the fighter, too- show’s getting good.”

Pinliang was as interested as his lackeys were- it’d be nice for Lin Yi to get beat up before Heibao came with the real deal.

“Ah? Wait, what? When did Lin Yi get so weak??” Xiaofu’s jaw dropped as he stared at the weak-willed guy. How was this Lin Yi?! Xiaofu couldn’t believe it- he wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Lin Yi had a twin.

“This fucking Lin Yi!!” Pinliang cursed, his fists clenched tightly. “So even he knows to weigh his opponent’s strength, huh, obedient as a dog when it’s Zuo Ruoming!! So Zhong Pinliang isn’t scary enough for you…!! Dammit, dammit! You’ll fucking pay, I’m never letting you go!!”

Naipao and Xiaofu were choking with anger and humiliation, as well- it was a barefaced taunt. Were they really that much weaker than Zuo Ruoming, in Lin Yi’s eyes?

The three were gritting their teeth when the basketball destroyed Ruoming’s hands and face, sending him to the ground with blood spilling everywhere.

“Fuck, seriously?” Naipao exclaimed, his mouth wide open.

“I knew it, there’s just no way that shit would be so submissive.” Pinliang breathed out in relief. Lin Yi’s meekness towards Ruoming had hit him hard, and Pinliang felt very uncomfortable and pissed off at that… Ruoming had been taken down, however, fucked up just like he was yesterday! The guy had it even worse than what he’d been put through by Lin Yi back at the balcony.

“Zuo Ruoming got unlucky this time, jesus… It’s his fault for messing with that little shit- the guy’s fucking crazy!!” Xiaofu was a little gleeful as he watched Ruoming have his ass handed to him, remembering what Lin Yi did to them yesterday.

“Looks like Heibao Bro’s the only one who can deal with him. We’re not on his level at all.” Pinliang had been unwilling to admit inferiority to Lin Yi’s strength, convinced that luck was involved, at least to some degree. The scene before them today, however, established what he’d been doubting- Lin Yi was a monster, of an extreme calibre. The guy used a basketball to knock someone out, and from that distance, too!!

“Seems so…” Naipao nodded in agreement. “We probably shouldn’t be messing with him anymore. Guy’s violent as fuck.”

Naturally, Lin Yi didn’t have a clue as to whom he’d just beaten down- Zuo Ruoming of the Big Four. Lin Yi, however, wouldn’t have given any more shits than he did, even if he did have that knowledge.

Lin Yi reached class five, and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” The homeroom teacher’s voice came from behind the door- it was Ms. Liu’s math class right now.

“Ms. Liu, sorry I’m late.” Lin Yi said politely as he pushed the door open. He’d have the dean talk to her personally already, but he wanted to avoid using his connections against her. This teacher was the one handling him directly, after all, not Mr. Wang.

The dean had talked to her about it before, and Ms, Liu didn’t see the need to say anything much, only nodding in response. “Okay, go have a seat.”

Yushu stared at Lin Yi in surprise, who was walking to his seat quickly and healthily. “Yao Yao, doesn’t he look completely healed already? Wasn’t that a bullet that hit his leg??”

“Who knows.” Mengyao curled her lips as she glanced at Lin Yi. “Probably got freshened up from all that steamy action yesterday.” Mengyao said saltily, the scene of Song Lingshan ‘helping’ Lin Yi out yesterday crossing her mind for some reason.

“Song Lingshan, that horny fox!! So much for acting high and mighty!!” Yushu recalled the scene as well, irritated. She remembered her brother chasing after her, and got even more pissed off as a result.

To Yushu, Lin Yi wasn’t bad. Looking at him objectively, the guy was a pretty good looking boy, and strong, as well. While that may be the case, Yushu felt that Lin Yi was lacking when compared to her own brother, and she couldn’t let go of the fact that Song Lingshan had chosen Lin Yi over him.

Lin Yi, naturally, didn’t realize that the two misses were having a discussion about him. He pulled out his math textbook and flipped to the page Ms. Liu was on..

The semester’s teachings were over, and it was that time of the semester where all the classes were revision lectures. Lin Yi never went to school, but he’d familiarized himself with high school and even college studies under Old Lin’s nagging. Lin Yi, as a result, found himself following Ms. Liu’s lessons with no difficulty at all.

He wasn’t a genius or anything of the sort; he just had a better memory than the average person. There was the internet, as well, with all the information and classes he’d need. Self-study was not a problem in the least.

Lin Yi looked towards Zhong Pinliang’s seat, noticing that the three were all absent. Could he have beaten them up too heavily yesterday..? Lin Yi turned back to his textbook, not paying them any more thoughts. Whatever, it’s a good thing. Don’t wanna see their faces.

He never expected for the three to be plotting against him at that very moment…...