Chapter 55 - T'was An Intense Battle (Part Three)

Chapter 55 of 150 chapters

Chapter 55 - T'was An Intense Battle (Part Three)

“He’s got a gun!!!” Zhang Xiaohua called out in shock.

The other teachers turned their heads to Heibao, as well- the guy was holding a gun at Lin Yi!!

“We can’t go over there, we need to call the police!!” Wang Zhifeng was starting to panic as things spun out of control; this was not something the school was able to contain. He’d never expected the thugs to go so far as to draw a gun in a school- this was not something a mere dean could take responsibility for- even the principal would be dragged into the whole thing should the worst take place.

Lin Yi wasn’t expecting the move, as well. The guy pulled a freaking gun out after losing!

“What’s wrong, you little bastard? Hot stuff, aren’t you? Take a good fucking look at what’s in my hand, bet you’ve never seen this shit before!!” His entire body was in agony, but a wave of pleasure washed over him regardless. He loved putting people beneath him.

“Isn’t that just a gun?” Lin Yi replied dully after a glance at Heibao’s gun.

Heibao Bro’s lungs puffed up with rage- what the fuck was this kid saying, ‘isn’t that just a gun’?! Did he think the gun was a fucking toy? Heibao was pissed. He could end Lin Yi with a slight movement of his finger, but he preferred to have Lin Yi wetting his pants in fear.

“That’s right, it’s a fucking gun! Die, you shit!!” Heibao’s eyes were gleaming with hate as he pulled the trigger.

The sound filled the entire field up, and all the teachers and students froze in shock.

They had never expected for any shots to be fired!! Those in the most panic, however, were six individuals……

Mengyao was squeezing Yushu’s hand, her palm completely covered in sweat. She’d been terrified ever since the moment Heibao Bro pulled his gun out.

Her heart hadn’t beat this fast even when Lin Yi stood up to face a gun in her place, but now… Her emotions were intensely heightened, and she didn’t want to admit it, but- she didn’t want anything to happen to Lin Yi……

Yushu was in total panic mode as well- things had developed beyond her imagination. It hadn’t even occurred to her that Zhong PInliang would go to such extreme lengths, to even get someone murder Lin Yi!!

Zhong Pinliang was taken by surprise, as well. What was Heibao Bro doing, firing his gun in a school?! Despite it all, he was still a student at the end of the day! He’d never planned to go as far as have Lin Yi killed, he’d never get away uninvolved if Heibao just killed Lin Yi in broad daylight, under the gaze of the entire school!!

Kang Xiaobo and Zhang Naipao were very worried for Lin Yi, as well, but it was above them to do anything at this point, not when a gun was involved.

The one most concerned, naturally, was the dean. He had never expected the guy Zhong Pinliang brought in to be this insane, firing a gun in a school..!

“AAGGH!!!” Heibao Bro screamed from the pain and shock as he stared at the fingerless right hand of his, bloody and destroyed.

The gun had backfired.

It was no coincidence- the gun wouldn’t have backfired that easily, even when the gun wasn’t genuine. Lin Yi had bent the gun’s barrel with a kick the speed of lightning, and even Heibao himself had failed to notice the sabotage.

Lin Yi wasn’t done yet. He’d decided that he was going to do either nothing at all, or everything until the end. He lifted his leg, and slammed it down on Heibao’s three remaining limbs, crisp snapping of bones ringing in everyone’s ears as they shivered from the violence. Heibao’s wails grew weaker with every destroyed limb.

Zhong Pinliang’s legs were on full wobble mode as he hid behind a basketball pole along with Naipao and Xiaofu, getting as far as he possibly could from the monster…

Zou Ruoming’s thoughts were conflicted- it was an indescribable sensation. He’d been filled with surges of admiration and panic the instant Heibao pulled his gun out; his brother was as much a gangster as Heibao was, but Ruoming had yet to touch a gun before.

“Ming Bro… He has a gun……” Zou Ruoming’s lackeys were pointing at Heibao Bro with their jaws wide open in shock.

“I have eyes! I can see for myself!!” Ruoming glared as he held his breath, annoyed at the needless interruption. He wasn’t involved in the matter, and he only had a spectator’s perspective, unlike Zhong Pinliang- Whatever happened to Lin Yi was no direct concern of his.

An explosion followed the gunshot, but Lin Yi was completely unscathed, not lying in a pool of blood as Ruoming had anticipated- It was Heibao Bro who was screaming in agony, only half a palm left on his right arm.

“Fuck, seriously? Ming Bro, I think the gun backfired!” Ruoming’s lackeys commented with wide open eyes.

“We’re not gonna fuck with that kid again…” Ruoming stated as he watched Lin Yi break Heibao Bro’s limbs one after the other, his entire body going cold from the scene. “The guy’s fucking insane!!”

Ruoming wasn’t willing to announce something like that in front of his followers, but it was a necessity- his lackeys pissing that monster off was not something he wanted happening. He’d be fucked if Lin Yi set his sights on him!

Ruoming understood his place very well- what chance had he if even Heibao Bro couldn’t do anything? Admitting that, however, would put him in an awkward position. As a result, Ruoming added an extra ‘The guy’s fucking insane!!’ to clarify things. Labelling Lin Yi a crazed maniac justified his conceding to him- after all, normal people shouldn’t be compared to crazy ones. He’d still manage to save his face, despite Lin Yi’s overwhelming demonstration of strength.

Though his lackeys didn’t need their boss clarifying that up: they feared Lin Yi enough already; the man had destroyed a full-fledged, famous gangster that they themselves were no match for in the first place!

“Hmph, this assho- this idiot’s pretty good.” Mengyao was about to call Lin Yi an asshole when she realized the vulgarity of the word, changing it to ‘idiot’ at the last second.

“I told you! Shield Guy’s really strong!!” Yushu said happily, a smile appearing on her face once more.

Kang Xiaobo, on the other hand, was the most excited of them all. There was a high he could not describe when he watched Lin Yi break Heibao. He was thinking about adding a couple of kicks in himself when he saw the teachers closing in. Gritting his teeth, Xiaobo charged over to where Lin Yi and Heibao were and kicked Heibao’s crotch as hard as he could. “Fuck! No one messes with my boss!!”