Chapter 58 - It's Him...

Chapter 58 of 150 chapters

Chapter 58 - It's Him...

“Are we supposed to just take your word for it? We see your point, but the fact here is you’re sitting happy and unharmed while Mr. Heibao Bro’s dying at the hospital!!” Lingshan paused for a hmph before continuing. “We can’t be sure if it was self defense until further investigation, you might very well have initiated the attack on him, for all we know.”

“Whatever, do what you want!” Lin Yi understood his place in Lingshan’s eyes- the girl didn’t like him, that much was clear, along with the fact that Lingshan wanted to lecture him with her identity as policewoman. It was clear to the both of them what kind of person Heibao Bro was, but it was also clear that the entire thing was more or less connected to the incident yesterday.

It had never crossed Lingshan’s mind that she’d use her authority for personal business one day, but further thought justified her actions- it didn’t matter who the victim was, the most fundamental point here was that Lin Yi had broken Heibao very badly. It wasn’t wrong for her to lecture and educate the violent kid a little bit, not at all.

The car was the type that split into two sections- there was only Lin Yi and and Lingshan at the back, isolated from the driver in front. It was also why Lin Yi spoke so daringly, talking about boobs and the sort to a police officer.

Lingshan hmphed at Lin Yi, who had his head turned away from her, when her phone rung.

“Song, it’s Huaijun.” The captain’s voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

“Cap’, you’re back in Songshan?” Lingshan said, relieved- she wasn’t getting any leads on the bank robbery case, and was starting to panic. Yang Huaijun’s presence would practically guarantee the case’s resolvement.

“Yup, just got here. I’m on my way back to the station, anything happening over there on your side?” Huaijun asked.

“The man people call Heibao Bro on the streets fired a gun in Songshan’s First School. I’ve just taken care of it.” Lingshan reported briefly.

“What? Heibao Bro, firing a gun at school?!” Huaijun jumped up in surprise- it hadn’t been two days after he left Songshan, how’d things get so active around here?

“There weren’t really any casualties, except Heibao Bro himself, who’s packing a couple of very serious injuries, caused by a student from the school- he’s been sent to the hospital, and the student’s with me, on the way back for questioning.” Lingshan said as she glared at Lin Yi instinctually.

“I see. I’ll see you at the station!” Huaijun breathed out in relief- glad that no students were injured.

The police cars moved through the streets, arriving at Songshan Police Department not long after. Lingshan was brought down from the car by Lingshan personally, the other officers handled the lackeys.

Another police car drove into the yard at that moment, and Lingshan recognized the licence plate immediately- it was Yang Huaijun’s car!

A tall and slightly tanned man jumped off the car, making his way to where Lingshan was with quick strides.

Lin Yi’s pupils contracted upon sighting the man. It’s him… He lowered his head down quickly as Huaijun walked over.

“Captain!” Lingshan waved happily.

Lin Yi really wanted to give this Miss Song a kick- captain my ass, what happened to the interrogation room?! Get me in the interrogation room! Lin Yi turned his head away so as to avoid Huaijun’s eyes.

“What a coincidence!” Huaijun smiled as he nodded at Lingshan. He then noticed the student beside her. “This is the student who beat Heibao Bro up?”

“It is!” Lingshan answered with a nod. She turned to look at Lin Yi, who was completely silent and obedient with his head lowered. What the-? So it’s fine to play around when it’s me, huh- all nice and submissive when it’s the captain?! Lingshan was really pissed at that point- the guy was clearly looking down on her! “Hmph, Lin Yi, what are you doing? Raise your head for Captain Yang!”

“Song, what’s with you, you seem frustrated- he’s just a student, be nice!” Huaijun frowned at Lingshan’s behaviour. After all, it was only natural for him to think that Lin Yi wasn’t a bad person- the kid was wearing a school uniform! With that, he stepped forward and patted the kid’s shoulder gently. “What’s wrong, young man? You can trust this bro, tell me what happened!”

“......” Lin Yi was speechless, his head still lowered. Bro? Who’s your bro? Yang Huaijun recognizing him was the last thing Lin Yi wanted happening- he lowered his head even further in response, not bothering to say anything at all.

“Captain Yang’s talking to you!!” Lingshan couldn’t take it anymore- why the hell was he being so obedient?!

“Oh… It’s actually nothing……” Lin Yi mumbled softly.

“It’s nothing..?” Huaijun frowned at the answer- couldn’t the kid show some respect, what was with his attitude? He had planned to sort things out without official papers or procedures, so as to not taint the kid’s record. The kid, however, wasn’t being very cooperative, or very understanding of his kindness at all.

“They were coming at me for trouble, so I beat them up in self defense…….” Lin Yi was starting to get really pissed off- what was with Huaijun all of a sudden, couldn’t he just mind his own business, like always?”

Yang Huaijun stayed silent for quite a while after the reply, and Lin Yi felt the captain’s fiery gaze staring right at him- it was very uncomfortable.

“Could you lift your head?” Huaijun was amused at what he was asking- there really were too many similar people in the world… There was no way the kid was him, it had to be a similar voice, the kid was a student after all……

“It’s not a pretty face, and I’m not girl or anything, so……” Lin Yi sighed internally. The captain noticed something after all- it was no surprise, it was Yang Huaijun he was dealing with here! The guy was famous for how perceptive he was.

Lingshan was getting very confused at the scene before her- why was Lin Yi acting like that, and why was the captain still being so surprisingly nice about it?! Lingshan was about to yank Lin Yi’s head up herself when Huaijun started leaning down for a look at Lin Yi’s face…

It was him! There was no mistake about it, it really was him!! Huajun was ninety percent sure about it- this person before him was someone he’d been looking for all this time! He didn’t understand why the guy was a student all of a sudden, but his eyes didn’t lie.

“Arno..?” Huaijun prodded testingly as he tried to contain the excitement bursting in his heart.

“W-what?” Lin Yi was cursing as hard as he could inside, but maintained a confused face regardless.

“Eagle, is that you?” Huaijun was thoroughly analyzing Lin Yi’s expressions, but the result disappointed him- Lin Yi didn’t react in the slightest when he spoke the man’s English name…...