Chapter 64: Quality Detective Work

Chapter 64 of 150 chapters

Chapter 64: Quality Detective Work

The two had just finished talking about Chu Mengyao when Li Fu’s voice sounded from outside the study- Lin Yi didn’t know if he’d been waiting for their conversation to come to an end before making his presence known, or if he had happened to just arrive at the same time.

The chairman told him that Li Fu was a man he could place his trust in, but Lin Yi felt that it was actually Chu Pengzhan who was hiding something big from him- there seemed to be an even deeper meaning beyond his role as a study companion, nanny, and bodyguard…

Chu Pengzhan never talked about it, and it was safe to assume that Li Fu was kept out of it as well. Chances were, only the chairman knew what was actually going on.

“Mister Chu, the car’s been parked- may I come in?”

“Yes, I was just discussing yesterday’s events with Yi.” Chu Pengzhan replied.

Li Fu pushed the door open and walked in, taking a seat on the sofa next to Lin Yi.

“We were talking about how the kidnappers managed to pinpoint which bank Mengyao was at- Lin Yi explained that all students were required to register for a bank card every school year…” Pengzhan started recapping their conversation. “It’s even likely that there was someone tipping off the kidnappers from within the school- it’d be the logical assumption.”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded. “That’s what I was thinking as well, though I’m guessing it’s more likely one of the staff members than a student, since the teaching staff knew things like this beforehand. It’d probably be too late for the kidnappers to plan things out by the time the students were informed of this.”

“Not bad!” Pengzhan praised with a nod of his head, very pleased with Lin Yi’s quick thinking. “I’ll make sure to investigate the school, but… hmm. It might be a bit of a problem…”

“What’s wrong, Uncle Chu? There shouldn’t be any difficulty in that, aren’t you part of the school’s board of directors?” Lin Yi was confused- shouldn’t it be easy for the chairman to investigate a school he owned in part?

“I have a seat on the board of directors, yes. The board is made up of three of us, however, and all of them have shares, with their own men in the school as well. I would expect resistance if I just showed up putting an investigation into place…” Chu Pengzhan said candidly- it wasn’t anything secret.

“I see. I’ll keep an eye out at school then.” Lin Yi said after the explanation.

Lin Yi had gotten the main gist at that point- the perpetrators weren’t after Mengyao for mere riches- they intended to hold Mengyao against Chu Pengzhan himself, so as to force support from the Pengzhan Industries’ side.

The kidnappers’ elaborate plan, at the same time, was formed around the basis of avoiding direct confrontation with the police- Mengyao’s kidnapping would be much more heavily investigated upon in comparison to a simple bank robbery.

It wouldn’t take long before Mengyao was found, if the kidnapping was a classic and straightforward one.

Yang Huaijun took over the bank robbery case the instant he returned to the team, and the captain familiarized himself with the entire situation in no time at all.

His first course of action was a phone call to the City Command Center, and Huaijun got himself numerous footages of the streets surrounding the bank. It was only at that moment did Song Lingshan realize how big of an idiot she was.

The “Digital CCC” hadn’t been initiated for more than a month yet, but Huaijun had that door open in the back of his head. It was an employment of information methodology and mobile communication networking, for analyses and categorizations on the entirety of the Songshan Information Network- it was the newest step in the city’s technology advancements.

There were multiple CCTV cameras installed in the main streets, serving as an absolute surveillance system that monitored factors like sanitation and traffic.

Lingshan had considered requesting for police footage of the streets, as well, but the police cameras weren’t activated until the traffic lights turned red- it was only meant for recording vehicles that disobeyed traffic rules. They remained deactivated the rest of the time.

Lingshan gave up on the idea, but Huaijun went a step further, going after CCC for their extensive footage, instead of the police’s.

It seemed simple in hindsight, but it all led to one conclusion- Lingshan was too careless! CCC footage that monitored sanitation and traffic had crossed her mind as unrelated, and that proved to be her crucial mistake.

The newly acquired footages made things a lot easier, since they were only recently implemented, and still in the testing phase- not many people knew about it, and it was safe to assume that the same went for the robbers, as well.

It turned out that a second A74110 SUV showed up not long after Zhang Xiaohang’s team went after the first A74110 SUV- there was no doubt that the robbers were occupying the second SUV.

The estimated radius of the robber’s parked SUV was then narrowed down not long after. The cameras were only installed at the city’s roads, and the more remote paths were left uncovered- an estimated radius was the only practical option.

Yet even that was more than enough- a search in a narrowed down area wasn’t very difficult or taxing at all.

Zhong Pinliang spent the rest of his school day in fear: he’d never expected for a farmer to be this much of a monster. The guy had fucked him up, fucked Zou Ruoming up- Pinliang thought of Lin Yi as a dead man walking with all his actions piling up against him, and it was especially so when he called in Heibao Bro for help… Then it turned out that Heibao Bro got fucked the most!!

The difference between him and Lin Yi was as clear as day- Heibao Bro couldn’t take the guy down, even with a gun in his hand! What could he possibly do to a man of that calibre?

Yet he couldn’t just start cowering in front of Naipao and Xiaofu, either. He hated Lin Yi to the bone, and that applied to his fear of him, as well!

Conventional means would never have any effect on Lin Yi. Pinliang had little choice but to go one step further, so as to settle the debt of blood.

“Liang Bro, how’s Lin Yi this powerful……” Xiaofu was very displeased. “But, isn’t Heibao Bro a little underwhelming, too? I was expecting someone really strong, but it turns out that he got messed up as much as we were yesterday!”

“That’s right, he even had a gun with him! I’d have sent a bullet into Lin Yi if it were me!” Naipao said, pissed as well.

Xiaofu and Naipao weren’t familiar with how things were outside, and their understanding of Heibao Bro’s capabilities came only from Zhong Pinliang’s descriptions. It wasn’t a surprise, then, that his appearance today came off as a little underwhelming when in stark comparison to Lin Yi’s monstrosity.

But Zhong Pinliang was different, and he understood the level Heibao Bro operated on. It never occurred to him that even a man like that would fall under Lin Yi’s strength, as well…...