Chapter 65 - You Like Him, Don't You?

Chapter 65 of 150 chapters

Chapter 65 - You Like Him, Don't You?

Zou Ruoming was still recovering from the shock as well- the image of Heibao Bro’s twisted limbs and bloody face had taught him one simple lesson: to stay the fuck away from Lin Yi. The guy was a merciless monster, and he wasn’t ready to be taking on a lunatic like that.

It didn’t sit well with him, especially taking into consideration his position as the school’s top two. One of the Big Four, pissing himself over some transfer student? He’d lose his standing if word of that caution got out.

Ruoming’s logic was simple: if he left Lin Yi alone, then it was only natural that Lin Yi would then, in turn, leave him alone as well.

The thought provided Ruoming relief as he contemplated Zhong Pinliang’s situation. The guy was digging his own grave- what was the idiot doing, going after some transfer student while completely unprepared and oblivious to his background, or who the guy actually was?

“Hey, Yao Yao, you think Lin Yi’ll be okay? That Song Lingshan looked so furious- I wouldn’t be surprised if she was coming at Lin Yi for revenge!!” Yushu voiced her thoughts softly to Mengyao, who was busy with her English textbook.

“Who cares? Hope he gets sentenced to prison or something, I’d really rather not have to see him anymore.” Mengyao only hmphed coldly in response. “It’d save money for my dad, too!”

“You sure that’s what you want?” Yushu tested, smirking a little at her friend.

“What the-! Shu! What’s with that look?!” Mengyao frowned. “Of course that’s what I want! Can you stop talking to me, I’m trying to study here!”

“Oh, okay…” Yushu’s smirk widened as she pointed at the English textbook in Mengyao’s hands. “You know, Yao Yao… your book’s upside down…”

“Ah!” Mengyao’s face reddened, staring at the upside down textbook for a while before slamming it shut. Had she been looking at an upside down textbook all this time, right in front of Yushu? She shot a glance at Yushu before flipping it open again. “Look, I just don’t want him to be in trouble because of what I did, okay? He kicked Zhong Pinliang’s butt under my orders, remember? I called Li Fu; he’ll take care of it!”

“Haha…” Yushu laughed, her face still full of suspicion.

Mengyao turned away from Yushu’s gaze, trying to focus on the textbook in front of her, to no avail- Yushu’s eyes were burningly fixed on her! A thought crossed her mind. “You know, Miss Shu, you’re always Lin Yi this, Lin Yi that- you’re not in love with him, are you?”

“Me? Haha, yeah, I guess. So what?” Yushu grinned as she looked at Mengyao, evidently not embarrassed at all. She let out a breath of relief upon learning that Li Fu was helping Lin Yi- the man did have power in Songshan, Yushu knew that much. She was even planning to involve her grandfather if things got too serious, but that didn’t seem necessary any longer.

“Wha-!!!” Mengyao’s mouth went wide open as she stared in complete disbelief. “H-huh..? Y-you like him…?!”

“Hah? Yeah, what’re you panicking for? Stuttering too, I see? Are you jealous?” Yushu started laughing as she looked at Mengyao’s flustered expression.

“Jealous? Go, go then! Go chase after him if you like him so much, he’ll be very happy if that happens, I’m sure.” Mengyao said, her expression returning to normal as she put on a nonchalant face.

“Yeah, I will! I’ll go confess to him and stuff, don’t you regret anything when I do!” Yushu retorted, sounding very serious and committed to her claim.

“H-haha, yeah, you go do that. I won’t be regretting anything, don’t you worry……” Mengyao said with a soft shake of her head. She didn’t know why, but an indescribable discomfort washed over her as she spoke.

“I’m kidding!! Haha!!” Yushu decided to stop teasing Mengyao- the girl didn’t seem as affected as she had anticipated. “I’m just pissed at Lingshan, she’s trying to do stuff to our Lin Yi, you know?!”

“Y-yeah, Lin Yi’s my follower, he’s our guy!” Mengyao, naturally, didn’t understand why she felt relieved.

The sensations always came out of nowhere, for no reason at all! Mengyao decided not to think too much about it.

Zhong Pinliang maintained his composure and stature in front of his followers, but he was, in actuality, the most afraid of them all- not so much of Lin Yi’s revenge against him, but the probability of Heibao getting him involved when the police questioned him!

He’d be the main perpetrator if things went down that way, and the involvement would most likely result in punishment from his father- he might even get transferred to another school if that were the case.

His contemplation led him to turn his eyes on Mengyao and Yushu, who were chatting away happily. He was feeling quite troubled- he was technically a celebrity at this school, and he didn’t even have a girlfriend! How big a joke was that? Other Big Four members like Zou Ruoming had been shuffling through plenty of girls while he remained single! The guy had his eyes set on some commoner beauty already, and what was Pinliang doing?

Zhong Pinliang actually started paying some attention to Tang Yin because of Zou Ruoming. The girl was like a refined gem, and even her school uniform failed to conceal any of that gentle beauty. Though, the commoner beauty was still some distance away from the school beauties like Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu.

Both Mengyao and Yushu had powerful family backgrounds, moving around in a luxury car to school and back; It was only natural that a girl of a common one would have less of an impact. Take that aspect out of the comparison, however, and they’d be left with a battle of appearances, a battle that Tang Yin wouldn’t lose in- her figure even exceeded Mengyao’s, after all.

A powerful family background really did change things quite drastically- the two girls had that cold air about them, as if they were unapproachable goddesses. Zhong Pinliang didn’t see that as a bad thing- it gave him an advantage: he was the only one ballsy and qualified enough to chase after a girl like Chu Mengyao.

It was for that fact that Pinliang took his advances slowly- he had the patience and confidence to win her heart piece by piece. Yet this Lin Yi-! He had come out of nowhere, disrupting his original plans and even forcing him to call someone like Heibao Bro into the school, completely disregarding any consequences due to how frustrated Lin Yi made him! That gun Heibao Bro pulled out made things even worse still- what the hell was that, anyway?!

His situation had been changed on a fundamental level from that point onwards- employing the use of gangsters to threaten students was one thing, but the crimes got really serious with Heibao Bro firing a gun at school. Heibao exposing Pinliang as the guy behind all this was the highest concern on his mind right now- he wouldn’t even be allowed in the school anymore, let alone chase after Mengyao!

Lin Yi took a look at his watch upon exiting the police station- it was eleven. There weren’t any classes around this time, and Yang Huaijun’s injuries were still fresh on his mind. He’d also forgotten to bring his medical stuff with him when he moved to Songshan, as well. He hesitated for a moment, and decided to get in a cab. “Get me to Songshan’s largest bookstore.”

“There’s Newchina and Scholarsea, kid. They’re pretty much the same, but what kinda books are you looking for?” The driver asked.

“Oh.. I’m looking for medical books, but what’s the difference between the two?” It was a first for Lin Yi to be out shopping for books on his own- it was always Old Lin who did that for him.

“It’s Newchina for literature and miscellaneous books- it’s a more well-rounded establishment. Scholarsea would be for more academic and scholarly collections, so probably where you wanna go. It’s filled with students and researchers over there.”