Chapter 66 - Hospital Director

Chapter 66 of 150 chapters

Chapter 66 - Hospital Director

The taxi passed by Songshan’s First School before stopping in front of Scholarsea Bookstore. The bookstore wasn’t far from the school; he could walk to class after tfinishing with the books.

Lin Yi paid the driver and made his way into Scholarsea. He went to one of the staff for questions, and started walking to the medical section.

There weren’t a lot of people in the bookstore, and lesser still in the medical section. There was only one scholar looking elder flipping through one of the books as he stood in front of the bookcases.

Lin Yi searched through the categories until finding what he wanted- a book detailing the rarer Eastern medicines. Huaijun’s injuries were extremely complex, his bodily functions all messed up from the sedative painkillers he’d been taking. Lin Yi had no idea why the guy was still alive- Huaijun’s family background must’ve gotten him other masters of medicine, probably confused at the condition as well.

“You interested in Eastern medicine, young man?” The scholarly looking old man had arrived beside Lin Yi, starting a conversation with him upon seeing what Lin Yi was reading.

“I have some background with it.” Lin Yi nodded, smiling.

“Are you a medical student? What university are you in?” The scholar continued.

“Nope, I’m from Songshan’s First School.” Lin Yi replied. He didn’t mind the old guy- he could see that he was a genuine academic. Lin Yi wouldn’t have responded at all if the man was after something, like the scammers back on the train.

“Oh? A high school student?” The scholar was taken by surprise- he didn’t expect a man so young to be interested in something like medicine! There were plenty of medical students in college who went through medical books simply for the sake of their exams, but a lot of them weren’t actively seeking information on Eastern medicine the way Lin Yi was. Guan Xuemin had been searching for a pupil all these years who would inherit his mantle, but to no avail… Until now.

There were medical students well read in Eastern medicine, but the vast majority tended to lean towards the Western counterpart. Reading into Eastern medicine was for broadening the span of their knowledge in those cases- they never considered it to be related to their careers as doctors, after all. This disappointed Guan Xuemin to a great extent.

The pupil he seeked needed to have genuine interest in Eastern medicine- what was the point of handing his mantle over if the pupil preferred Western medicine as the superior of the two?

“Young man, which do you think is stronger- Eastern or Western medicine?” Xuemin couldn’t hold the question in anymore.

“They both have their strong points, but I prefer Eastern medicine.” Lin Yi said as he closed the book, pulling out another one from the bookcase. “Western medicine deals with what’s on the outside, but Eastern medicine tackles the problem internally, at its core. In some cases you can only deal with the core after curing the external sickness, but it still remains that the core has to be cured, for the patient to be cured.”

Lin Yi’s statement seemed ambiguous, but it was what Guan Xuemin wanted to hear- he wasn’t stubbornly fixated on Eastern medicine and against Western medicine, either. Quite the contrary, he was very well versed in Western medicine as well. Both had their pros and cons- combining them into a complementary unison was the strongest approach to a genuine cure.

“Are you interested in applying to a medical college?” Xuemin asked. He was starting to take a liking to the kid.

“Uh… Never thought that far before… Depends on my parents I guess.” It was the truth. This wasn’t something for Lin Yi to decide- the task was for Old Lin and Chu Pengzhan. Though, he’d be packing for home rather than thinking about what college to go to, should the chairman decide to fire him.

“I see……” Xuemin couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed at Lin Yi’s words, but he wasn’t ready to give someone so rare up, just like that. He pulled out his card and handed it to Lin Yi. “Here’s my card, young man- you can talk it over with your parents if you’re interested in a medical path. I’m able to have things set up and prepared for you, should you wish.”

Lin Yi wasn’t expecting this kind of development, but he took the card regardless.

Guan Xuemin, Director of Songshan’s First Hospital.

This man was indeed able to set things up for him- even a department head in Songshan’s First Hospital was more than powerful enough for that, let alone the director of the hospital.

“Of course.” Lin Yi wasn’t planning on pursuing a medical career, but maintained his courtesy regardless.

“Don’t hesitate to give me a call, as well, should any problems involving Eastern medicine arise. I’d be glad to help.” Xuemin hadn’t achieved his objective for getting himself an inheritor, but he still looked forward to Lin Yi’s calls.

“Thanks, Director Guan.” Lin Yi nodded in response.

Xuemin had other matters to attend to. He picked up a stack of books he’d picked out, and left.

Lin Yi didn’t think much of the little episode. After all, there wasn’t anyone on Old Lin’s level, in terms of medical prowess. He’d heard about a story of when Old Lin was young- he’d point out a couple of things and offer some advice to a common Eastern doctor, and that very doctor would go on to become an absolute master.

Although, the story did come from Old Lin’s own drunk mouth, so the truth of it wasn’t guaranteed. What Lin Yi had learned from his old man, however, spoke volumes.

Lin Yi put the books back, having learned what he’d come for. Buying books like that and bringing them back to school would bring him too much attention, and Lin Yi would rather not be in that sort of position.

It was most likely impossible at this point, however, not after what he’d done this morning. Everyone knew who he was by now.

Lin Yi bought some fruits from a stall on his way back- the cafeteria might be empty already.

He then made his way to class directly, opening the door only to see Mengyao and Yushu watching “Pleasant Goat and Bad Bad Wolf” in their seats again. Yushu noticed Lin Yi, giving him a glance before poking a finger into Mengyao.

Mengyao raised her head for a look as well, before turning her attention back to the mp4. Lin Yi didn’t pay them any more attention either as he walked to his seat, as well.

“Hey, Yao Yao, Shield Guy’s back! He doesn’t look hurt or anything.” Yushu had expected more physically violent interrogation, from what she’d read in her novels.

“Hmph, as if Song Lingshan would do anything to her precious Lin Yi. She’s gotta be the one who let Lin Yi back out so fast.” Mengyao said with a curl of her lips, seemingly displeased at how fast Lin Yi returned.

“Heh… You think maybe they… did that in the police station…?” Yushu grinned wickedly as her imagination got to work.

“That’s vulgar, Shu.” Mengyao said with a frown. “Please, don’t put that disgusting image in my head- I don’t wanna throw up.”

The words ‘throw up’ reminded Yushu of the whole saliva incident, where Mengyao had multiple tastes of Lin Yi’s saliva. A soft chuckle escaped her lips.