Chapter 71 - Mysterious Jade

Chapter 71 of 150 chapters

Chapter 71 - Mysterious Jade

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Lin Yi cleaned the table up shortly after finishing dinner with Yushu. Li Fu would usually take the dishes with him the next day to the hotel, giving them back to the dishwashers back at the hotel, but Lin Yi didn’t like how messy and oily everything was. It wasn’t much of an effort to just wash the dishes, anyway.

“You’re quite the family man, Shield Guy- whoever brings you home for a husband’s gonna be pretty blessed in the future! I’m going up, bye!” Yushu gave some words of encouragement before disappearing upstairs.

Bring home for husband? A cold sensation washed over Lin Yi- the girl was a bit of a masculinist, it seemed, but he’d gotten used to Yushu’s weirdness by now.

Lin Yi put the empty food containers into a plastic bag, and shut the lights off before going back to his room.

Lin Yi was restless- the stone doors were about to open again. His constitution had strengthened greatly, and his meridians felt more solid. It was the same with his agility and skill as a fighter, as well- he was well above the average man at this point.

From the perspective of normal people, Lin Yi was a master among masters, an absolute fighter. It excited Lin Yi- if he was this strong at the first phase, how much more powerful would he grow when he advanced to the mid and late phases..?

There was also the second set of stone doors- what lay beyond them?

Lin Yi rubbed the jade hanging around his neck as he contemplated. Just this jade alone had brought him countless counts of fortune… What could those doors possibly hold?

The jade had even saved his warmates’ lives on many occasions, as well, but Lin Yi had yet to fully grasp and comprehend its nature.

The jade’s power was intriguing- it was like Lin Yi’s mind was linked to it; the jade always managed to identify any hostile entities near him. It would always send him a signal, granting him a certain extent of premonitive ability.

It was precisely due to this jade that Lin Yi and his warmates could survive when under assault in the primal jungle, getting out of life-threatening situations time after time.

The jade provided an additional function, as well: any hostile entity Lin Yi encountered would register itself in the jade- it would always recognize the person, even if their hostile intents were concealed. The closer the person to LIn Yi, the stronger the jade reacted.

A battle between masters more or less always ended in surprise attacks and assassinations- a failed attempt would result in an immediate retreat; extended confrontations were kept to a minimum.

Everyone who’d faced Lin Yi before fell under his hands, even if they’d managed to escape- Lin Yi would always kill them off eventually.

It was also the cause for his warmates’ nickname of him: Eagle. After all, there weren’t many animals who could get out alive after being targeted by the eagle.

It went without saying that the jade’s capabilities went beyond just that- it sent Lin Yi signals for good premonitions as well as bad ones, giving out different signals for each situation. He didn’t know how the jade sent the signals, or what form they came in, but everyone around him never seem to notice.

These three signals were the only ones Lin Yi currently understood- there were times where the jade sent off other signals that didn’t fall into the three categories, and he had no idea what the jade was reacting to, or what it meant at all.

Yushu pushed open the door, entering Mengyao’s room only to see her huddled in front of her test paper, going through her answers as she ate some potato chips.

“Too much chips will affect your growth, you know.” Yushu smiled as she looked at Mengyao, remembering what she’d done to Lin Yi earlier.

“Why are you smiling like that..?” Mengyao was getting uncomfortable with how happily Yushu was smiling. She looked at her body for a bit, failing to find anything noteworthy- Was Yushu implying that her chest was more developed than Mengyao’s?

“Lemme tell you something, Yao Yao… I avenged you!” Yushu grinned as she fell onto the bed, grabbing Mengyao’s chips away from her.

“Too much chips affect your growth, right?” Mengyao said with a glare. “What do you mean, avenge? What did you do?”

“Hehe, my growth’s good enough already, it’s a perfect body for my height!” Yushu commented, not giving a care in the world as she dropped a chip into her mouth. “Well, you see, I called Shield Guy to the table so we could have dinner, and I told him to sit where you were sitting. Then I said: We have your rice and chopsticks set up already…”

“...Huh? So wha- wait, are you telling me he’s been eating from my bowl??” Mengyao asked in realization, her eyes wide open.

“Yeah, and using your chopsticks, too!” Yushu said gleefully. “What a revenge, right! Now he’s eaten your saliva, as well!”

“What in the world..?” Mengyao was shaking her head, speechless. “Isn’t that good for him, though?”

“Uh…” So it’s bad for you when you eat his saliva, but it’s good for him when he eats yours? Yushu thought further into it, however, and realized that Mengyao’s words made sense- any other boy from their school would probably be smiling happily if it’d happened to them!

“Whatever, let’s stop talking about him.” Mengyao said, annoyed. She wasn’t really keen on talking about Lin Yi so often. “Aren’t you going to go over the English paper?”

“Oh, I’ll do that now.” Yushu replied seriously as she went to her bag, pulling out her English test paper and going over them with Mengyao.

Mengyao and Yushu had good IQ, but it was useless if they didn’t put in any effort- their families were rich and powerful, but that shouldn’t be a reason for them to slack off, Mengyao especially. She didn’t want people saying that she got into an elite class because of who her father was.

Having finished with their English papers, the two turned their attention to revising other subjects. They were twelfth graders, after all, and the final exams were coming. Their backgrounds ensured that they’d get into a top tier college, but genuinely deserving that acceptance was a completely different thing.

It was getting late, and Mengyao yawned. Yushu was getting tired as well, and the two took a hot bath in the bathroom before watching an episode of Pleasant Lamb and the Big Big Wolf on their MP4, going to sleep right after.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was practicing his Dragon Mastery. One night of replenishing stamina through the training was more than enough to substitute a few hours of sleep.

It was five in the morning by the time Lin Yi opened his eyes, letting out a deep, turbid breath. He decided not to go watch television again as he brushed his teeth- it’d just cause him more trouble.

He’ll be able to watch whatever he wanted in his room after buying himself a laptop.