Chapter 72 - Seabay Villas

Chapter 72 of 150 chapters

Chapter 72 - Seabay Villas

Lin Yi didn’t mind making breakfast for Mengyao and Yushu, but Li Fu had mentioned that the girls always had their breakfast at school before Lin Yi came along.

There was some rice left from yesterday’s dinner, and Lin Yi was planning on cooking some egg-fried rice. It was a mere gesture for him, after all.

He dressed himself before walking over to the kitchen.

He found some sausages and a couple of eggs upon pulling the fridge door open. Li Fu’s constant care guaranteed the quality of these ingredients, and it was very unlikely that they’d be expired. The two princesses rarely ever cooked, but it didn’t hurt having a safety measure for Mengyao make herself a light meal at night, if she did get hungry.

He couldn’t find any onions, and decided to make do without any, remembering the sudden spike in onion prices after the onion song had went viral.

Egg-fried rice was something Lin Yi often cooked back home, and it didn’t take long before he produced the dish. He prepared his own portion, finishing it as fast as possible before dumping it in the sink and washing it up- he didn’t want any saliva wars happening again.

He must have made some noise, for Mengyao and Yushu came walking down sleepily in their pajamas not long after. The pajamas were cute, with cartoons on it, but the two of them did seem a bit too old for that… Lin Yi recalled the type of shows these girls watched, and shrugged to himself. He thought that that was how girls were, especially the rich ones- it wasn’t odd for them to be a bit immature from time to time.

The silky, smooth pairs of legs under the pajama skirts, however, heated Lin Yi up- couldn’t these two girls be a bit more aware about things like that? There was a freaking guy in the house! Lin Yi wouldn’t dare to do anything dirty to the two, but still…..

“Wa, Shield Guy, you’ve made breakfast again!” Yushu said as she sniffed about, following the aroma into the kitchen. “Hoh, egg-fried rice, my favourite.”

Mengyao only cleared her throat in response, a little unhappy about how obvious Yushu was being. What’re you doing Shu, you can’t just praise him like that!

“You eating, Yao Yao?” Yushu asked as she got herself a bowl.

“I… don’t like egg-fried rice.” Mengyao’s pride was still holding her back, apparently- eating Lin Yi’s food was like losing to him! She did eat Lin Yi’s cooking yesterday, however, and the day before that, but…

Mengyao didn’t know what to say about how Yushu was acting, as well. Did she really have to put on such a delighted face? It’s just some rice!

“Come on, I made a lot you know? It’d be wasted if you didn’t eat any.” Lin Yi offered with a smile, as if noticing Mengyao trying to suppress her emotions.

“Oh, I guess teachers do say not to waste food. Maybe I’ll eat a little.” Mengyao said after some hesitation, taking Lin Yi up on his offer.

“Ah…” Lin Yi didn’t add anything else. The Miss not wanting to waste food, huh.

“Well, make sure to eat enough. I’m gonna go take a walk.” Lin Yi said as he turned for the door, making his way outside the villa. It’d only be awkward for Mengyao if he just stood there watching her eat.

“Yo, Yao Yao, have you noticed? Shield Guy’s actually a really nice guy- he’s strong, he cooks, and he… looks pretty handsome now that I look at him, don’t you think?” Yushu whispered as she put a spoonful of fried rice in her mouth.

“Really, Shu? A couple of noodles is all it takes to corrupt you? How can you speak up for him?!” Mengyao asked with her eyes wide, staring at Yushu in disbelief. “Are you in heat or something??”

“You’re the one who’s in heat!” Yushu retorted, her face red. “I’m just saying, you might regret it later when someone else takes him! Don’t you forget what Song Lingshan was doing to Shield Guy after just knowing him for two days, she seemed really into him!”

“Wha-? You think I’d fight over him with Lingshan?” Mengyao asked as she curled her lips. “Didn’t you see how easy Song Lingshan managed to seduce him, he’s nothing special, okay? Just a pervy guy!”

Yushu, on the other hand, was feeling depressed upon mentioning Song Lingshan- what did her brother see in this woman? He’d be in a fit if he found out about Lin Yi and her……

“Achooo!” Lin Yi sneezed the moment he stepped outside. What was with him recently? Had he caught a cold? Lin Yi, naturally, had no idea that the two girls inside were just talking about him.

It was Lin Yi’s third day in the villa, but it was the first time he’d stepped out- the entire area was obviously for rich families to live in.

At that thought, Lin Yi contemplated on Yushu’s family background- he’d never seen her parents before, and the girl lived in a villa all by herself. Clearly not born into normal means.

A black Ferrari sped in Lin Yi’s direction from some distance away, rumbling as it neared. It clearly slowed down upon reaching Lin Yi, and the driver inside peeked out curiously- he’d seen all the other young masters and young ladies in the area before, but Lin Yi was a very fresh face.

“Hey dude, you new here?” The young man asked.

“Me? Uh, yeah…” Lin Yi didn’t know what kind of person this guy was, but a simple greeting wouldn’t hurt.

“I’m Sun Yikai. I look after everyone here on Seabay Villas, so don’t hesitate to use my name whenever you find yourself in trouble!”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” Lin Yi said with a nod as he looked at the passioniate Sun Yikai. He didn’t need any protection or looking after, but the guy was approaching him with good intentions, and Lin Yi replied with a pleasant gesture of his own.

Lin Yi’s lack of reaction to his name told Yikai that he’d never heard of him. He smiled faintly, and didn’t say anything else. “Well, it’s been a while since I went to school- still have to register today. See ya.”

“Bye.” Lin Yi said, waving goodbye to Yikai.

With that, Yikai fired up his engine and disappeared into the distance.

Lin Yi understood where this Sun Yikai was coming from- he was probably pretty well known outside, with a powerful background, as well, taking care of his neighbors in the same district. Lin Yi was just one of these neighbors.

Yikai’s approach, however, could be perceived as cocky as well as kind, but Lin Yi didn’t think of the guy as a jerk or anything of the sort.

A couple more cars sped by Lin Yi shortly after Yikai left. Other than the sports cars were Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce cars- all top tier vehicles.