Chapter 73 - Free Chef

Chapter 73 of 150 chapters

Chapter 73 - Free Chef

Li Fu wasn’t expecting Lin Yi at the doorway when he stopped his Bentley in front of the villa.

“What are you doing here, Mister Lin?” Li Fu asked, curious.

“Just wanted some fresh air, also see what our neighbors are like.” Lin Yi answered.

Li Fu nodded in response. “Are the girls ready yet? Shall I get them?”

Li Fu was just finishing his sentence when Mengyao and Yushu came walking out, their bags on their back as they chatted. They greeted Li Fu before getting in the car.

Lin Yi, as usual, seated himself at the front, and Li Fu started driving the three to school.

The girls hadn’t stopped talking ever since getting in, whispering softly to each other the whole time. The girls were pretty far away from Lin Yi because of how spacious the car was, and he tried to refrain from eavesdropping on what the two girls were saying.

The whispering stopped a moment after, when Yushu pushed at Mengyao. “So you do like it! Why can’t you say it then?”

“Like what? It was just a couple mouthfuls, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it, I don’t really mind either way.” Mengyao hmphed in response, turning her head away from Yushu.

Yushu only pouted helplessly. “Alright, alright, fine! I’ll say it.”

The last few sentences were slightly louder than the whisperings, and Lin Yi picked up on them in the front seat, despite not making any sense out of them.

“Uncle Fu, can you get some fresher ingredients when you come over tonight?” Yushu requested.

“Oh, ingredients?” Li Fu asked, a little startled at how sudden the request was. “Are you talking about vegetables and meats?”

“Yeah, eggs, spices, as many types of ingredients as possible- we’re running low on them.” Yushu said with a couple of nods.

“Sure.” Li Fu answered, not sure where this was coming from. The girls had always left the ingredients he prepared for them alone, and he’d reduced the amount seeing how everything just expired without being used. He’d never expected Yushu to request for more ingredients out of nowhere.

Judging by the conversation between the two, Li Fu understood that it was what Mengyao wanted, as well.

“Nice! We’ll have plenty of good food from now on!” Yushu said excitedly as she raised her hand for a high five with Mengyao.

Mengyao only glared back in response. “Food, food, food, all you think about is food!”

Lin Yi could only groan speechlessly inside his head- he’d be an idiot if he still didn’t understand what this Chen Yushu was planning. What did she think she was doing, getting so many ingredients- did she think Lin Yi was a chef now?

Dammit! Lin Yi cursed, annoyed at how Yushu was threatening him like this with a couple of tissues. His teammates would die laughing if they learned what was going on.

It was worse still because of the nature of that incident- it was a deep hole Lin Yi was in, and there wasn’t much he could do but endure it. In all honesty, however, cooking here and there for the sake of the rewards the chairman promised wasn’t that big of a deal. Lin Yi decided to just think of it as part of the mission.

His life now was heavenly in comparison to those days in North Africa’s jungles, where even a simple spider bite took lives. He could go to school like he’d always wanted now, and he could hit on girls, too… Though that part didn’t seem very feasible considering his situation.

Lin Yi was contemplating when he noticed Yushu making faces at him in the rear view mirror, squinting her eyes and moving her eyebrows around. Lin Yi shut his eyes in response.

Yushu was making new combinations, managing to form a very complex expression when she realized Shield Guy wasn’t even looking!! Her face tensed up in irritance, resulting in a facial cramp.

“Shu, what’re you doing? What’s wrong with your face?” Mengyao asked as she looked at Yushu’s face, puzzled.

“It’s… It’s nothing… My tooth hurts…” Yushu endured- Mengyao would just laugh at her if she told him what had happened.

“Your tooth, huh? I thought there was something wrong with your eyes; you kept squeezing them.” Lin Yi commented faintly, a little salty about Yushu treating him like her chef.

Ha! Yushu only smiled happily at the comment- So the guy did see her making faces at him- She didn’t cramp her face up for nothing!

“Why’re you smiling when your tooth hurts?” Mengyao asked, not understanding why Yushu was baring her teeth one second and smiling happily by herself the next.

“It’s nothing!” Yushu said with a wave of her hand.

The car parked in one of the school’s nearby alleys, and the girls got out without question. Lin Yi remained in his seat, intending to wait a while before following them inside- Mengyao did tell him to keep their relationship a secret, after all.

“Shall I drive you to the hospital, Mister Lin?” Li Fu offered.

“Oh, the checkup…” His leg didn’t hurt anymore, and he’d have forgotten about it already if Li Fu hadn’t mentioned it. “Sure.”

Lin Yi made a mental note to visit an Eastern medicine shop later- normal medication healed too slowly. He had to get Huaijun’s medicine prepared, as well.

Li Fu stopped his car in front of Songshan’s First Hospital, and Lin Yi got off by himself.

Guan Xin was nowhere in sight when Lin Yi entered the clinic. In her place was a middle-aged woman, and Lin Yi sighed in relief, glad that Guan Xin wasn’t here. He didn’t want another awkward moment like that again.

“Hi, I’m here for my checkup.” Lin Yi said as he handed his file to the nurse.

“Take a sit there.” The nurse ordered after taking a quick look at Lin Yi’s file. It was only a moment before she turned back to him with everything prepared. “Pants off!”

“Um… Shouldn’t we close the doors first?” Lin Yi asked, a little embarrassed as he glanced at the wide open door.

“No one’s gonna look at your butt, boy. Let’s go!” The nurse said curtly.

“Um… okay…” Lin Yi was speechless, recalling the shy Guan Xin from yesterday. This middle-aged nurse must have been like that too, once… The years had turned her into a strong mother, and Lin Yi couldn’t help but imagine Guan Xin becoming like that a couple tens of years in… The thought chilled Lin Yi.

His first impression of Guan Xin was a good one, after all.

Although, he had to admit this nurse’s skill- she was nothing like Guan Xin, taking only a couple strokes before completely replacing the bandages. She tossed the used cotton pads into the bin. “Done. You’re healing up nicely, boy- come again tomorrow and you’ll be fine!”

“Okay… Thanks…” Lin Yi thanked the nurse before quickly exiting the clinic. He exhaled in relief- the halls were empty, his butt was safe.