Chapter 79 - Origin

Chapter 79 of 150 chapters

Chapter 79 - Origin

The family hotel had caught Lin Yi’s eyes a while back, but it didn’t seem good enough. He thus decided to look around for a better alternative.

His situation now, however was an emergency- he didn’t have the luxury to be walking around looking for hotels.

“A room!” Lin Yi said to the woman in the lobby as he burst inside, carrying the girl on his back.

The manager of the hotel was lazily watching some television when a young man burst in all of a sudden, a girl on his back as he yelled for a room. She couldn’t help but smile at the scene.

Her family hotel was a pretty low-tier one, built with the purpose of providing a cozy place for young couples with no money. In most cases, poor couples like that didn’t really care whether the place was high-end or not, as long as it was quiet and clean.

She’d seen plenty of young couples coming here for a room before, but a case like Lin Yi’s was a rare sight- the kid was clearly very excited, rushing into the lobby like that.

“Fifteen kuai for an hour, sixty for a day.” The woman said.

“I’ll deposit a hundred first.” Lin Yi replied as he pulled a one hundred rmb bill out of his pocket and handed it to the woman.

“Wait, you have to register with your IC!” The woman didn’t forget the necessities, even if Lin Yi did throw a one hundred kuai bill for her.

Lin Yi frowned in response- he didn’t know if the girl was going to make it at this rate. Helpless, he took his IC out for the woman to register a room for him.

“She doesn’t need any registration, does she?” Lin Yi asked, clearly referring to the girl on his back, hoping to convey his intentions across to the woman.

“Nope, we only need one.” The woman only insisted on the registration because of the rules- she wasn’t trying to cause Lin Yi trouble or anything. One person registering was enough, however, and the woman handed Lin Yi a room card after scanning his IC. “Upstairs, room 209.”

“Thanks.” Lin Yi took the card, and rushed upstairs with the girl on his back, who didn’t move an inch the whole time. He’d have thought the girl was dead already if he wasn’t feeling her heartbeat beneath the softness of her chest.

“Fuu!” Lin Yi threw the girl on the bed before carefully locking the door. He pulled the curtains closed and went to the corners of the room to look for any cameras, calming himself down when he didn’t find any.

Lin Yi really would’ve left the girl, in all honesty, had he not noticed the ring on her finger. He wasn’t the type to just throw trouble onto himself.

The pattern on the ring represented an organization, a very well-known international group of assassins. Lin Yi wasn’t part of the organization, but there was quite an origin between Lin Yi and the group’s founders.

The one who taught Lin Yi assassination, to begin with, was one of the founders, after all. Old Lin was good, but killing in the shadows wasn’t his forte- he was a duelist who engaged an enemy face to face.

The reality of missions, however, provided few opportunities for honorable fights like that. Assassinations and ambushes were key to victory, and Old Lin had sent Lin Yi to that founder when he was six. The founder then became Lin Yi’s mentor for two years, passing onto him the ways of assassination.

He didn’t know his mentor’s exact identity, nor did Old Lin ever mention anything about the matter, but Lin Yi understood- his mentor was a very powerful man.

It’s been quite a few years, Sifu… Lin Yi missed him- the man was his true mentor, both in name and in reality.

Old Lin taught him plenty, as well, but they were really more grandfather and grandson rather than mentor and pupil. Lin Yi never looked at Old Lin as a mentor, nor did he want to.

He hadn’t learned even a third of his mentor’s abilities when mission opportunities started to hit him repeatedly- a solid proof of his mentor’s formidability. Although, his age at the time prevented him from truly comprehending the studies, even if he were to work really hard. A third was pretty good already.

It was due to his gratitude and admiration for his mentor that Lin Yi decided to help the girl out, when he saw the logo of the organization his mentor founded.

His mentor hadn’t involved himself with the organization’s activities for a long time already, but that didn’t matter- the girl was one of his own now.

“I’ll help you this once, but whether you stay alive is up to you now.” Lin Yi said as he laid the girl properly on the bed. Her head tilted, and the cap fell off.

Black, silky hair fell out, exposing a palely delicate face underneath. Her features were very refined, and her eyelashes were beautifully long. The eyebrows were tightly knit together, however- she was clearly in a lot of pain even when unconscious.

Lin Yi was a little taken aback by the abrupt sight- he’d never expected such an exquisite beauty to be concealed under that fisherman’s cap. A girl like this, an assassin?

The girl looked like a teenager, probably still in her teens and not that far from how old Lin Yi himself was. Lin Yi shook his head, deciding to mind his own business. The girl must have had her reasons.

The wound was most likely located somewhere along the girl’s lower body judging by how she walked earlier, but her leather pants made it hard for Lin Yi to trace where the blood was flowing out from.

Lin Yi didn’t bother looking for the wound anymore. With a strong tug, he yanked the entirety of the girl’s leather pants off, his breathing growing rapid as the sight hit him.

Lin Yi’s intentions were good, and he only wanted to help the girl because of his mentor- it went without saying that he purely wanted to save the dying girl!

He’d pulled the pants off for treatment purposes only, and Lin Yi wouldn’t have given the entire thing much thought if the girl was a manly looking assassin… But that wasn’t the case! Not only was the girl stunningly pretty, her figure was great as well! It was honestly beyond Lin Yi to not have lustful thoughts at that point, especially when he’d just pulled the pants off a pretty female assassin! He was a guy! A guy!!

Lin Yi’s lust, however, burned away upon him sighting the injury.

The insides of the pants were completely soaked in red, and the pantyhose the girl was wearing was completely reddened, as well. Lin Yi couldn’t find any trace of her original skin color at all!

Shit! Lin Yi couldn’t believe it- how was this girl even walking? How did she make it to the pharmacy to ask for medicine? She should have been tending to her injury, instead of moving at all! Couldn’t she have gone to a hospital if she’d decided on moving anyway? Was the Golden Creation Medicine the only thing on your mind?!