Chapter 8 - What Have You Done To My Father?

Chapter 8 of 150 chapters

Chapter 8 - What Have You Done To My Father?

“Hmm… You have a point. I’ll let him stay for now.” Mengyao gave in after seeing the sense in Yushu’s words. She turned to Li Fu. “Uncle Fu, did you get him insurance? If something were to happen to him…”

“Insurance..?” Li Fu started sweating again. There was no way that someone the chairman chose would get himself hurt so easily, but he answered the question regardless. “Don’t worry, he does have insurance…”

Lin Yi had reached the car door by that time. He turned to look at Mengyao after seating himself back in the front seat. “How’s that? Do I pass?”

“Hmph. Barely.” Mengyao replied.

Lin Yi smiled, and said nothing more. Experience and the internet told him that girls are creatures that never mean what they say. Lin Yi didn’t want to add anything unnecessary.

Mengyao was not pleased. She was expecting some form of gratitude, yet Lin Yi just smiled, and that was it! Didn’t he know how cruel society was nowadays? Even college graduates had to go clean septic tanks! The guy should be overjoyed to find a job this good, especially when he was a farmer and no college graduate!

“Hey. Why aren’t you thanking me?” Mengyao couldn’t take it anymore.

“Thanking you? Why?” Lin Yi didn’t know where this was coming from. If anything, Mengyao should be thanking him for taking care of that boy earlier!

“You…!” Mengyao was in disbelief, and very pissed off. How dumb can the guy get, she gave him a hint already! Didn’t he know how off his attitude was?! She was his boss!

“Hehe, Yao Yao’s saying that she’s already accepted you, so you should thank her!” Chen Yushu explained to Li Yi with a laugh.

“Shu, what the hell are you saying??? Accepted him?!” Mengyao was shocked. What’s with Shu’s wording? She’s making it sound like she’s accepting a love confession!

“What? I’m just saying you’ve accepted him as your shield!”

“Oh… Thanks.” Lin Yi said without giving much thought to it. The job was a good one, and the pay was high, too. His only problem was how weird everything was.

“You’re welcome…” The frustration Mengyao felt was indescribable as she spat the two words out. This person was too dumb to be her shield!

“Well, see ya, Yao Yao! You too, shield guy.” The car parked in front of a villa, and Yushu waved goodbye to Mengyao before taking a final look at Lin Yi. With that, she got out of the car.

Shield guy, huh? Li Yi smiled bitterly.

Chen Yushu was neighbors with Chu Mengyao, and it took the car only one turn before the three arrived at Mengyao’s villa.

Mengyao had willingly accepted the farmer because of what Yushu said… But this farmer seemed to be walking into the villa along with her, luggage and everything! “W-what are you doing?”

Lin Yi looked at her. Confused, he turned to Li Fu. “Isn’t this where I’m staying..?”

“What a forward young man you are!! There hasn’t even been a single guy who’s stepped into my villa!” Mengyao roared, her hands on her hips.

Li Fu wiped the sweat off his brow. Not a single guy… Didn’t he count? And Mister Chu, what would he think of the Miss’ words?

Mengyao seemed to realize the problem with her wording when she saw Li Fu’s reaction. “What I mean is! Guys that aren’t part of the household!”

“Miss, Mister Chu said that you can treat Mister Lin like a brother… He’ll be living with you in the villa from today on…” Li Fu spoke each word with care as to not incur her wrath. He knew what the Miss was like.

“WHAT?!” Mengyao’s eyes shot themselves wide open, her face full of disbelief as she pointed a finger at Lin Yi. “Him? My brother?! Are you kidding me!!! Uncle Fu, get him out of here! I couldn’t care less where he lived, just not here!!!”

“I’m afraid that’s not my call to make, Miss… It’s the chairman’s wish, you see…” Li Fu made sure to tread lightly. While he may be Chu Pengzhan’s most trusted man, he was still technically a driver. It wasn’t his place to be dealing with the chairman’s daughter.

“Whatever, I’ll talk to dad myself!” Mengyao pulled out the newest Nokia E7 she bought with Yushu back in a promotion event.

Lin Yi looked at the phone in Mengyao’s hand with envy. It was probably time he bought himself a phone as well; he’d be needing it.

“Daddee! Yao Yao here!” Mengyao’s tone flipped a hundred and eighty degrees instantly, much to Lin Yi’s surprise. He didn’t know girls could make voices that sweet.

“Oh, Yao Yao! What’s wrong?” Chu Pengzhan was in the middle of a meeting when his phone rang, but he picked it up regardless when he saw who was calling.

“Well, you see, dad, what’s with this shield you got me? You didn’t just choose some random farmer from the market, did you?” It was the first time her father handled her request so half-heartedly, and she wasn’t happy about it.

“Ah, you must be talking about Yi! Heh, he’s someone I went through a great deal of effort to get you, all the way from Mount Starwest! He’s good with his studies, and at kung fu as well! He’s also a nice person, on top of all that!” Chu Pengzhan said with a wide smile on his face.

“Wha…” Chu Mengyao didn’t understand- what had the farmer done to her father? Why was he praising him so much?

Chu Pengzhan misunderstood his daughter’s reply, and assumed that she was pleased with his arrangements. “Heh heh, well, what do you think? Pretty good, right?”

“Pretty good? No! Not at all! Before anything else, his looks! His looks, dad! I can’t stand looking at a shield like this!” Mengyao replied, displeased. “Also! How could you tell him to live with me? It’s not very safe, is it? I’m a girl!”

“I know, I know. I didn’t want you to live alone in a villa all by yourself, too. That was why I hired little Yi, it’s for your own safety! Don’t worry, the protection he provides is top notch!” Chu Pengzhan pretended to miss his daughter’s point.

“I… He…!” Chu Mengyao was at a loss of words, speechless from what her father just said.

The chairman didn’t wait for her to regain her senses. “Okay Yao Yao, I’m still in the middle of a meeting here. We’ll talk later.”

With that, Chu Pengzhan hung up. Mengyao gritted her teeth as she glared at Lin Yi, enraged. “Speak! How did you trick my father?!”