Chapter 84 - Go For Her

Chapter 84 of 150 chapters

Chapter 84 - Go For Her

I'm a bit of an asshole for posting late even when the chapters are ready, but Elder Scrolls you know?

Lin Yi didn’t think much about Zhong Pinliang’s movements. He was a bit of a pain in the ass in school, but he’d never do anything too off the top. There was the mischief fairy with Mengyao, and Mengyao’s family backing her, after all. She wasn’t someone Pinliang could just mess with without consequence- even his uncle on the board of directors wouldn’t save him from Chu Pengzhan should he decide to get rough with her.

As a result, Lin Yi never planned on following after the two girls; Mengyao’s personality guaranteed rejection to that even if he did want to. He’d rather spend the time on doing his own stuff.

“Boss, wanna go for some barbeque at the school gates later?” Xiaobo asked, thinking of bonding a little with Lin Yi; they didn’t get to do so yesterday, after all.

He’d been alive for eighteen years, going to high school for three… He’d only started feeling like a real man the last couple days.

“Sure, why not.” Lin Yi said- he didn’t get to eat lunch earlier, too. He stuffed the books he’d bought earlier into his desk before leaving.

Almost everyone had left the classroom by the time Lin Yi and Xiaobo got up; there were only a couple nerds left, their faces still buried in books. Nobody expected students like them to go out for fun, anyway- their waking hours were all spent on books.

They were passing by twelfth grade’s class nine when Xiaobo slowed down, puzzling Lin Yi. He was just about to bring it up when a surge of excitement hit Xiaobo, who pulled Lin Yi as he exclaimed softly. “Tang Yin! It’s Tang Yin!”

Lin Yi paused, looking in the direction Xiaobo was pointing- a girl was walking out of class nine’s doors, heading towards the school’s stairs. Lin Yi only managed to catch a glimpse of a side view and ponytail before the girl disappeared downstairs.

The girl was tall and wore her school uniform. The uniform was a little wide, hiding most of her figure; Lin Yi guessed that it had to be a pretty nice one, being a school beauty and all.

It was only a glimpse, but Lin Yi could sense that the girl’s beauty was very youthful, like the pretty girl you’d crush on in class. The commoner beauty was quite something.

“Well? Well?!” Xiaobo danced about, his excitement peaking as he looked at Lin Yi. He looked like he’s just hit a lottery.

“Didn’t see her face- what’d you expect me to see from her back?” Lin Yi said, hitting Xiaobo. “Dude, can you calm down, she’s not even your girlfriend, what’re you getting so excited for?”

“Heh, that may be true, but just bumping into her like this is really rare! Just a glimpse is exciting enough already! Boss, don’t you think it’s fate?” Xiaobo said, still not calming down.

“You get to see Chen Yushu and Chu Mengyao every day, I don’t see you getting excited over that.” Lin Yi was a little amused- the guy was way too excited.

“Come on, that’s different! Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu… That’s a lost cause for me, they’re never gonna look at me. I’m not talented or rich, why would misses like that wanna pay me any attention? Tang Yin, though! She’s way closer to us, just a normal girl from a normal home! There’s still a chance there!” Xiaobo explained.

“Ha…” Lin Yi chuckled. Though, Xiaobo wasn’t wrong- Yushu and Mengyao were living in different worlds, going around in luxury cars and living in villas. One had to have quite the background before even thinking of going after those two.

“Boss, maybe you can go for her? You’re hot stuff right now, the whole school knows you- including Tang Yin, I’d bet!” Xiaobo suggested suddenly.

“Huh?” Lin Yi was stunned. “Isn’t she your crush?”

“Heh, not just mine- there’s plenty of boys crushing after her!” Xiaobo said with a laugh. “She’s too hard to get, though. I know my place, okay? You think someone like me can get 5 million from a lottery ticket?”

“It’s possible!” Lin Yi said with a nod. Lin Yi’s jade probably could help Xiaobo get that 5 million kuai- it really was possible with the jade involved.

“Fuck!” Xiaobo rolled his eyes, speechless. “You know what I think? The chance of Tang Yin liking me is even lower than me getting five million! Get it? I’m just fantasizing a bit over here, but you- you have a chance!”

“Stop, okay? Why don’t you ask Zhong Pinliang to do that? I didn’t see him getting any school beauties even when he was a Big Four, it’s the same now, alright?” Lin Yi shook his head, not wanting to cause any rumors- he’d just get in trouble with Mengyao.

“You know where I’m taking you?” Xiaobo asked mysteriously.

“Where? Barbeque, right?” Lin Yi asked in return.

“Yes, but do you know who sells them?” Xiaobo squinted his eyes.

“You’re not gonna tell me that it’s Tang Yin, are you?” Lin Yi didn’t know how to respond to how mysterious Xiaobo was trying to be.

“Bingo!” Xiaobo clapped. “Tang Yin’s mom!”

“Tang Yin’s mom?” Lin Yi looked at his friend. (The way Xiaobo says it in Chinese makes it sound like he’s cursing.)

“Uh... not that mom, what I mean is, it’s her mother who sells the barbeque…” Xiaobo coughed, realizing how vulgar that may have sounded. “It’s her mother’s barbeque stand!”

“......” Lin Yi didn’t know what to say.

“Boss, lemme tell you this- Tang Yin usually helps her mom out during sports class! We might very well get to see her if we go for some barbeque!” Xiaobo said as he quickened his steps, pulling Lin Yi along. “Come on, let’s go meet Tang Yin!”

Xiaobo’s attitude made Lin Yi’s hardened heart feel a lot younger, a lot more energized with youthful energy- he’d been assassinating and going on very dangerous missions for the past few years, spending his time in war zones and primal jungles… It’d been a long time since he last felt like this.

It was only then did Lin Yi realize: This was the kind of thing a guy his age should’ve been doing, not killing people! An excitement blossomed in Lin Yi’s heart as he followed Xiaobo- they were going to stalk the school beauty!

Stalking the school beauty, naturally, was something many youths around their age did.

Tang Yin was indeed making her way to the street food area. There were duos and trios of students walking around, and it was hard to tell that the two of them were stalking her. Although, Lin Yi did spot three or four people doing the same thing they were.