Chapter 107 - Irreversible

Chapter 107 of 200 chapters

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When he said he was going to take a while, it was literally a matter of a second. The screen turned dark—like turning off the light to get changed—and lighted up again after a second.

Jiang Yao almost vomited blood when she looked at the screen!

“Change into another one! Go! Go! Wrap yourself up like a burrito!”

Instead of wearing swimming trunks, he changed into a bunny costume. What the hell was the short and fluffy tail on his buttocks? And the bunny ears on his head! Argh!

“Sob. Master, you dislike me because I’m not good-looking, don’t you?”

After a devastating wail, the screen went dark and turned back on again, and this time, Jiang Yao heaved a sigh of relief. As he was told, he wrapped himself in layer after layer of scarves, he even wore a headscarf. His eyes were the only visible thing.

‘Good! Very good!’ Jiang Yao thought to herself. Wearing more was better than horrendous attire!

“Tell me what the Medical System is about.” Jiang Yao leaned back on the chair. She reached out to caress Moe who was lying on her lap looking back at her with a look of excitement and mercilessly slapped him off her lap.

“Okay, Master!” the System Admin said with a gentle and ladylike tone.

Thankfully, when the System spoke again, it was no longer the irritating voice from the admin. Jiang Yao decided that she didn’t want to see the admin again in her life. He might give her nightmares!

A sentence popped up on the screen—’Dear user, when you activate this Medical System, you have determined to become a medical doctor. Our system contains the most comprehensive and advanced medical knowledge to assist you in becoming the world’s top doctor.’

Later, the introduction of the system was directly downloaded into Jiang Yao’s brain.

Jiang Yao finally realized what Moe had put in her!

As the name implied, the Medical System was generally and solely about medicine. There were two medical systems in it, one for Chinese medicine and another for Western medicine.

The Chinese medicine system contained a complete herbology collection, a theoretical library, and a laboratory. The herbology volume recorded all the herbs that had appeared and with it, the precise introductions, growing environment, functions, and adverse effects of each and every herb.

The theoretical library was like a university of traditional Chinese medicine. Each book in it was like a stern and serious professor who lectured the vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. The vibrant content and wisdom were a little too overwhelming for Jiang Yao. However, she found that she could only view the content labeled level one in the table of contents, but she couldn’t access the content for level two and above.

The laboratory was Jiang Yao’s favorite feature. Generally speaking, the laboratory was a virtual hospital. The system could randomly create a patient for the system owner to treat them. The owner could also set their own settings and modes on the patient for experimental purposes. For this feature, system assessment was required to access the level two content.

For example, if Jiang Yao had wanted to read the level two content of the herbology volume and the theoretical library, she needed to pass the level one assessment test by the system first.

As for the Western medicine department, the only difference was that there was no herbology volume in it, but it contained a pharmaceutical collection. It recorded the chemical synthesis, properties, and pharmacology of pharmaceuticals. The rest was similar to the Chinese medicine system.

Jiang Yao exited the system and shouted to Moe, “I don’t quite understand the correlation between the Favorability Value and the Present Value.”

Moe lay lazily on the floor, wagging his tail slowly, and murmuring for a whole before he answered, “My master said that as a doctor, one might face a lot of challenges and helplessness in the society, but one must not be an unscrupulous villain. This is why my master created the Favorability Value setting in the system. The rating of the Favorability Value comes from the people outside of your immediate family. The higher your Favorability Value is, the more beneficial it is to you. You can utilize it like currency—you can convert it into a numerical value and add it to any of the five parameters that you want to enhance the ability for.”