Chapter 113 - The Pet that She Reared

Chapter 113 of 200 chapters

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As a result, while they were on their way back to their dorm, Jiang Yao’s ears were full of Wen Xuehui saying how outstanding Li Ronghui was and how good of a man he was. Jiang Yao could not bear with her anymore and wanted to tell Wen Xuehui eagerly about how filthy the excellent student’s mind was.

Wen Xuehui was a step ahead of Jiang Yao. Upon reaching the door of the dorm, she took out the key and opened the door. The first thing that came into her mind was to switch on the fan. She mumbled and complained to Jiang Yao, “Everything in our school is great but the only downside is the burning hot weather during the summer. It would be nice if I can bring along the air conditioner from my house.”

She spoke while throwing the keys onto the tabletop. As she turned around and was about to climb onto her bed, she noticed a white furry ball lying on Jiang Yao’s bed.

“Jiang Yao! Look! There’s a kitten on your bed, is that your pet? Wow, it’s so cute!” Wen Xuehui shouted at Jiang Yao continuously, “Does it have a name? What breed was it?”

Jiang Yao poked her head out and glanced at Moe, which had returned and was snoring on her bed. Moe was stunned when Wen Xuehui shouted at it. It gawked at Wen Xuehui and looked at Jiang Yao.

“It’s name is Moe. As for its breed, I’m not certain either.” How could she explain herself other than admitting that she had secretly brought a pet to the dorm? However, Jiang Yao could not figure out why Moe had casually come back despite knowing that there was another person living at the dorm.

Back when they were at the Lu family’s house, Moe had never showed up when she and Lu Xingzhi were the only ones around, but there were six people including Jiang Yao in the dorm. Why didn’t Moe hide itself?

“Moe? What a great name!” Wen Xuehui praised.

Moe heard her and its eyes became friendlier. It then caressed Wen Xuehui’s palm while saying to Jiang Yao, “Look! This woman has some taste!”

When Moe opened up and talked, Wen Xuehui could only hear meows and that warmed her heart.

“Moe, sleep with me tonight!” Wen Xuehui looked in Jiang Yao’s direction and asked, “Can I?”

“It’s a boy!” Jiang Yao did not forget that Moe had always referred itself as a mister. Jiang Yao was worried that Moe would stick to her forever after she admitted that it was her pet.

Jiang Yao was not someone who would forget the good deeds of others, especially when Moe had saved her life before. However, she was worried that Moe might do something a pet could not possibly do and reveal its true identity in front of others.

“Its gender isn’t a big deal, it’s cute and that’s the most important thing!” Wen Xuehui held Moe in one of her arms and caressed it with another hand. “Jiang Yao, it’s so tiny. Look, I can cover it up just by closing both of my hands. No wonder you could bring it to school. Since it’s so tiny, it’s easy to hide it. If anyone ever comes and runs a spot check, you can just shove it into your pocket.”

“Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao! It’s a grave sin to cut off a cat’s relationship!” Moe was infuriated when it saw Jiang Yao was about to grab it from Wen Xuehui’s arms.

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Moe and withdrew her hand when she noticed that Wen Xuehui really liked it.

“Jiang Yao, did Moe have its dinner yet? Did you bring along some cat food?” Wen Xuehui asked out of a sudden.

“My cat doesn’t need its dinner.” Jiang Yao replied. Who knew whether a pet butler from the future galaxy would need its meal or not?

“Petty woman! Petty woman! Cheapskate! Cheapskate!” Moe started to mumble.

Wen Xuehui definitely did not believe that there was a cat that did not need its dinner. Judging by her reply, she assumed that Jiang Yao had fed it.