Chapter 120 - She Did Not Give Up

Chapter 120 of 200 chapters

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After that, still in the crouching position, she took a step back and performed CPR on the man who had fainted.

After returning to the scene from the phone call, Zhou Weiqi saw Jiang Yao, who had on an inexpressive and serious expression, kneeling on the floor and concentrating on the CPR. At this moment, Jiang Yao looked like a genuine doctor in a white coat. The scene mesmerized Zhou Weiqi that he gaped in a daze.

About seven or eight minutes later, the man was still unconscious despite Jiang Yao’s great effort to revive him. The onlookers pitied Jiang Yao who was drenched in sweat and urged gently, “Miss, I think that’s it. He hasn’t woke up after so long, I’m afraid he is beyond rescue.”

The manager wiped his sweat and uttered with a heavy heart, “Yes, Miss, you’ve done your best. I think this is it.”

The manager sighed, depressed. His heart ached as he looked at the skinny girl gritting her teeth and concentrating on the rescue, the sweat on her forehead dripping like raindrops.

However, it seemed like there was a shield surrounding Jiang Yao that muted all the persuasion and urges. She looked like a robot, her CPR tempo and posture remaining unchanged as she repeated the same movement over and over again.

She did not give up.

Zhou Weiqi began to hesitate, wondering if he should stop her. From the look of her expression, she didn’t look like she was about to give up anytime soon. Perhaps she thought that the man could be revived.

However, on the second though, almost ten minutes had passed, yet the man hadn’t regained consciousness yet. Did she want to continue until the ambulance arrived?

Moreover, Zhou Weiqi began to regret his decision of taking Jiang Yao to this restaurant. They wouldn’t have stumbled upon this kind of emergency then. He bet that Lu Xingzhi would be heartbroken if he saw her in such a condition. And the rescue breath! He couldn’t let Lu Xingzhi see Jiang Yao kiss another man, he would be so dead!

“Hey, look! The man’s face is getting redder, isn’t he?” someone in the crowd exclaimed suddenly. “Look! He’s already not as pale as he was before! Am I right?”

Right at this moment, an ambulance stopped in front of the door. The crowd quickly gave way as the doctor and nurses rushed in with the first aid kit in hand.

“Doctor! Hurry and see if the man is doing alright. This girl has been performing CPR on him for ten minutes!” the manager shrieked delightfully as soon as he saw the doctor.

The doctor looked at Jiang Yao and was genuinely surprised at how young she looked. He was also a little shocked by her professional and rigorous technique.

Besides, he also noticed how exhausted Jiang Yao was, so he hurriedly approached her and urged, “Miss, please let us handle this!” He turned to the nurses and ushered them to take over, while he crouched down to check the man’s vital signs.

Jiang Yao sat on the floor, all her energy drained to its minimum level. She didn’t even have the strength to stand up. She mustered her remaining energy to inform the doctor, “His pulse is back but weak. I suspect that he has heart disease, send him to the hospital immediately!”