Chapter 132 - The Reporter of the Morning Post

Chapter 132 of 200 chapters

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“Of course she is pretty. Which student in our Nanjiang Medical University isn’t pretty and adorable?” Chancellor Wen knew how to play with his words. He would not only praise Jiang Yao in front of a news reporter and ruin the image of the daughter of the Zhang family. “Jiang Yao, this is the news reporter from Nanjiang Morning Post, Mr. He Maoming. You have already seen the news on Nanjiang Morning Post, right? He was the one who edited and published your news report.”

Jiang Yao recognized him once she saw the reporter ID which was hanging in front of his chest because the reporter’s name, He Maoming, was written at the bottom of the news report.

“What’s going on here is that Mr. He would like to have an exclusive interview with you regarding the incident that happened yesterday.” Chancellor Wen introduced He Maoming to Jiang Yao.

He Maoming walked towards Jiang Yao and reached out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Miss Jiang. I’m not certain if you noticed me yesterday, but I was at the scene when the incident happened. I admire the way you saved a life yesterday, Miss Jiang. That was why I wrote the news report this morning and uploaded the photos without your permission, Miss Jiang. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind.” Jiang Yao smiled. She rose to fame thanks to He Maoming, and even her system butler was going to crash due to excitement.

“I only did what I could yesterday. You have overpraised me in your news report, Mr. He.” Jiang Yao knew that she needed to be humble.

Chancellor Wen heard that and he liked Jiang Yao even more. He kept on praising her in his heart, saying that she could still keep her feet on the ground and be humble despite being praised by others.

Just like Chancellor Wen, after He Maoming officially interacted with Jiang Yao today, he realized that Jiang Yao, who stood before him, was indeed a calm and clever girl. The chancellor told him that she was only nineteen years old, which shocked him.

She was a nineteen-year-old student who had just left high school and had not integrated into society. He Maoming had been a reporter for five or six years and throughout the years, he had interviewed countless people, with several of them being around Jiang Yao’s age.

He Maoming could recall that he had once interviewed a student who had achieved excellent results in the local graduation examination in Nanjing City. He could recall clearly that back when he had gone to the student’s house to interview her, he discovered that the student was actually from a wealthy family. However, while dealing with a mere reporter like him, the family’s attitude was disturbing, including the student’s.

From the moment he stepped into the student’s house until he left, no one had ever offered him a glass of water. However, when the student felt thirsty halfway through the interview, she had shouted at her mother, who was treated like a servant, and demanded to be served a glass of fruit juice. He could not find any tinge of respect towards her mother in her speech. After they ended the interview, she did not send him off politely nor expressed a few words of appreciation.

During the interview, the student’s family members had assured him that they would send her to the best university around and that she would be an outstanding figure in the future. However, He Maoming was told that the girl was very picky with her jobs after her graduation and had never settled down in any job.

Therefore, there was an obvious difference between people once you compared them. Some people were true humans, both inside and out. However, some people were just ruthless animals wearing the skin of a human.

“Oh yeah, there should be a person arriving soon.” He Maoming smiled. He did not hide his admiration towards Jiang Yao from his facial expression. He looked at his watch and explained, “It’s Manager Sun from the restaurant yesterday. He’ll be coming over today to personally thank Miss Jiang.”