Chapter 146 - Has No Right to Confront Me

Chapter 146 of 200 chapters

Chapter 146: Has No Right to Confront Me

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The mocking exchanges between Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui had infuriated Zhang Xiqing so much that she hoped she could kill them with her ghastly glare.

Hu Yuan knew Zhang Xiqing like the back of her hand. With just one glance at Zhang Xiqing, she knew that she was extremely indignant now, so she quickly waved the pictures she just got from Zhang Xiqing and shouted loudly, “How dare you call yourself the prettiest freshman, you promiscuous sl*t!”

Hu Yuan snorted. She raised the pictures in her hand high and continued, “Everybody, don’t you know? Jiang Yao is someone’s sugar baby! We have proof here, check it out!”

Hu Yuan passed the pictures to the people surrounding them and said, “Who told you that Jiang Yao comes from a well-to-do family? That she can afford a mobile phone when she is a freshman? Don’t make me laugh! The phone is from her sugar daddy! God knows how she pleased her sugar daddy in bed to get the phone! How could such a disgusting student qualify to be a freshman representative? How can she be called the most beautiful freshman of the year? In my opinion, she doesn’t even have the privilege to be a student of Nanjiang Medical University!” 1

Perhaps the stand-off had drawn in a large crowd of onlookers that it spread like wildfire and reached the top administration of the university in no time, or maybe Zhang Xiqing had asked someone to bring the school leaders here.

As the pictures were being passed around, it ended in the hands of the leaders who came later, and one of them was the director of the Academic Affairs Office.

The school leaders’ expression turned into an eerie shade of gray as they looked at the picture and heard Hu Yuan’s remarks.

“Jiang Yao, what is going on? Please explain yourself!” the director growled in great dismay, or perhaps, he was angry with her depravation. When they were going through the nominees of the freshman representative, he supported Jiang Yao wholeheartedly. He despised the tacky nature of the Zhang family by solving every problem with money, so he found Jiang Yao’s existence delightful. Finally, they had an excuse to select truly qualified people as the freshman representative.

Jiang Yao took the photo from the director, glanced at it, and then snorted loudly right in front of everyone.

“Zhang Xiqing, did you secretly follow me?” Jiang Yao accused with a tone of consternation and shock.

“Huh, who has the time to follow you? I took it when I was at the school gate at the right time!” Zhang Xiqing stomped agitatedly. “Who are you? What do you have for me to follow you?”

“Oh, so you took the photos, huh? Then why did you pass the photos that you took to Hu Yuan, and ordered her to accuse me instead of you?” Jiang Yao blinked innocently. “Take credit for what you did and come out to face me. Hu Yuan didn’t see this with her own eyes and didn’t take these photos with her own hands, so she has no right to confront me about it.”

Jiang Yao made the deduction from several hints. Firstly, the photos were taken at the school gate. Those who owned a camera in this era must be from a well-to-do family. The easiest example she could think of was the Lu family. They were very loaded, and they had a camera too, but they treasured it like a jewel and used it precautiously.

Jiang Yao deduced that it wasn’t Hu Yuan who had taken the photos as she didn’t seem to be from a well-off family based on her mediocre clothing. Hence, Zhang Xiqing was most likely the one who had taken these photos.

Zhang Xiqing gaped in shock after Jiang Yao’s casual accusation. Everyone suddenly looked at her differently and murmured, “She took these photos, but why did she urge Hu Yuan to confront Jiang Yao? Hu Yuan didn’t see anything, so what could she possibly know? What if there is a misunderstanding? It will be an unproven blatant accusation!”

Jiang Yao had intended to drag Zhang Xiqing into this muddy water together. She poured the mud into the water, so it made no sense for her to stand cleanly by the side.

Moreover, Jiang Yao emphasized that Zhang Xiqing had followed her. She wanted to let the bystanders know that no one would secretly photograph other people under normal circumstances unless that person was harboring evil intentions from the beginning.