Chapter 152 - Wait And See

Chapter 152 of 200 chapters

Jiang Yao yelled in surprise, quickly grabbing the phone back and managing an embarrassed smile at Wen Xuehui. She would be d*mned if Wen Xuehui saw Lu Xingzhi’s message!

The message was still displayed on the phone screen. Jiang Yao saw it immediately as she glanced at the phone.

‘I’ll never apply the training regime that is designed for men on women, but I’m willing to make you so exhausted in bed that you cannot get down from the bed. Let’s try it out if you don’t believe me. I’ll be waiting for you on National Day.’

If it weren’t for this message, Jiang Yao would never have guessed that Lu Xingzhi had such a mischievous and evil side, a stark contrast to how serious he was on usual days.

Hmph! She had added almost all of the points converted from Favoribility Value to her physical strength. Let’s see who would be the exhausted one!

There was a saying that went ‘he who commits a fault thinks everyone speaks of it’. Jiang Yao was too embarrassed to reply to Lu Xingzhi’s message when Wen Xuehui was locking a suspicious gaze at her. It wasn’t until Wen Xuehui went to the balcony to do her laundry that Jiang Yao quickly sent a message to Lu Xingzhi, sounding cocky and arrogant.

‘It’s too early to tell who can’t get down from the bed, let’s wait and see!’

Jiang Yao’s overconfidence in her current physical strength encouraged her to provoke Lu Xingzhi so daringly.

She felt relieved and at ease after replying to his message, but her face was burning red. It was very interesting to have such a naughty and mischief conversation with Lu Xingzhi, despite feeling extremely shy and coy afterward.

Speaking of which, she was anticipating the National Day trip even more now, or perhaps, the moment when she would suck out all of Lu Xingzhi’s energy until his legs turned to jelly.

She still remembered how Lu Xingzhi had tormented her intimately all night and she still managed to see him off at the airport the next day, despite the fact that he was the one carrying her into the car.

Lu Xingzhi didn’t see the message immediately. He was busy discussing the recruit training with the leader when Jiang Yao’s message came in. He put his hand in the pocket when he felt the vibration without taking it out.

The elderly instructor noticed Lu Xingzhi’s unusually uplifted mood today since the beginning of the meeting. If this had happened in the past, Lu Xingzhi would put up a long face when he had to lead the recruit training.

After the meeting was over, the instructor watched Lu Xingzhi take out his phone immediately, and the next scene happened like greased lightning as the instructor watched closely. When Lu Xingzhi looked at his phone, a rather peculiar expression appeared on his face that disappeared rapidly. The corner of his lips twitched at a frequency that was visible, and finally, a handsome smile appeared miraculously.

The smile appeared so abruptly that the elderly instructor was taken aback. He rubbed his eyes, and in the blink of an eye, Lu Xingzhi’s expression had returned to its usual mode, stoic and stern. It was as if the smile was just an illusion.

The instructor covered his mouth and coughed gently, then asked, “I heard from Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao that your wife will be visiting you on the National Day holiday, is it true?”

“Yes.” Lu Xingzhi nodded while tapping on his phone for a while before placing it back into his pocket. It was rare that he didn’t complain about Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao’s gabbing. “She will stay at the base for a few days.”

“Alright! Good for you! If everyone in the army thinks like you, then we, the old fellows, don’t have to worry so much about you guys. Anyway, we’ve never seen your wife before although you’ve already been married for a year. I’ll ask the chefs in the cafeteria to make delicious food while she is here.”

Although the instructor had never seen Lu Xingzhi’s wife before, he knew that his wife, who was a freshman this year, was much younger than he was.

However, he reckoned that Lu Xingzhi should be the role model for soldiers, with clear objectives and precise execution, lest the entire base be packed with aging bachelors!