Chapter 160 - Qi Xiang Apologized

Chapter 160 of 200 chapters

Zhou Weiqi ended the call before Jiang Yao was able to say anything. On the other hand, Qi Xiang finally realized how awful the situation was after he saw Jiang Yao keeping her phone. Weiqi was going to rush to Nanjiang City all because of Jiang Yao who stood before him. Qi Xiang had never expected that Jiang Yao would give Zhou Weiqi a call without him noticing.

From Qi Xiang’s point of view, Zhou Weiqi was only messing around with Jiang Yao. Therefore, Zhou Weiqi would not even have given Jiang Yao his contact details.

“How are you actually related to Weiqi?” Qi Xiang’s frivolous personality, which he had shown just a while ago, could no longer be seen when he spoke to Jiang Yao once again. At that moment, he was only curious about the girl who stood before him and her true identity. He was also worried about how he should explain to Weiqi once he came back tomorrow.

Jiang Yao gave Qi Xiang a side-eye. “Are you concerned about that? But why should I tell you?” Since Weiqi did not tell Qi Xiang about that, she would not tell him either.

Qi Xiang knew he could not get any answers from her, so he did not continue asking. He then voiced out again and apologized sincerely, “Miss Jiang, I was the one at fault today and I apologize.”

Qi Xiang had always been a tactful person. When he was at Jindo City, he could disguise his rude attitude and mask his true intention. As for today, he could even apologize to her straight away without hesitating. ‘A great man knows when to yield and when to not.’ That had always been Qi Xiang’s motto. “Milady, will you be kind enough to accept my apology? Is Miss Jiang interested in the housing project that the Qi family is developing? If you’re interested, I can give you a house there as an apology. What do you think about that?”

“Qi Xiang, are you crazy?” Zhang Xiqing did not know what had happened. Qi Xiang had only answered a phone call and he had a 180 degree change in attitude. He was calling out Zhou Weiqi’s name on the phone but after he ended the call, he addressed Jiang Yao as Miss Jiang unexpectedly and even used the word ‘milady’ on her.

Also, Qi Xiang could even apologize to Jiang Yao in front of so many people and proposed the idea of giving her a house as an apology. Zhang Xiqing had known Qi Xiang for quite some time and she had never seen him having such a servile manner.

It would have been fine if Zhang Xiqing had never spoken up. Qi Xiang was too worried at the moment and had forgotten about Zhang Xiqing. Once Zhang Xiqing opened her mouth, Qi Xiang redirected all his anger towards Zhang Xiqing.

If it was not for Zhang Xiqing, he would not even have the thought of laying his hands on Jiang Yao and he would not have displeased Zhou Weiqi.

Zhang Xiqing was the one who had misguided him into come up with the idea. Therefore, he was blaming everything on Zhang Xiqing.

Jiang Yao did not know what Zhou Weiqi was planning to do. Although she was shocked when Qi Xiang proposed to give her a house as an apology, she was not moved by him either.

“Qi Xiang, you can keep your stuff.” Jiang Yao had no interest in that. Her husband could simply give Weiqi a house in Jindo City and the cost of a house in Jindo City was way higher than in Nanjiang City. As the wife of the wealthy Mr. Lu, Jiang Yao believed that she could not be that frugal.

She did not give Qi Xiang any chances to continue bothering her. Jiang Yao turned around and walked away. Before doing so, she even gave Zhang Xiqing an icy side-eye.

She was fast and before Qi Xiang could react, she had already walked far away from them.

Jiang Yao snorted coldly. This woman named Zhang Xiqing was superb. Jiang Yao could not be bothered with her but she kept on challenging her limits. If that was the case, she could not blame her for not giving her a chance.

Jiang Yao was no longer rushing back to her dorm to draft her speech. She walked straight to the student hub and bought something before she casually walked back to her dorm.