Chapter 179 - I’ll Have to Punish You Later

Chapter 179 of 200 chapters

He must be angry because she didn’t wait for him at the hotel as they agreed, and worse still, she ended up in the police station! The incident had unfolded in a way beyond her control, though!

“Come here!” Lu Xingzhi growled again impatiently.

This time, before Jiang Yao could move, Chen Xuyao, the traitor, pushed her forward and said with a sheepish grin, “Jiang Yao is so excited to see you that she can’t walk properly!”

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao rolled their eyes at Chen Xuyao.

Although Jiang Yao had been pushed to his side by Chen Xuyao, Lu Xingzhi was happy that his wife was standing by his side. He stroked her hair gently and chided, “Naughty girl, I’ll have to punish you later.”

“Sergeant Lu, do you know them?” The police officer didn’t know the exact identity of the man in military uniform standing in front of him. He merely knew that he was from Jindo and he must be somebody in a high-ranking position because even their chief had greeted him respectfully.

“Yes,” Lu Xingzhi replied, keeping his answer short and simple. Obviously, he thought it was redundant and unnecessary to explain his relationship with Jiang Yao and Chen Xuyao to a mere officer. However, a ‘yes’ was more than enough to make the officer nervous and focused.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Xingzhi looked at Chen Xuyao. “Why did you come to Nanjiang City?”

Lu Xingzhi’s appearance was beyond Chen Xuyao’s expectations. He didn’t know that Lu Xingzhi would come to Nanjiang City today and he couldn’t have imagined meeting him here in the police station. Hence, he had to tell him about Qi Xiang.

However, that was apples and oranges. Chen Xuyao didn’t want to mention Qi Xiang’s affairs in front of so many people at the police station since the culprit himself was not present. The issue that they had to settle right now was the brats from the Zhang family.

Chen Xuyao raised to his feet, leaned close to Lu Xingzhi’s ear, and whispered. He retold the incident in a brief and direct summary about how Zhang Xiqing and Zhang Xinan had insulted Jiang Yao and Zhang Xinan’s ill intention towards Jiang Yao. When he finished, he quickly crouched behind Jiang Yao and observed Lu Xingzhi’s reaction. Not surprisingly at all, Lu Xingzhi’s face was turning an eerie shade of green.

“You, leave the room now,” Lu Xingzhi commanded to all the police officers present. They couldn’t comprehend his reason for such order, but considering his terrifying expression and his identity, they hastily left the room with no questions asked.

There were only five people in the room after the officers left. Zhang Xiqing could feel the dangerous aura emitting from the man’s body despite being a little dizzy.

“What do you want to do?” Zhang Xiqing shivered in terror as Lu Xingzhi was walking towards her and Zhang Xinan, his eyes suggesting that he was about to kill someone. “Hey, back off! This is a police station! What do you want to do?”

Zhang Xiqing didn’t doubt for a second that the man would definitely lay his hand on her. Terrified, she crawled to hide behind Zhang Xinan and shouted, her body trembling, “How dare you! Get away from us! My parents and lawyer will arrive very soon. If you dare touch me, even for a bit, I swear you won’t be able to walk out of here!”

Zhang Xinan was a hopeless coward. He was so afraid that he pulled Zhang Xiqing in front of him, shielding himself from the monster-like man. He didn’t know who he really was, but he was certain that the man was not an ordinary person since the officers were very respectful around him.

The Zhang family was active only in the business industry. Zhang Xinan realized that he must have offended someone he shouldn’t have as he locked his cowardly gaze on the man in military uniform in front of him.