Chapter 181 - Arrest

Chapter 181 of 200 chapters

Lu Xingzhi opened the door, stood majestically at the door, and said to the policemen, “These people are charged for the obstruction of justice, lock them up for 24 hours!”

It was a simple statement, abrupt and blunt. Zhang Xiqing’s parents were dumbfounded and their lawyers froze as if they were cursed by Medusa.

The police officers took swift action on Lu Xingzhi’s command, especially the officer who had suffered the direct attack by Mrs. Zhang, resulting in his face being covered in scratches. He quickly apprehended her and the rest of the people.

The Zhang family had been riding on a high horse all the while because of their wealth and their close relationship with the police chief. They were portraited as a lawless family in Nanjiang City due to their endless attempts in breaking the law and committing crimes, especially the notorious Zhang Xinan, the most wanted person in the precinct.

It was not that the officers didn’t want to bring these people to justice, but instead, they didn’t dare to. But now, someone of a high rank had come to their precinct and given them such a justifiable reason to apprehend these people. They were more than willing to follow his orders to pay back for all the insults and abuse they had received.

After Zhang Xiqing’s parents and their two lawyers were taken away, Lu Xingzhi threw a disdainful glance at the two terrified youngsters in the room and said to the remaining officers, “And these two, lock them up too. Inform your chief, don’t he dare protect the Zhang family! I want results before 10 pm! Otherwise, he will have no room for regret if I do it myself!”

Initially, Lu Xingzhi intended to deal with the matters for the sake of everyone’s dignity, but from the looks of it, he changed his mind. Sometimes, cutting the Gordian knot was the most effective way of solving the problem.

He was certain that the Zhang family was corrupted, though he wasn’t sure as to what extent. Nevertheless, he was certain that it would be that hard to wipe the Zhang family off Nanjiang City’s grid. However, if he found out that the chief was being lenient to them and decided to take the matter in his own hands, he would not just shake the foundation of the Zhang family.

The police chief was as equally guilty as the Zhang family for his role in protecting the Zhang family for so many years.

The Zhang family must have gotten tired of living too long as they had even extended their vicious claws to his wife—Lu Xingzhi’s wife!

At first, he had decided to just hold whoever responsible for Chen Zhibin’s mother’s case, but now, under such circumstances, there was no need for the entire Zhang family to survive!

The Zhang family thought they could be high and mighty in the city because of their influence and wealth—well, he would transform them into the people they despised the most.

After the command, he asked Jiang Yao to stay with Chen Xuyao and wait for him for five minutes before he followed the officers and left the room swiftly.

Standing in a daze while all the events unfolded, Jiang Yao regained her composure albeit still a little stunned.

“Jiang Yao, how are you feeling right not? Are you shocked?” Chen Xuyao noticed Jiang Yao’s shocked expression and chuckled. “Have you always thought that Brother Xingzhi is a very mild-tempered person?”

Jiang Yao nodded. In fact, she even thought that Lu Xingzhi had no temper at all. In her previous life, no matter how harshly she treated him, he had never once raised his voice at her. Instead, he even accommodated her and cared dearly for her.

“Yes, he is only like that in front of you. Frankly speaking, he is known for his fiery temper.” Chen Xuyao sighed. “We all agree that Xingzhi has invested all his patience and tolerance in you and that’s why he has none left for others. I believe you wouldn’t have seen any of these if it wasn’t for his overwhelming fury.”

Chen Xuyao paused for a short while before asking, “Jiang Yao, are you afraid of Brother Xingzhi now?”

Jiang Yao shook her head. He was her Lu Xingzhi, how could she be afraid of him? Instead, she realized how shallow and insignificant of her understanding of him was. She had only known him superficially by far, only the parts that he wanted her to know, or perhaps, the one and only Lu Xingzhi that he wanted her to know.

“Our circle is not as calm and relaxed as it seems on the surface. Brother Xingzhi has gone through a tough journey himself,” Chen Xuyao sighed again. “This is also why I chose to study abroad and become an interior designer after graduating from the military academy.”