Chapter 184 - Don’t Be Afraid of Me

Chapter 184 of 200 chapters

“I’m hungry, let’s eat!” Jiang Yao moved a little and prepared to get down from Lu Xingzhi’s legs. She was not used to Lu Xingzhi’s sweet-talk and this flirty way of sitting on his lap.

“Let me hug you more if you haven’t starved to death.” Lu Xingzhi pulled her back and even placed her leg, which was already on the floor, around his waist. This position was even more suggestive than the previous one. However, he did not do anything besides wrapping her in his arms, embracing her just as he said.

Jiang Yao did not struggle. She leaned against his chest and listened to his calm heartbeat thumping.

“Jiang Yao, don’t be afraid of me. Don’t ever be. Anybody in this world can be afraid of me, except you.”

His mumbling was very soft, but every single word entered her ears, each of them knocking at her heart.

“Okay.” Jiang Yao leaned on his chest and answered him softly, her hands gently wrapping around his waist.

She was not afraid.

She would not be afraid even if he were to destroy the whole world one day, because she knew that even if he harmed everyone in the world, he would never hurt her.

Time was frozen at this moment. Lu Xingzhi lowered his gaze and the calm side-view of her face fell into his eyes. She did not resist while leaning into his embrace, she was in complete peace of mind as if she was leaning on the whole world.

This was enough.

Lu Xingzhi’s lips curled up as he lowered his head to kiss her hair. “Get up, I’ll bring you to eat.” He could not bear to let his wife starve.

Only then did Jiang Yao pull away from Lu Xingzhi’s cuddle. Suddenly, she heard a sigh. She turned around and her eyes met his yearning gaze.

Jiang Yao turned away before glancing at a certain part of his and then turned her gaze away quickly, pretending that she did not know what he meant.

Two steps away, there was a man with a gruff and mellow voice, laughing softly and faintly.

After Jiang Yao stood up, Lu Xingzhi remained seated without budging for a few minutes. After a bit, he stood up and walked toward Jiang Yao before holding her hand.

“Let’s go.”

Just as they were about to go out, they coincidentally saw Chen Xuyao, who was about to knock on their door. Qi Xiang and his parents were standing behind Chen Xuyao.

“Young Master Lu!” Qi Xiang recognized Lu Xingzhi. He definitely recognized the Young Masters of Jindo City after living here for a few years. He was slightly stunned when he saw Lu Xingzhi holding Jiang Yao’s hand.

Qi Xiang had heard the news of Young Master Lu and Young Master Yao’s arrival at Nanjiang City from someone at the police station. Although that person did not know both of them, he had heard that Director Ye had addressed the one in a military uniform as Young Master Lu, and another man was called Chen Xuyao, who also knew Young Master Lu.

When Qi Xiang heard this, he knew that Young Master Lu was Lu Xingzhi, and Chen Xuyao was the youngest, Young Master Yao.

He also heard that Young Master Lu and Young Master Yao were close to Jiang Yao. Qi Xiang then realized that he had caused grave trouble and informed his parents immediately. They had asked around about their address and had hurried over quickly.

However, Qi Xiang did not expect to see the person who had left the school with Zhou Weiqi holding hands with Young Master Lu, walking out from the same room.

Qi Xiang was not foolish. He guessed that this Jiang Yao must be related to Young Master Lu and Zhou Weiqi’s going to find her was also because of Young Master Lu.

“Xingzhi, Jiang Yao.” Chen Xuyao greeted both of them and stepped aside silently before speaking up again. “The people from the Qi family have come.”