Chapter 199 - Equity Transfer Agreement

Chapter 199 of 200 chapters

She was so casual and spontaneous without a sense of awkwardness around him. Lu Xingzhi totally adored Jiang Yao like this because she made him feel like they were a normal couple that could communicate and behave nonchalantly.

“Why do you want the Qi family’s hospital?” Lu Xingzhi asked the question again, but this time, he was more relaxed as compared to earlier. There was only curiosity in his tone.

“Your comrade’s mother stays in that hospital, that’s why. When the hospital is mine, we can arrange for the best doctor to attend to his mother, we can prescribe the best medicine for her, we can hire the most professional nurses to tend to her, and we can even waive her bill. Isn’t that awesome?”

Of course, this was only one of the many reasons she needed a hospital. Another reason was that she needed the hospital as a cover-up for the Medical System since she planned to establish a private operating theater in the future. That way, if she wanted to experiment with the drugs or facilities she extracted from the system, she didn’t have to worry about being discovered.

“Oh yes, did you already know about the connection between the Qi family and the Huang family?” Jiang Yao asked. “You didn’t seem the least bit surprised when Mr. Huang came today.”

“Yes. When Xuyao mentioned about Qi Xiang, I researched the Qi family’s possible network and found the Huang family. I must say, that Mr. Huang is quite an interesting person.”

When Lu Xingzhi talked about Huang Chengjing, there was a dash of an amused expression on his face, especially when he said that he was ‘interesting’—it sounded as though he was complimenting him and condemning him all at the same time.

However, through this series of shenanigans, Jiang Yao had gained a little more understanding about Lu Xingzhi. She realized that this man who was in the army base all year long was not as rough a man as she had expected. He was very mindful and vigilant in his actions, always having a few tricks up his sleeves.

The Qi family had felt a pang of despair when Jiang Yao asked for the hospital, but after Huang Chengjing told them that they should count themselves fortunate that she didn’t ask for the entire business empire, they suddenly felt that they could very well afford to lose just the hospital.

As if fearing that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao would regret their decision as well as to end any possible hitches, they went through the equity transfer very quickly. Qi Xiang even brought a lawyer with him and met Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao at the hotel.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao went to get changed when there was a knock on the door before welcoming their guests.

“Young Master Lu, Miss Jiang,” Qi Xiang greeted them humbly as soon as he entered the door. Then, he bowed to Jiang Yao and apologized solemnly. “Miss Jiang, I’m sorry.”

After apologizing, Qi Xiang discreetly observed the couple who was way above his league. Since there was no change in their expression, he took the document from his lawyer and passed it to Jiang Yao. “This is the equity transfer agreement. My parents and I have signed it, and this document will take effect when you sign it. This is the Huang family’s lawyer, you can consult him if there are any questions or doubts.”

He had come with the Huang family’s lawyer, meaning that the Qi family had assigned the Huang family as their guarantor and to also to let Lu Xingzhi know that they were not executing any schemes.

Lu Xingzhi took the document and quickly glanced through. The agreement was filled with a lot of difficult and complex legal regulations, but he read it like an adult reading a children’s book. After confirming that the agreement was legit without any problems, he gave it back to Jiang Yao to sign.

“Qi Xiang, I would like you to know that I hate self-righteous people the most. So far, any being who dares to challenge or trick me has not even been born yet, so I hope the Qi family will not be the first ones.” Lu Xingzhi glared at Qi Xiang coldly. “I don’t want to see the doctors in the hospital line up to the board of directors and resign one after another after I return to the base. I don’t mind coming back to Nanjiang again if they do.”