Chapter 42

Chapter 42 of 200 chapters

School uniforms were compulsory at Jiang Yao’s high school. Hence, she hardly wore casual clothes. Because of this, most of her casual clothes had been purchased before marriage, and they were mostly from ordinary and modest brands.

After she got married, she had only purchased two sets of clothing in winter. It was not as if the Lu family was too stingy, but she focused more on her studies and did not have time for shopping. The winter clothes were bought for Chinese New Year and Mrs. Lu had taken her to the county department store to buy them during the winter holidays.

Although the clothes were purchased the county department store, their price tags was pretty impressive. When she had worn them to school, many female classmates were envious upon seeing the clothes.

As it was summer now, she was wearing a summer dress which she had bought when she was in sophomore year.

“Miss, this is the best department store in the city. You can’t afford to shop here. Why don’t you go and check out the big market? The clothes there and their price tags are better suited for people like you.”

The saleswoman was a little agitated as she glared at the scanty-looking young girl who was reluctant to leave and scoffed, “Don’t just stand here, leave! You’re giving our brand a bad image. People who are clueless would think that we’re selling junk. Also, let me warn you not to simply touch our clothes. You’ll have to pay for any damage caused. You’ll come and beg for mercy if you can’t afford to pay.”

As she mocked her, the saleswoman flung the price tag of the clothes arrogantly in front of Jiang Yao. Three digits, eight hundred dollars. This value was equivalent to several months of wages for some people. It was also an astronomical figure for the poverty-stricken people who lived on minimum wages.

Jiang Yao glanced at the cocky saleswoman and she felt her blood boil. She snorted and reached over to touch the clothes as the saleswoman glared at her furiously. “I like the material. Take it down, I want to try it.”

The saleswoman’s face turned green and blurted, “You…you…you are so shameless!”

At this moment, Lu Xingzhi came in after parking his car. As soon as he walked into the store, he heard the saleswoman chiding Jiang Yao while pointing a finger at her. He frowned, his expression darkening, and he strode towards Jiang Yao. He pulled Jiang Yao aside, away from the pointing finger, wrapped his arm around her waist, and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I like this one and want to try it. She wouldn’t even let me touch it, for she says I can’t afford it. I insisted on trying and she scolded me for being shameless.” Jiang Yao looked innocently at Lu Xingzhi and pouted. “It’s eight hundred dollars. It’s very comfortable, I think it’s made of the same material as our bedsheets, silk. Try and feel it, am I right?”

“Buy it if you like it.” Lu Xingzhi glared coldly at the saleswoman and exclaimed, “Call your manager. Tell him I’m from the Lu family.”

Yup, Lu Xingzhi was not looking for the store manager—he was talking about the manager of the department store.

At this moment, it wasn’t just the manager of the department store—even if the owner of the store was here, he would have to put up a smiling face when he saw Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi heaved a sigh of dismay while looking at Jiang Yao’s unhappy and pouty face. How dare this saleswoman point at his wife and scold her?

The saleswoman had not expected such a handsome young man to appear out of nowhere. Although he was dressed casually, his overall charisma was extraordinary. She had seen all kinds of customers throughout her working hours, and at a glance, she could tell that this man must be very influential socially.