Chapter 54

Chapter 54 of 200 chapters

Jiang Yao was still thinking about Lu Xingzhi’s call back at home, but this young lady hadn’t given her much chance to state her opinion.

Shaking her head, Jiang Yao was helplessly dragged to the cinema. Lu Xiaoxiao picked a somewhat old comedy film. She bought soda and popcorn and pulled Jiang Yao into the cinema hall.

Compared to Lu Xingzhi, who didn’t smile at all throughout the entire movie, watching a comedy with Lu Xiaoxiao was a delight. There were some funny scenes that made both of them laugh and hug each other. At some point, Lu Xiaoxiao even lifted her legs and accidentally dropped the popcorn to the ground.

When they came out of the cinema hall, both of them were very hungry. Lu Xiaoxiao suggested a newly opened western restaurant, but since she didn’t know the exact location, they spent almost an hour finding it and they ended up hungry like wolves.

“Sister, my friend told me that this restaurant’s steak is the best in town. I had never expected their business to be so good, I’m not sure if we can get a place.” Lu Xiaoxiao looked into the restaurant through the large floor-to-ceiling glass window and stared at the food on the diners’ table like a glutton while whispering, “Sister, look. The food looks so tasty.”

Jiang Yao couldn’t help but follow Lu Xiaoxiao’s gaze into the restaurant. Unexpectedly, she did not see the food on the table clearly but she stumbled upon an acquaintance inside instead.

“Sister, look! It’s Brother-in-law!” Lu Xiaoxiao saw him too, obviously. She hopped excitedly at the outside, but the person inside couldn’t hear her across the thick glass, so she pulled Jiang Yao directly into the restaurant.

Jiang Yao was dragged into the restaurant. As they ran towards Zhao Zhuangzong’s table, she stood behind Lu Xiaoxiao and watched him recoil in shock and panic when he saw them and quickly move his hand away from the belly of the lady sitting beside him.

“Brother, what a coincidence! How is it? Hurry, tell me how good the steak is here? We came straight here after watching a movie. I didn’t expect such a crowd, so I’m not sure if we can get a place,” Lu Xiaoxiao blurted out continuously when she saw Zhao Zhuangzong and didn’t seem to notice their peculiar expressions.

“Ah… Yes.” Zhao Zhuangzong discreetly observed Lu Xiaoxiao and Jiang Yao’s reaction as he spoke. “I also heard the good reviews so I came to try it. It just so happened that I bumped into a friend here, so we sat together.”

As the old saying goes, he’s hiding something.

Lu Xiaoxiao only noticed the pregnant woman sitting next to Zhao Zhuangzong upon him mentioning it. Lu Xiaoxiao smiled a big smile at her and greeted, “Hi, I’m his sister-in-law!”

It would’ve easily become a greeting with a hidden meaning but when it came to Lu Xiaoxiao, it was literally a warmhearted and polite greeting.

However, Jiang Yao clearly saw the minute changes in the pregnant woman and Zhao Zhuangzong’s expressions .

“Zhuangzong, I have to go now. Excuse me,” the pregnant woman uttered and quickly turned to go.

Zhao Zhuangzong wanted to go after her, but then remembered that he had a bigger problem to handle, which was the two ladies. He slowly retraced his footsteps.