Chapter 93 - Want to Take a Look Again?

Chapter 93 of 200 chapters

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Although she had gotten in bed with Lu Xingzhi before, Jiang Yao had always been a shy little girl. At that particular moment, she did not even dare to stare at his body, let alone that part of his.

Lu Xingzhi knew Jiang Yao was shy and so, he did not continue to tease her. He had not expected her to kick the door at all. After Jiang Yao hid her face in the bed, he tied his towel around his waist before he went out to grab his underwear and went back into the bathroom. He came out again after he dried his hair.

The woman on the bed was shaking her head one moment but stopped at the next. He did not know what was going on in her mind but she looked very cute.

Lu Xingzhi walked over and lay beside Jiang Yao. “It’s not comfortable to lie on the pillow. Lean on me and rest for a while.”

Jiang Yao hesitated after she heard him and rejected him. “I’m fine like this. The bed here is softer than the hospital’s and it’s a lot more comfortable lying on it too.”

However, Lu Xingzhi did not care if she agreed or otherwise. He reached out his hand and grabbed the woman beside her. He allowed her to use his chest as a pillow. Upon noticing that her earlobes were still red, he only reached out to touch them but did not tease her again.

Jiang Yao’s earlobes were soft. Although it was summer, they were still burning hot. Lu Xingzhi was a little helpless. How could she get embarrassed so easily?

Although being forced to switch pillows, Jiang Yao did not resist. In fact, lying on Lu Xingzhi was more comfortable than lying on her pillow. Also, she liked the smell of Lu Xingzhi as it could calm her down.

She pressed her head onto his chest and put her hands separately on both sides of his body, as if she was hugging him. As for Lu Xingzhi, he placed his hands onto her head after he touched her earlobes. He touched her hair softly and gently caressed her.

Jiang Yao switched the position of her head and started to admire his body. As for his figure, Jiang Yao wanted to use every good word in the world to describe his flawless body.

She reached out her hand to touch his abs and a voice was heard on top of her head, “You like it?”

The voice struck her like lightning. Was she that obvious? Didn’t she just touch him once?

“No, I don’t!” Jiang Yao denied while muffling. Although she was denying, her gaze fell onto the part below his abs without realizing.

He was dressed very casually and loosely . His pants were barely hanging onto his waist. Looking from her angle, she could even see the side of his underwear and that was very sexy.

What kind of a man was Lu Xingzhi? He was a member of the Reconnaissance Specialist in the Combat Arms. He had captured all the turning and stopping of Jiang Yao’s gaze. He could not help but start to tease her again.

“Were you not satisfied just now? Want to take a look again?” Lu Xingzhi sighed. “I will let you see it tonight, alright? The sun is still high up, I’m too shy to show it to you now.”

Jiang Yao turned into a cat and all her fur stood straight up out of a sudden. She sat straight up and stared at Lu Xingzhi viciously. “Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you now!”

Then, she started to move away from him as if she wanted to leave a space as wide as the Grand Canyon between them.

He saw Jiang Yao stopping at the spot where she was going to fall off from the bed and laying there without even looking at him. Lu Xingzhi knew his joke was over the line and the little woman was too embarrassed to bother him anymore.

“Look at your pitiable little face. Alright, I will not tease you anymore.” Lu Xingzhi reached out his hand and was about to drag her again but this time, Jiang Yao was not that obedient anymore and pushed his arms away with all her might.

Lu Xingzhi had the mood to play the ‘you push me and I’ll push you back’ game with her for a while all of a sudden. Upon seeing her addicted to pushing him, he soon lost his patience and carried her into his arms immediately. He placed her back onto his chest and wrapped his legs around her to lock her tight while she was still staring at him. “I’m tired, don’t disturb me. Let me sleep well.”