Chapter 94 - A Pig-like Wife

Chapter 94 of 200 chapters

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Upon hearing that sentence, the one who was still struggling quieted down instantly. Jiang Yao responded with a hum and lay there obediently. Without knowing what was on her mind, she suddenly raised her head and glanced at him. She approached him, kissed him on the corner of his lips, moved away swiftly, and lay back on him.

Hah, as expected, she was a little woman who could be persuaded by reason but not cowed by force.

Lu Xingzhi could not help but feel pleased about his accurate assessment about her.

Initially, Jiang Yao had planned to accompany Lu Xingzhi to sleep for a while. After he was asleep, she would go downstairs. However, the next time she opened her eyes was when Lu Xiaoxiao knocked on the door.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and heard Lu Xingzhi asking Lu Xiaoxiao, who had knocked on the door, to wait downstairs.

“You’re awake?” Lu Xingzhi said in a playful tone, “Pig.”

Jiang Yao asked in a dazed manner while being teased, “What’s the time?” Then, she sat up straight and looked at the clock on the bedside table.

“Oh my goodness! It’s five o’clock already?” Jiang Yao rubbed her eyes, stunned. “It felt like I have been sleeping for just a while!”

“So, I married a pig.” Lu Xingzhi laughed. “A pig-like wife.”

Jiang Yao kicked him unhappily. “Uncle and Xiaoxiao have arrived.” After some thought, she said, “If Mom asks, I’ll say I was accompanying you while you’re asleep, and that you slept until now.”

“I was wronged. I was awake at three-thirty, I saw that you were in deep sleep, so I did not get up.” Lu Xingzhi said unwillingly.

Jiang Yao did not care if he was falsely accused. Anyway, that would be her explanation if anyone asked.

“Go wash your face and go downstairs to eat. Xiaoxiao has called us down to eat.” Lu Xingzhi was simply teasing Jiang Yao. She was thin-skinned and of course, he should be a responsible husband.

Jiang Yao quickly rushed to the washroom to wash her face. When she looked up, she saw Lu Xingzhi, who came in afterward, standing beside her while smiling cheekily at her.

Jiang Yao suddenly realised that Lu Xingzhi liked to smile when he was with her. While they were together, he was not like when he was with other people, where his face was always icy and expressionless.

However, even when he was smiling, he was just slightly curving up the corners of his lips. But for Jiang Yao, she could sense his emotions in his eyes, that he was really smiling.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Xingzhi asked casually when he saw Jiang Yao looking at him after he lowered his head and wiped his face.

“Nothing.” Jiang Yao shook her head. “Let’s go downstairs after we’re done washing up. Don’t keep them waiting for too long.”

“Wait a second.” Lu Xingzhi lifted his arm and pressed against the wall with white ceramic tiles beside Jiang Yao. He surrounded her with his arms and the wall, then bent down to kiss Jiang Yao after she asked why.

He did not know why he kissed her. He just felt the sudden urge to kiss her, without any reason, while following his heart. She was like a dessert that he would never stop tasting for the rest of his life, and she was a drug that he was addicted to for a lifetime.

Jiang Yao was concerned about the elders downstairs. She pushed him lightly after kissing Lu Xingzhi for a while, and pouted. “We should go downstairs. If you continue kissing me, my lips will become swollen.”

Although Lu Xingzhi did not continue kissing her, he wrapped her in his arms, very, very tightly, until there wasn’t even a tiny gap between them.

“Jiang Yao, don’t stop maintaining it,” Lu Xingzhi said randomly. He released her before holding her hand while exiting the room and then, they headed downstairs.

Jiang Yao did not understand why Lu Xingzhi had said that. What did he mean by ‘don’t stop maintaining it’? Maintain what?

She was planning to ask him, but seeing that Lu Xingzhi had no intention of explaining himself, she did not say anything further and followed him downstairs.