Chapter 115 - Miyagawa Meishin’s Request

Chapter 115 of 318 chapters

Chapter 115: Miyagawa Meishin’s Request

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It’s precisely because he’s confident in his strength that he dares to use shield techniques that aren’t mature enough. Miyagawa Meishin landed on the ground in the distance and was extremely calm. He’s using this opportunity to hone his shield techniques, allowing them to improve gradually. What an astonishing growth rate.

My only chance is to seize the flaw in his shield techniques. The longer I delay, the fewer flaws he will have. Miyagawa Meishin’s eyes turned sharp. I’ll give it my all!

The longer he delayed, the more perfect Xu Jingming’s shield techniques became, and the slimmer his chances became.

With this in mind, Miyagawa Meishin charged forward with his two blades! His figure was unpredictable, making it difficult to determine which angle he would attack from.

Xu Jingming also stood still and waited calmly.


The moment he approached, Xu Jingming suddenly took a step forward and charged forward like a stream of light.

The first reason for his footwork charge was to increase his entire body’s momentum, and the second was to instantly change his location and increase the opponent’s difficulty in attacking.


Miyagawa Meishin stepped on the ground, causing the marble tiles to crack. He suddenly changed directions drastically, and his entire body tilted until he was almost sticking to the ground. He drew a huge arc and suddenly arrived in front of Xu Jingming from the side.

The blade beam was like a crescent moon.


Xu Jingming blocked the strike with the shield in his left hand while the shield in his right prepared to strike.

As expected, the other blade beam was extremely sinister—it stabbed down from below and stabbed at Xu Jingming’s head in a flash. Xu Jingming was already prepared, the shield in his right hand naturally blocking the strike.

Miyagawa Meishin’s feet turned into a blur as he moved to Xu Jingming’s side, the blade beam striking once again.

He didn’t retreat. Instead, he attacked, attacked, and kept attacking!

His movement technique was too fast, and he delivered consecutive strikes with two blades! They were relentless! One couldn’t focus on blocking one of Miyagawa Meishin’s blades because they would miss out on the other if they tried their best to block one strike.

Xu Jingming had an extraordinarily tempered mind, and he could naturally sense his surroundings. He instinctively blocked with his dual shields.

“Die, die, die!” Miyagawa Meishin displayed all his offensive attainments in blade techniques—speed, bizarreness, and constant transformations were displayed vividly.

How did he fight Tiger Fussen for ten minutes? How did he defeat Halu Singh, who was ranked first in India? It was because his movement technique and blade technique had perfect synergy.

Under this pressure, Xu Jingming didn’t even have the time to think as he blocked the attacks with his dual shields.

And it was precisely because of this pressure that Xu Jingming’s dual shields became more and more fluid, and the force exerted became more and more natural. Humans were also a form of life. Life would find a way under the pressure of the environment—it could be called evolution! Of course, an environment that was too comfortable and peaceful caused a person to ‘degenerate.’


When Xu Jingming swung his shield, he found it much smoother. This shield strike was clearly much faster and more ferocious, exceeding Miyagawa Meishin’s expectations.

The strike forced Miyagawa Meishin to retreat more than ten meters away. He looked at his opponent in surprise and bewilderment.

A voice sounded in Xu Jingming’s ears. “Unknown Lv. 4 shield technique discovered. Please name it.”

Xu Jingming smiled.

He had finally broken through!

“Name it Shield Technique,” Xu Jingming said softly, his lips moving. This sentence was muted, so nobody present could hear it except him.

It couldn’t be helped. If this line was broadcasted on the global livestream… it would draw too much hatred.

As for the name? There was only one footwork and shield technique, so there was no need to give it a special name deliberately. After all, the combat strength interface was only for him to see.

Did his shield technique become stronger? Miyagawa Meishin was surprised and puzzled, but he didn’t think too much about charging forward again! Regardless of whether Xu Jingming had become stronger or not, he could only fight with his full strength!

When he attacked with his full strength, all his mind and will converged into one thought—break through the shield and kill Xu Jingming.

The onslaught also benefited his understanding of blade techniques.

A battle… It was never just about a single side gaining something; the other side also benefited. It was just that their insights were different.

It’s time to end it. Xu Jingming watched the other party charge over, but he remained standing. The moment the other party arrived and swung his blade, Xu Jingming charged forward again.


Like a stream of light, the two shields crashed into the enemy like planets.

He has become faster! Miyagawa Meishin immediately realized this. He tapped his foot to dodge, but a shield still appeared in front of him.

He immediately blocked with his blade, trying to deflect the force, but he was still sent flying by the terrifying impact brought by the shield. Miyagawa Meishin somersaulted and tapped the wall in the distance, causing it to crack as he dodged to the side.

However, Xu Jingming had already arrived, and the shield attacked again!

Xu Jingming was indeed faster!

Firstly, his control over his body increased after his shield technique broke through to Lv. 4, allowing him to unleash greater speed. Secondly, his usage of shield techniques became more natural, and his footwork was closer to perfection. Everything was very fluid.

Bang! Bang!

The figure that resembled a stream of light arrived, and the shield crushed down like a star.

Miyagawa Meishin tried his best to retreat, but he was sent flying with his entire body sticking close to the ground. He also tried his best to deflect the force with his two blades.

However, Xu Jingming charged forward again at a speed that was even faster than Miyagawa Meishin’s retreat.

“Ha!” In his fury, Miyagawa Meishin suddenly stomped the ground and dodged to the side despite the pain in his ankle. However, he was still a step too slow!

He barely dodged one shield, but the other shield still crashed into his blade beam and his body!

Although he tried his best to step on the ground and deflect the force, he vomited blood from the impact! He fell to the ground from a distance, spewing blood as he struggled to stand up.

What agile movement. He managed to deflect 70 to 80% of the impact. Xu Jingming was a little surprised. His shield was considered a heavy weapon, so logically speaking, it should’ve pulverized Miyagawa Meishin.

Miyagawa Meishin took the initiative to fly back, deflecting 70% to 80% of the force. He was only seriously injured—he didn’t die!

“Cough.” Miyagawa Meishin coughed and endured the pain from his injuries. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at his opponent. “What a powerful shield technique! Xu Jingming, your strength is indeed far above mine. I wonder if… you can let me experience your spearmanship! Your spearmanship should be much stronger than your shield technique, right?”

All of this caused the official livestreams across the world to boil over.

Miyagawa Meishin’s frenzied attacks were indeed beautiful and bizarre; it even looked like Xu Jingming had been forced to defend the entire time! But suddenly… Xu Jingming’s shield technique became ferocious and faster. His continuous pursuit nearly killed Miyagawa Meishin!

Now, Miyagawa Meishin was requesting Xu Jingming to use spearmanship?

“Miyagawa admits that he’s inferior to China’s Xu Jingming.”

“Miyagawa was defeated by Xu Jingming’s shield technique.”

The male and female hosts in Japan’s official livestream were in a daze. They found it difficult to accept Miyagawa Meishin—who had the advantage previously—publicly admitting that Xu Jingming was far stronger than him, now that he had been seriously injured.

“Xu Jingming’s true strength is indeed much greater than that of Miyagawa.” The male host composed himself and said, “Once he uses his spearmanship, it’s very likely that he will defeat Miyagawa thoroughly. However, we don’t have to be discouraged. Miyagawa is still ranked in the world’s top few. With his growth speed, he will definitely become stronger in the future.”

“Miyagawa will definitely become stronger!” the female host said excitedly.

The Japanese citizens flooded the stream with countless comments. “All the best, Miyagawa!”

“My heart aches for Miyagawa!”

“Miyagawa will definitely defeat China’s Xu Jingming next time.”

“How is this Xu Jingming so strong?”

The atmosphere in China’s official livestream was completely different. Be it the host or guests, everyone was extremely nervous! This was because Xu Jingming had been forced to defend. Miyagawa Meishin’s blade beams were biting cold as he attacked frantically. It was indeed terrifying.

The situation had reversed?

Even Miyagawa Meishin publicly admitted that Xu Jingming was much stronger than him?

“Was Xu Jingming practicing shield techniques? Even Miyagawa Meishin is requesting him to use his spearmanship.”

“He seriously injured that kid from Japan with his shield technique. In my opinion, we shouldn’t let him have his way and let him die without seeing his spearmanship!”

“I’m very curious. How good is Xu Jingming’s spearmanship now?”

“In any case, Miyagawa Meishin of Japan believes that Xu Jingming’s spearmanship is far above his shield technique.”

“His shield technique is already very powerful. How strong is his spearmanship?”

Under the global attention, Xu Jingming was in a good mood. After all, his control over his body had increased after his shield technique broke through.

“Alright.” Xu Jingming nodded. As he put down the shield, he took out the two spear segments on his back. He then twisted the spear segments and locked it.

Xu Jingming held his spear and looked at Miyagawa Meishin before saying, “Be careful.”

Miyagawa Meishin nodded slightly and bent his body slightly in an extremely solemn manner. He held a blade in each hand and stared at Xu Jingming, prepared to give his all. He felt that the current Xu Jingming emitted a might that left him alarmed.

I’ve never used Beam Transformation in public combat. Xu Jingming’s mind and spear became one.

He practiced Beam Transformation more than 10,000 times a day. He stabbed repeatedly at the edge of the stellar system in the cosmos every time! All the insights from his long-term cultivation had seeped into his bones.

Become light!

Xu Jingming moved his feet.


A dark-red stream of light approached Miyagawa Meishin, causing his eyes to widen. How can it be so fast?


When Xu Jingming used Beam Transformation, he only had one thought—be light. With man and spear as one, he was fastest when he struck out like light!

This speed—Liu Hai’s pupils constricted in the stands as he felt an intense threat.

This spearmanship? Tejano Xire—who had been leisurely eating fruits—opened his mouth the moment the pear in his hand reached his mouth. He looked at the spear with undisguised shock.

In the livestream, the virtual world automatically displayed the highest speed Xu Jingming moved at—163 meters per second.

This was a shocking speed! It was enough to shock the fastest experts in the world!

“Ah!” Miyagawa Meishin’s expression turned more ferocious. He didn’t choose to escape; he couldn’t escape in time at this speed. He used his two blades to block with all his might.


I touched it! Miyagawa Meishin’s blade beam touched the spear, but he didn’t have the time to rejoice before he became aghast with shock. He felt the unstoppable will of the spear, and his chest felt cold as a wind tore through it.

His body turned ethereal.

Clearly, the spear tip had already stabbed through his chest the moment his blade touched Xu Jingming’s strike.

How fast. Miyagawa Meishin looked at Xu Jingming. He accepted his loss.

Miyagawa Meishin dissipated.

Only Xu Jingming stood still with his spear.

This final strike was also live-streamed to more than four billion people worldwide..