Chapter 121 - Course Preparation

Chapter 121 of 318 chapters

Chapter 121: Course Preparation

Translator: CKtalon

In his personal space, Xu Jingming sat on a sofa, took out a notebook, and started thinking.

How should a lecture that will face all of humanity be? Xu Jingming thought to himself. First, I have to make it as simple as possible. The simpler, the better. Only then will the threshold for understanding be low.

All humans on Earth had varying degrees of education. Some were children, while others were elderly. Before the evolutionary method appeared, some elderly had their brains atrophy, and their memories degenerated. Although they became much more agile after the evolutionary method appeared, those with high intelligence were ultimately a minority among humans. Most of them had average intelligence.

I should explain my martial arts combat system from the simplest point of view. Xu Jingming set his goal and began to sort out his system carefully.


A message suddenly came.

Xu Jingming tapped gently, and a projection appeared—it was Director Zhou.

“Jingming.” Director Zhou smiled. “You know about the livestream and Martial Arts Center, right?”

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“The Martial Arts Center was launched in hopes that the world’s top experts can give lectures,” Director Zhou said. “After all, for you guys to reach such impressive levels in a short period of time, your cultivation systems must have their merits. It also suits you the best.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

One could gain knowledge by reading, and the efficiency of learning might be 1.

One could also gain knowledge from a teacher’s lecture, but the learning efficiency could be 5! It was much higher and more thorough than simply reading books.

But if the founder of this theory were to explain it in person, the core ideas could be pointed out. The efficiency might be 10, 30, 50, or even 100! After all, the founder could choose not to stick to a curriculum and explain the core ideas from different angles.

“The goal to get you guys to livestream globally is also to give you guys a channel to communicate with the global audience. If they have anything they don’t understand about your classes, they can discuss it on the livestream. You guys can also perfect your martial arts classes,” Director Zhou said.

“So the livestreams are also for the martial arts classes.” Xu Jingming came to a realization.

“This is the Earth Alliance’s intention,” Director Zhou said. “The date of the Martial Arts Center’s first overall ranking will be the end of this year; there are less than two months left. You have to seize this year’s opportunity. Many precious resources are in the hands of the Earth Alliance. The Earth Alliance will fairly choose experts worldwide and reward them with resources.”

“As long as it’s a human on Earth, be it from a large country or a small country, they have a chance of obtaining resources,” Director Zhou said. “You have cleared Cosmos Tower’s fourth level and are one of the three most dazzling people in the world. You already have a huge advantage. You have a high chance of being ranked in the Martial Arts Center’s top ten. You can even get first by working hard!”

“I know.” Xu Jingming was also very hardworking and had already begun preparing the teaching materials. It was just that being good at martial arts didn’t mean that he was good at teaching.

It was difficult to say who would have the highest overall score by selling courses. After all, there were many hidden talents in the world. Perhaps some people’s lectures were very attractive.

“There are some resources in the Earth Alliance that are much more precious than your possession of the cosmic legend,” Director Zhou reminded. “Don’t miss this opportunity. Firstly, the Martial Arts Center is to promote the evolution of all humans. Secondly, it’s to groom the ten people with the highest contributions!”

After Director Zhou ended the transmission, Xu Jingming continued combing through his knowledge.

After writing for a while, Xu Jingming looked at the beautiful scenery outside the window and couldn’t help but smile. I’ve been engrossed in cultivation previously. Now that I’m sorting out my martial arts combat system from a teaching perspective, I’ve gained new insights.

He had to explain it to the world’s humans in the simplest way.

Xu Jingming also thought of ways to ‘dissect’ his combat system. Distilling it was actually very difficult.

To distill profound knowledge into teaching material… Xu Jingming had to overcome one obstacle after another. This process allowed him to have a deeper understanding of his spear techniques, shield techniques, and footwork.

To the martial arts arena.

After taking some time to arrange the material, Xu Jingming couldn’t help but go to the martial arts arena. He picked up a spear and started practicing.

After practicing for a while, he immediately sat down in a corner of the martial arts arena and wrote down some of his insights in his notebook. Then, he practiced his shield techniques…

How should he explain spear techniques to the audience? How should he explain shield techniques, footwork, and even his combat system? When Xu Jingming was learning martial arts, he was a science student. His lectures ended up very logical and clear; his goal was to explain things in great detail.

It was like a lecture going from teaching 1 plus 1 to slowly building up knowledge until he finished explaining the profound spear techniques, shield techniques, and footwork.

It’s really difficult to explain profound combat techniques simply. Xu Jingming couldn’t help but shake his head. Suddenly, he sensed something and opened his personal combat strength interface. Huh?

Xu Jingming smiled.

Beam Transformation Spear Technique increased from Lv. 4 53% to Lv. 4 59%, Astral Spear to Lv. 4 41%, Footwork to Lv. 4 30%, and Shield Technique to Lv. 4 35%.

I prepared teaching materials for three hours, and the progress matches ten days of cultivation? Xu Jingming smiled. It looks like being a teacher is also another form of cultivation.

Xu Jingming continued working hard and wrote his curriculum.

In a personal space.

A building in the cosmos had glass on all sides. Through the glass, one could see Earth, Mars, and the scorching sun.

This was clearly a virtual setting. Special virtual settings cost money; the more exaggerated the settings, the higher the cost. Even the temperature in the outside world and the various rays in space were completely virtual, so the daily cost was very high.

However, Pang Ze clearly didn’t mind.

Pang Ze sat in a chair and looked at the endless cosmos.

“Dad, you were looking for me?” Pang Yun came over.

“Yeah.” Pang Ze smiled at his son.

“Dad, it’s different every time I come to your virtual world,” Pang Yun said. “I also tried setting up a virtual scene, but it wasn’t as realistic as yours.”

“You need to study astronomy and physics to create more accurate settings,” Pang Ze said. “How’s your martial arts training these days?”

“It’s not going anywhere,” Pang Yun said helplessly. “I’ve been stuck at Lv. 2 99% since I started practicing.”

“You trained under Xu Jingming for three years, and you have a solid foundation in spearmanship. However, you only treated it as a mission I gave you and didn’t put in enough effort. You still have to put in the effort on the path of martial arts.” Pang Ze shook his head gently.

Teaching his son was tiring.

Pang Yun lowered his head obediently and didn’t dare say a word.

“Here.” Pang Ze picked up a dossier beside him and handed it to his son. “This is a dossier of a person named Cheng Zihao.”

“Cheng Zihao?” Pang Yun took it in confusion. “I know him. He was originally a playboy of the Tiger Shark Group. Later on, when the Cheng family declined, he established a livestream company.”

Pang Yun took the dossier.

“He still has some conflicts with your master, Xu Jingming,” Pang Ze said with a smile. “Look at this dossier carefully. It’s mainly because many of Cheng Zihao’s actions in the past year are related to business.”

“Why should I be reading this?” Pang Yun grumbled, but he still flipped it open. He saw the conflict between Cheng Zihao, Xu Jingming, and Li Miaomiao at a glance, and he couldn’t help but glare. “This scumbag! Dad, you should’ve told me earlier. How could I let him bully my master?”

“I didn’t let you read the dossiers to stand up for your master. Your master doesn’t need your help either,” Pang Ze said helplessly.

“Why did you show me his dossier?” Pang Yun gazed at his father.

“You’re also in university this year, and you’re 18,” Pang Ze said. “Therefore, you have to begin another course.”

“Another course?” Pang Yun was puzzled.

“Yes,” his father said. “The first lesson of this course is to ask you to finish reading Cheng Zihao’s dossier. Then, tell me what mistakes Cheng Zihao has made in the past year and which are fatal. Moreover, predict Cheng Zihao’s fate next.”

“Analyze his mistakes? Predict his fate?” Pang Yun was curious.

This course was interesting.

“This is the first lesson and also the easiest,” Pang Ze said. “Alright, hurry up and study it.”

“Alright!” Pang Yun replied.

There was one good thing about him—he did everything his father ordered seriously.

Pang Ze watched his son leave.

Out of all the knowledge I grasp, I wonder how much my son has learned from it, Pang Ze thought. He fought in the universe alone and was the hero of Earth. He didn’t feel tired fighting in the universe; he only felt full of fighting spirit.. However, grooming his son was truly tiring.