Chapter 181 - : Tejano’s Identity

Chapter 181 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming stopped his cold training and opened his personal combat strength interface.

My spearmanship has indeed improved quite a bit over the past few days of the competition. Xu Jingming smiled and immersed himself in cultivation. The opponent he virtualized had low intelligence, and the one on the fifth floor of Cosmos Tower was too terrifying. He was killed in a few moves.

His competition battles with Ysarova and Tiger Fussen and his battle with his master, Liu Hai, today had helped him greatly with his spearmanship.

Beam Transformation has been raised to Lv. 5 39%. Xu Jingming looked at the interface. I’m still quite a distance from Lv. 5 50%. My actual combat bonus has also increased to 280%.

The gradual increase in strength boosted Xu Jingming’s confidence in the finals.


Xu Jingming was already looking forward to tonight’s battle. He had never fought Tejano.

Mars, outer space.

A gray-skinned man stood alone in outer space. His robe had golden patterns, and his hair was silver-gray. His appearance was identical to Tejano Xire’s.


The light emitted by the sun in the distance was drawn toward him when it came close to him. The light began to distort and surge into the gray-skinned man’s body, which absorbed it.

Huh? The gray-skinned man sensed something and opened his eyes.

A stream of light was flying over from afar, and it rapidly decelerated when it came close. The deceleration revealed a small spaceship.

A man flew out of it.

The man who flew out wore protective combat clothes. He was Angus, the secretary general of the Earth Alliance.

Angus looked at the other party’s robe with golden patterns and sighed with emotion. This Evernight Bioarmor I bought is probably just a rounding error of Tejano’s attire.

“Your Excellency Tejano.” Angus appeared submissive towards him.

“Angus.” Tejano had silver-gray hair and silver-gray eyebrows. “Why are you here?”

“The third mining area on Mars has just finished excavation. Would you like to inspect it?” Angus asked.

“As long as I’m in your stellar system, the entire stellar system will be under my ship’s surveillance,” Tejano said. “The ship’s intelligence will automatically confirm the mining progress. There’s no need for me to inspect every nitty-gritty detail.”

“Yes, yes.” Angus nodded immediately; he was only using an excuse to meet Tejano. He quickly honed in on the most important topic. “Your Excellency, there’s still a year before Earth’s protection expires. Earth’s civilization will also be integrated into the entire universe’s human civilization. Earth’s civilization is also feeling very uneasy about this…”

Tejano observed the secretary-general and smiled. “There’s no need to act pitiful in front of me. The mineral resources of Earth’s civilization are quite good, and they’ve also obtained the ruins left behind by other civilizations—that’s a pretty good foundation. The upper echelons of Earth are also very good. At the very least, you’ve made the VR headsets and evolutionary methods universal.”

“Your Excellency.” Angus nodded. “Our civilization on Earth knows very well that once the protection period for new civilizations expires, the Cosmic Human Alliance will treat everyone equally, and their protection for us will be removed.”

“Yes, I’ll leave when the time is up.” Tejano nodded.

“Our civilization on Earth hopes to receive the friendship of the Tejano family,” Angus said. “For this, our civilization on Earth is willing to pay 50% of the entire stellar system’s mineral resources.”

“My family doesn’t need it.” Tejano smiled and shook his head.

Angus’s expression changed slightly.

Tejano… He was one of the most important figures in the universe that Earth’s civilization could come into contact with. Tejano wasn’t strong, but his family was unimaginably powerful.

“Don’t keep thinking about getting protection.” Tejano looked at Angus. “Only when you are strong and have enough value will you be able to attract my family’s attention. As for Earth’s civilization now? It’s still too weak! Your civilization doesn’t even have 100 cosmic citizens. There’s no expert you can speak of either.”

Angus smiled obsequiously.

“Of course, although you are weak, every human civilization is under the aegis of the Cosmic Human Alliance to a certain extent,” Tejano said. “There’s no need to be too alarmed. As you integrate into the many civilizations in the universe, I believe Earth’s civilization will become stronger.”

“For example… the number one genius selected from billions of people like Xu Jingming is very talented,” Tejano said in self-mockery. “At least, he’s much more talented than me.”

“How can he compare to you, Your Excellency?” Angus immediately said.

“My talent in evolution is much worse.” Tejano shook his head. “When I was six, my parents confirmed that I didn’t have any talent in evolution, and they relied on external forces to turn me into a cosmic lifeform. I became a cosmic lifeform first before slowly cultivating. They even arranged for me to get a job with the Cosmic Human Alliance. I became a disciple of several teachers, and even a cosmic legend personally taught me. Sigh, I’m only at Lv. 5 now. My talent is really terrible.”

Angus said nothing.

Was he showing off?

Any job in the Cosmic Human Alliance was fought over by many cosmic forces.

A cosmic legend taught him personally?

“Xu Jingming’s talent far exceeds mine,” Tejano said. “But I’ve cultivated for decades, cultivated many schools of thought, and even received personal guidance from a cosmic legend. I’m quite confident in this battle tonight.”

Angus smiled obsequiously. “Yes, although Xu Jingming is Earth’s number one genius, he’s still too young compared to you.”

“Stop flattering me.” Tejano waved his hand. “It’s fine. Just leave.”

“Okay.” Angus immediately flew back to the spaceship.

In the spaceship, Angus looked at Tejano in the distant cosmos. If Tejano were to stay on Earth for another 100 years, how much would that cost?

As long as Tejano remained, it meant that the Cosmic Human Alliance would monitor this stellar system. No other cosmic civilization would dare to act rashly.

Unfortunately, our protection period for a new civilization is ending soon. Angus also felt a sense of urgency. I have to train more too.

Tejano watched the spaceship leave and thought to himself, These Earth experts can cultivate for more than ten hours a day, while I only train for half an hour a day. It feels a little embarrassing when I think about it.

Although he had repeatedly urged himself, he was just lazy. He liked good food and enjoyment—he didn’t like suffering. This was also one of the reasons why he remained at Lv. 5 despite cultivating for decades.

He didn’t care about it either. After all, he became a cosmic lifeform at the age of six.

He never believed that his talent could reach Lv. 9. If he couldn’t reach Lv. 9—was there a difference to him being Lv. 3, Lv. 5, Lv. 7?


Tejano took a step, and the golden patterns on his robe flowed. He traversed hundreds of thousands of kilometers with a single step and returned to his spaceship on Mars in a few steps.

There was a virtual room in the spaceship.

When he entered the room, Tejano floated slightly. The patterns in the room lit up, and his consciousness immediately entered the virtual world.

“Enter Earth’s virtual world.” Tejano tapped gently with great familiarity.

“Welcome, Ambassador Tejano.” The virtual world’s voice sounded.

After entering Earth’s virtual world, Tejano’s appearance changed. The color of his hair, eyebrows, and pupils changed. His skin turned black, and his aura rapidly changed.

He also dropped from a cosmic lifeform to a Perfected planetary lifeform.

I want to use this genius of a new cosmic civilization to hone myself. Similarly, I’m honing them. Tejano came to the martial arts arena in his personal space.

This battle tonight is my most important battle on Earth. After all, my opponent… is the number one genius of Earth’s civilization! Tejano still thought highly of him. The number one genius of a civilization produced from billions naturally couldn’t be underestimated.


Tejano circulated his strength, and his aura suddenly became much stronger. His skin suffused a strange luster.

He reached out and picked up a staff, and Tejano began cultivating.

Time passed.

Day passed, and night fell.. Everyone around the world was looking forward to the finals.