Chapter 194 - Transformation, Cosmic Lifeform (Final Chapter of Volume)

Chapter 194 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

The only name on the new list quickly attracted global attention.


“World number one, Xu Jingming!”

“He’s finally world number one.” People from all over the world arrived in front of Cosmos Tower and looked up at the name on the new list.

Tejano also arrived in front of the tower. He silently looked at the name and couldn’t help but frown. Xu Jingming succeeded? I’ll give it another try!

With this in mind, he rushed into Cosmos Tower.

In just three minutes, Tejano was kicked out.

Tused my forbidden technique and the secret techniques, but I still failed. Tejano looked up at the name on the ranking, This will be my last time challenging Cosmos Tower on Earth. I can’t embarrass myself any further.

Whoosh. Tejano’s aura suddenly rose, rising to become a cosmic lifeform. After all, he was a cosmic lifeform in reality and could raise it at any time!


Tejano charged into the Cosmos Tower again.

Ten seconds later—

A name appeared on the new ranking.

Cosmos Ranking (5th level)

World Number One: Xu Jingming (China)

World Number Two: Tejano Xire (Botswana)

Mmm. Tejano stood outside the tower and looked up at the two names on the ranking list. Only then did he smile in satisfaction. 1, Tejano, have come to Earth, and have left my mark. As for the sixth and seventh levels of Cosmos Tower in the future, I won’t challenge them.


Tejano gently tapped open the spectator platform and watched the livestreams.

For example, what Xu Jingming and the others saw was their country’s livestreams other than the global-facing livestreams. As for Tejano… he could watch the livestreams of any country in the world; he had very high clearance.

“Just five minutes after Xu Jingming cleared Cosmos Tower’s fifth floor, Tejano Xire cleared it as well.”

“The two of them are really unique.”

“In the future, the two of them will probably lead head and shoulders above the pack.”

All the livestreams around the world were in discussion, exclaiming in surprise at Xu Jingming and Tejano Xire! Be it their performance in the finals or their performance on the fifth floor of Cosmos Tower, these two people were far ahead of the others.

“In the future, I’l be a legend! Earthlings, you won’t be able to see me anymore.” Tejano Xire smiled and turned around before leaving.

What’s Ambassador Tejano doing? Liu Hai looked up at the two names on the huge list and was a little puzzled.

He had also participated in the previous meeting and knew Tejano’s true identity.

Xu Jingming cleared it, but why did the ambassador clear it as well?

“How rare.” Director Zhou looked at the video in front of him—it was the video of Xu Jingming clearing the fifth level of Cosmos Tower. “The opponent on the fifth level is set to have Lv. 5 sword techniques at 80% and Lv. 5 movement techniques at 80%! Although their actual combat techniques are

slightly weaker, they have an overwhelming advantage in terms of strength, speed, and agility… Typically, one has to become a cosmic lifeform to clear the fifth level. I never expected Xu Jingming to succeed as a planetary lifeform.”

“This is what makes a Transcendent genius,” the secretary praised. “Oh right, Ambassador Tejano has also cleared it. However, we don’t have the right to watch the videos of his clearing.”

“We can’t see the video?” Director Zhou nodded slightly.

“But we do know that Tejano cleared it in less than ten seconds,” the secretary whispered.

“Less than ten seconds?” Director Zhou smiled. “This ambassador is an amazing person.”


In space on the outskirts of Mars, Tejano was sitting on the protective cover of a hovering spaceship. A projection floated in front of him, and he could easily see the livestreams of the countries on Earth.

He watched them flatter Xu Jingming and Tejano Xire.

It feels good to be praised by everyone. Tejano suddenly closed the projection and sighed softly. Unfortunately, I’m not a true genius.

Tejano silently stared at the cosmos as his mind stirred.


A fluctuation appeared, and a projection appeared in front of Tejano—it was a silver-gray short-haired man who was much broader and fatter. His hair was only about a centimeter long, and together with his fat head and his smile, he appeared a little adorable.

“Father.” Tejano immediately stood up. The person in front of him was the father he had always admired—Redmond!

“Tejano, your mission is almost over,” Redmond said with a smile. “What do you plan on doing next?”

Tejano thought for a moment before replying, “Nothing for the time being.”

“You can’t just go with the flow.” Redmond shook his head gently. “In fact, your mother and I weren’t too happy that you accepted the mission to supervise and protect an emerging civilization when you joined the Cosmic Human Alliance. The AI of the spaceship can monitor them at any time due to the

supervision and protection required. It’s equivalent to you having nothing to do for more than 30 years.” (Cosmic language was translated into Chinese, so time in the universe is also described using Earth’s standards.)


“1m not playing; it’s considered working,” Tejano retorted.

“Don’t defend yourself.” Redmond looked at his son. “I also understand that you haven’t found a direction, so I tolerated how you spent the 30-plus years. Now that this mission is almost over, let me ask you: have you found your direction?”

“Direction?” Tejano was slightly taken aback.

“I told you that it’s very difficult to cultivate to Lv. 9. Your mother and I don’t expect you to do it, but you have to have your own goals and direction,” Redmond said.

“Ican’t confirm anything yet,” Tejano answered with his head lowered.

“You don’t have to give me a clear answer when the mission ends,” Redmond said. “You have to think carefully about what you want to do with your long lifespan. Even if it’s to have fun, I hope you can achieve something while having fun.”

“Having fun works too?” Tejano’s eyes lit up. That’s good!

“For example, creating a virtual world that belongs to you,” Redmond said. “Entering the top 100 virtual worlds that are in the entire Cosmic Human Alliance can be considered an achievement.”

“Most of the virtual world companies ranked at the forefront of the universe have a long history. Most of them exceed 100 million years in history, and the number of employees in the corporation is in the trillions.” Tejano couldn’t help but say, “Father, your requirements are too high.”

“This is the minimum requirement for you,” Redmond said calmly. “Because you’re my son.”

Tejano lowered his head.

“Think it through. Give me an answer after the mission is over; then, work hard toward it,” Redmond said.

“Okay,” Tejano replied.

Redmond couldn’t help but smile when he saw his son in this state. He was actually quite satisfied with his son. He had never dared to have high achievements in his son’s evolution. He was relieved that his son had normal behavior and wasn’t disobedient.


Redmond’s figure then dissipated.

“Sigh.” Tejano waited until his father left before looking at the cosmos in disappointment. I have to set my own goals? My own direction?

What do I pursue? What direction should I head in? Tejano didn’t know. He quite wanted to be like his father in terms of evolution and be as outstanding as his mother, but it was too difficult. There was no chance of success.

Til think about it slowly. There’s still nearly a year anyway, Tejano comforted himself.


The entire world was talking about Xu Jingming and Tejano clearing the fifth level of Cosmos Tower.

Under the night sky, Xu Jingming was walking with his pregnant wife.

He had to walk with her every day—a morning stroll and a night stroll!

“Tejano is quite impressive too. He’s only five minutes away from you,” Li Miaomiao praised.

“Yes, he’s quite impressive,” Xu Jingming said, but he thought to himself… Did this Ambassador Tejano charge in with a cosmic lifeform body?

Of course, Xu Jingming was only musing to himself. Earth was still very weak, so he didn’t dare offend Tejano at all.

The courtyard door opened, and the two walked home.

“Enter the virtual world.” The couple put on their VR headsets.

In the virtual world, in the martial arts arena in Xu Jingming’s personal space.

His wife went to have fun with her friends, and Xu Jingming started practicing his evolutionary method alone. Xu Jingming also tried both Heavenly Python Evolution and Scarlet Python Evolution’s cosmic lifeform volumes.

I’ve already failed dozens of times. I’ll try again. Xu Jingming began practicing Heavenly Python Evolution’s cosmic lifeform volume. He tried his best to mobilize every cell in his body with every move and stance.


The cultivation of the cosmic lifeform volume required very slow motion, but in fact, it caused changes in his entire body through the mobilization of countless cells. Xu Jingming faintly felt as if he had turned into a huge Heavenly Python as countless cells converged.


suddenly, countless cells transmitted and conformed to a certain pattern. Instantly, Xu Jingming’s countless cells trembled as if they had awoken from their slumber! All of them became extremely hungry, and the surface of his skin and even hair naturally began to absorb the energy of light.

At this moment, his body was evolving into a cosmic lifeform!